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5 Month Old & the Flu :(

Hi there....my 5 month old has the flu! Any suggestions for making it a little easier on him?! Thank you!

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when mu daughter was 7 months she had the flu and I just made sure she had motrin/tylenol for the pain and fever and tried to keep fluids in her. She didn't want to eat or drink anything though! She wante to be held all the time as well. So I did! I'll pray for you and your baby!

Ice chips with fever--plenty of fluids, and lots of rest and hugs--Dont know much more without symptoms.--good luck

Watch him very closely. My daughter had the flu at eight months. My mother noticed that when she cried there were no tears. We rushed her to the hospital just before she went into renal failure. Thank god for mothers! I had no clue. I hope your baby is better soon.

rub vicks vapor rub on the soles of his feet and put on scoks before bed to help with coughing

Try Vicks - an oldie but goodie. If you can get him to wear socks at night, put the Vicks on the bottoms of his feet and then socks.

Also, they have plug in vaporizers that work great for my granddaughter

Hey E. --

I think it depends upon his symptoms. If he is having lots of drainage/stuffiness then you may consider keeping him elevated with a wedge under him while he sleeps, and/or placing him in the bathroom with the hot shower going so the steam can loosen things up. You can also try vapor rub on his chest and his feet (believe it or not) and place socks over his feet.

If he is running a fever, then tepid baths...etc. I would have more suggestions based upon the symptoms.

My best to you, and I hope he gets better soon.

When my daughter is sick I put a pillow under her mattress to prop her up, I use a humidifier and get saline drops for her nose and Vick's(make sure you only use a little there skin is sill very thin, I like the idea of putting it on his feet). This works if he is congested I do this all at the first sign of congestion with my daughter and I believe it has saved me many trips to the doctor. Don't stress if he isn't eating good try foods high in fat I believe there is a new yogurt out for babies his age by yo baby. And lots of hugs and kisses Make sure you are protecting yourself too last thing you need is to be sick with him, it is so hard to not give all those kisses and I would never suggest that but maybe some germ x nearby.

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