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46 And Pregnant

I just discovered that I am 46 and pregnant. I am thrilled and so is my husband. I am in great shape, very young for my age and lift weights and physical activity often. I am not a smoker and I do not drink. I have had two previous pregnancies with healthy children. They are 20 and 11. LOL... just realized I have had a child every decade...

I read that I am extremely high risk but I just dont subscribe to what "they" say as I have always been the exception to the rule.

Anybody been in this situation? Am I the only nut in America that didnt have a period for 9 months and then voila... I get pregnant with my miracle baby... WOW... help...

What can I do next?

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Thank you so much for your kind words and well-wishing... I am glad I saw the mamapedia site online and subscribed to it.

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I had a pregnancy sneak up on me too later in life. I thought nothing of the missed periods and aches and pains. I thought I was perimenopausal! lol
It's a differant experience raising toddlers at 40 than at 25. I am able to take more joy in it because my life is a little calmer and I have differant priorities. ALso, I've started taking much better care of myself because I want to be able to keep up and stay around for them. Congratulations on the new baby.

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Congrats! I was 39 when I delivered and ONCE at an appt, my doctor made the mistake of using the term "advanced maternal age" with me! LOL Surely his eye has healed by now...
A child per decade. I like that! :-)

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It's actually more common than you think! My own grandmother had my mother at 43 -big surprise and several of my mom's friends had big surprises in their mid-40s! Just get the appropriate tests done to make sure everything is okay. Many times babies have problems that can be detected and fixed in utero before they become a huge issue, or the delivery team knows there will be an issue at birth, so they can be prepared. Your baby is probably fine, but it's always good to be prepared! Good luck with everything!

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That's great !! I am a 2nd time single Mother I raised my three older children.Then after getting over some heath problems as well as cancer,to having a short term thing with the wrong Guy.I became a Grandmother&Mother all over again. I love my children with all of my heart.I am 40yrs old with a 3yr old daughter&2 Grand-kids. Some say I really hit my head,I say why God must have had this in the works for me&what's one child i have already done it alone with 3 ! C. Good luck&take care at least you have a Man by your side,it is a lot harder to be alone.I also agree with Kathleen,as I am in the Med/Field &had to do some research for my self.I had gone threw a lot&was on all these med's& all the treatment's for my cancer plus my age,even thow I was in great shape also&very active lady.I did have to have a c-cection my daughter was breach&her cord had raped around her neck so she is a child from God.I named her Nevaeh witch is heaven turned around i also gave her two middle names as at the time Nevaeh had become a name everyone named there new born daughter. She has had 3 others in preschool with the same name already.So we may have to nick name her one of her middle names.

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i was a miracle baby. i was born one pound now im going to have a baby

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i don't have any advice but enjoy your new bundle of joy!!1

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I think you're saying that you didn't have a period, as in peri-menopause, then out of the blue, became pregnant?

In any case, congratulations!!!!! It's funny how even though we don't know each other on this site, I still get excited when people post wonderful things like this!


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What an incredibly joyful surprise. Enjoy every minute, and prepare yourself to say thanks but no thanks to any doctor who tries to give you the 'advanced maternal age lecture.' I had my first and only child at 40 and wish I'd been more firm -- they had me scared to death. He was born perfectly healthy in every way, and looking back I so wish I'd just told them all to take a hike.
Blessings to you, your family and your new little one-in-the-making!

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This baby will be a huge blessing to you - these surprise babies always are. I have my last child at age 40 - but I do know other moms who've had this surprise.

I have confidence that all will go well - !

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