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5 Month Old and Water

Can My 5 month old granddaughter have water? and now when she pees theres an odor any suggestions?

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I was told that for infants, water should be given in limited amounts (if at all), mostly when the baby's out on a hot day to prevent dehydration. Other than that, from what I understand, babies pretty much get all the fluids they need from formula or breast milk.

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A 5 month old needs formula or breastmilk. It is the optimal fluid for nutrition at this age, and water may just fill her up leaving her with little appetite for the nutrition-rich formula or breastmilk.

If there is odor during urination, my best suggestion would be to take it up with the pediatrician.

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If you are saying that the odor is especially pungent, I would take her to the doctor as this could suggest a UTI or bladder infection. If left untreated, these can cause kidney infections and they are especially painful. I don't know if a 5 month old can get these, but I know that water will not help...

That said, I asked my son's dr. about giving him water as an infant (he was constipated) and his response (however obnoxious sounding to me at the time) was "our bodies are made of 98% percent water, so why would you think that would hurt him?" And when you make the powdered formula, you use water...

But it sounds like that is not the problem. One other thing to look for if the urine has a more pungent smell is the color: is it darker than normal? This could also suggest an infection.

Good luck!

Yes. The water might be good for her odor problem. But only a little so it doesn't prevent her from wanting her breast milk or formula. Just like as in all cases, with such a tiny baby.it's a good idea to check with the doctor about this.

I agree, no straight water. Se needs to drink breastmilk or formula to get the nutrients--if she gets full on water she may not eat enough. The odor may be, if on breastmilk, just due to what mom ate. Otherwise, she may be dehydrated so give her more formula/breastmilk.

Water is not necessary, or necessarily good for a 5 month old. Breast milk or formula only. She needs the nutrients from these and water could cause overhydration, which can lead to many health issues. Talk to her ped. babyfood is also good, though my ped and most parenting books suggest formula or breast milk only in bottles. Never give juice, or water in a bottle, as it complicates the weaning process later. And no juice before 6 months. Their digestive system cannot break down the sugars properly and this can cause diabetes.

I've never heard of no water for babies. I don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as she's getting enough formula/breast milk.

There is nothing wrong with giving a baby water,she is five months old she is going to be starting solid foods soon any way.you only need to give a couple of oz at a time. A odor can mean a urinary tract infection, though it is highly unlikely.

I fed my baby his formula and I also gave my baby water as early as 2 weeks old. Most doctors tell you not to but they could never tell me what was wrong with giving him water. Yes, they do get water when they nurse and fed from formula, but it is not water. There are so many benefits from water and beneficial for babies. Water is never to be replaced with feedings but it should be given between feedings. It takes water to live! As adults we drink many beverages and that's considered fluids but it can't replace water that is needed for organ function. Water should be introduced at infancy. My son today drinks water at 6 years old and that is his first choice over any beverage requested or offered. When is water bad, never.

don't see why not as long as its in addition to her formula as for the odor that might indicate dehydration or a urinary tract infection both of which she needs to see the dr asap

It isn't recommended to give babies water in their first year. They should drink breast milk or formula exclusively as it is more nutritious. Pee does indeed stink.

I would srongly suggest you not give a 5 month old water. In fact I would wait until they are close to (or over) a year old unless she has constipation issues. Then you can try giving her two ounces of water to help things move along (we had to do that with my daughter).

I agree, pee stinks :(

Formula or breastmilk is the only fluids they should be receiving, I believe if formula fed, after 9m they can get 1-2oz of water, if breastfed, then breastmilk is the only fluids they should be receiving. Giving water can lead to electrolyte imbalance and be toxic on the kidneys at a young age.

No juice either before the age of two, recommended by many of my dietitian friends.

I hope that helps.

Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant

I was told that for infants, water should be given in limited amounts (if at all), mostly when the baby's out on a hot day to prevent dehydration. Other than that, from what I understand, babies pretty much get all the fluids they need from formula or breast milk.

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