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5-Day Old Old Newborn with Excessive Gas- Any Natural Remedies? ColicCalm?

Hi everyone,
I had my baby Wednesday. He is extremely pleasant (and sleepy) during the day, but at night he is so uncomfortable because of gas. He breaks wind.......spits up several times...then has the hiccups for a long time. He wants to nurse all of the time too (maybe because he's spitting everything he gets back up) Has anyone tried ColicCalm? Any other suggestions?

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Hi Ladies!

Thank you SO much for your help, suggestions, and support! I'm alternating mylecon drops and gripe water pretty sparingly throughout the day. I ordered the baby fart aerobics DVD so we'll see how that goes when it arrives. Today I took him out for some fresh air. The problem is definitely decreasing.......it was all night a few nights ago.........a three hour period yesterday.........now I just have to watch it throughout the day. He is SUCH a good baby when he's not uncomfortable. I just feel bad when he's suffering.

Thanks again!
M. Slawsky :)

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my daughter Had that problem and she was lactose intolerant. She is now 2 and has since almost completely grown out of it. I still can't give her whole bowls of ice cream and she drinks lactose free milk but she can eat some cheese and be ok. In addition to that, when I switched from breast milk to formula I had to mix her bottles half powder formula and half pre made liquid to balance out her stools from being too runny or too firm. Ask her doctor what he/she thinks about the situation

milicon worked great for my daughter and it's fine to give to newborns! You can find it in the baby aisle of any store. Congrats!

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This sounds just like our three boys...it could be just a mild case of GERD - acid refulx - when babys are born their muscles need to strengthen and develop tone. That goes for the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach and end of the esophagus. Sometimes it takes a while for that muscle to develop properly so it closes completely when food enters the stomach. As a result extra air enters the stomach and bowls thereby producing painful gas, and the spitting up can often be projectile. check out http://www.infantrefluxdisease.com/ it sounds worse than it is, granted no sleep is not what I would call fun ;)

Here's what I did, I nursed alot!!!!! and when I did I was always making sure the baby was propped up so he wasn't recling to a point where the spit up would flow (so much anyway) then at night we rolled up two or three towels and placed them under the head of the matress of the crib so it was inclined. and we let him sleep on his stomach. I know lots of "no-nos" but it was what the hospital told us to do.
Our eldest son had it so severly he had apnea and almost lost his life at 5 days old. He is now a healthy 9 year old! If the baby falls asleep in your arms or on your chest, sleep proped up against the wall with pillows it'll help you and the baby rest peacefully. 4 hr of solid sleep is better than 9 of constantly interruped sleep ... that's been my motto for 9yrs now! lol!

Congratulations and good luck.

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this is my business:

I would not try colic calm...I would try some probiotics.
are you nursing? formula?
either way, probiotics are SAFE and the way to go!

there was an artilce in January in Pediatrics in which they gave babies what's called "probiotics." These
researchers gave probiotics to 83 babies. Half got simethicone, which are the standard infant drops.
The other half received a probiotic by the name of Lactobacillus reuteri.
The babies who received Lactobacillus reuteri showed a significant decrease in their crying scale, in
their screaming, compared to the simethicone babies.

You can offer him medication that contains simethicone. It is an antigas, it doesn't interfere with other food or medication and is eliminated through urine. Do you breast feed? because mommy's milk is gentle to baby stomach and if you do you have to watch what you are eating because some food you eat affects your milk and may cause colic. You have to watch caffeinated drinks such coffee and soda. Try to write down what you ate when the baby start to have the gas episodes. You may have an idea what kind of food irritates the baby stomach and you should avoid them. Good luck!!!

Hi M.,
The way you describe your son is exactly how my son was when he was first born. Gas at night, lots of spit up, burping/passing gas and continuous hiccups. Also my guy seemed to have phlegm in his throat all the time. He wouldn't sleep. Mylocon seemed to work a little. Grype water worked okay, but not all the time. My poor little guy was suffering (mommy and daddy too bc he would not sleep bc of discomfort at night). Finally, and I mean after weeks, the dr. finally gave in and we got him tested for acid reflux. Bingo!!! Zantac worked miracles. Just something to think about. It never hurts to ask your doctor what he/she thinks. Explain to him/her exactly how you did in your post. Good luck and trust me, it will get easier.

Sorry I don't have any advice. Just wanted to say Congratulations! And tell you to hang in there - it will get easier and you will look back on these times with a blur. I know it is hard to feel that way now - being overwhelmed and all - I hope you can find support to get through these tough times. As crazy as it is - try to enjoy every minute - it goes by WAY TOO FAST! It seems I was just pregnant and now my daughter will be 1 year old in 3 weeks. Enjoy that little man!

I've never heard of ColicCalm, but I have had great luck with Gripe Water.

DR. BROWN BOTTLES!!! These are a little more expensive bottles but a guarantee they will help if not cure the gas. My DD has used them on all 3 of my grandsons. My 1st little GS had a terrible time and would projectile vomit everytime he ate and cry and cry - we tried the bottles and he kept everything down the first time and was 80% better and Mylacon drops helped with the remainder.

Congratulations! Your baby is probably adjusting to life outside of the womb and the gut needs to adjust to eating mommy milk now. Things should settle. Make sure you burp several times, during the session and then after to let out build-up. Sometimes another burping 15 min later works well too for some gassy babies. If you don't see improvement with a little time (or it gets worse) then you may consider an elimination diet for yourself.... call a local lactation consultant (I love Lucille at Morton Plant in Clw) and get guidance and check out sites like mothering.com and kellymom.com

As for nursing constantly....that is very normal. You should be nursing on demand...meaning whenever he wants, not according to any clock, schedule, or unfortunately not what is easy or convenient for you either :) This is all part of a newborns daily life and just takes some getting used to.... Sleep is a thing of the past for now, but don't worry, everything goes sooooo fast amd soon you will wonder where your little newborn went. Enjoy these precious days (and nights), they are only little for a very short time even though it feels like forever until you get some rest! Nap whenever he naps, forget the housework and just enjoy!

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