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40Th Birthday Gift Ideas

Hi moms,

I was invited to a coworkers 40th birthday party. She is a releatively new friend of mine so I don't know her all that well and I was wanting some feedback from other mom's on what was a great gift for you. She has a step daughter that is 17 and not really a girly girl, like me so I'm struggling with gift ideas. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks !!

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Is cost a factor?

I'd see if a coworker or two would be willing to go in on a gift. I like the idea of a gift card, but $40 seems a little high for someone who is not a very close friend.

I always love Amazon.com gift certificates. You can buy almost anything on there now. I think all you might need is her email address

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you could always find out her favorite store, restaurant, or movie theatre and get her a gift card. You didn't mention how much you want to spend, but one or 2 of those things would be nice.

My sister makes the most amazing gifts ever!
She takes any favorite book and makes it into a purse!
Awesome stuff!

$40 gift card. 40 of her fav gum flaver (40 pieces), 40 fav candy bars, 40 fav drinks (diet cokes)....etc

I used to work at Central Market in Southlake. I did this gift idea several times and it was always appreciated: I bought one of their REUSABLE shopping totes (99 cents to $1.99), and put a few of my favorite food items, plus a gift card. Then I'd tie the handles of the tote together with a ribbon. Central Market has several gift card designs to choose from and they used to give a free greeting card to put the gift card in (don't know if they still do that). One of my favorite items that just came back into the store - - and is AMAZING - - is a jar of pumpkin butter! (They don't have it all the time.) They also had mini-loaves of pumpkin bread for sale 2/$5 this week. Other items for fall might be: Honeycrisp apples ($1 each) and caramel dipping sauce, sparking apple cider, fall-colors flower bouquet, decadent luxurious bar of chocolate, HANES sugar-cane sodas(which have NO corn-syrup which blocks our hormone that tells us we are full & to stop eating!), delicious sour-dough bread, pumpkin pie making stuff (can of pumpkin, cloves, ginger, etc.) Hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck!

I'll have to second the bottle of wine gift idea. That is always appreciated to one that enjoys wine, even if only every once in a while.

Maybe you and a couple other co-workers can go in on a day at a spa for a massage.

I have several friends who love chocolate so for 40th birthdays I make baskets with 40 chocolate different chocolate items. Different candy bars a packet of hot chocolate mix, brownie mix,chocolate chips, chocolate covered pretzels,hot fudge sauce, etc. It takes a while and trips to a few stores sometimes but it is always the hit of the party. It is an added bonus that I do not like chocolate so I am not tempted as I gather items. My sister was pregnant and I think she was almost done eating the whole thing by the time her party was over.

What about a personalized coffee mug or water bottle? You can see them on my website at www.institches.biz. Or maybe a cute scarf...the weather is getting colder and the "in" thing is to wear a scarf with a plain shirt.

Dear L.,
I actually do Birthday parties on a regular basis. With my Mary Kay business there are two ways most folks use my services for Birthdays.
One way is that they have the party and they ask me to arrive and I give a pampering session to the Birthday gal and her guests. It could be a facial or a spa session for hands and feet. The cost is simply a gift certificate and then the cost of any products that you choose to purchase.
Another way is that they give me as the gift. What that includes is a Microdermabrasion Facial, a color facial, and a Spa session. The cost is a gift certificate for them to spend with me at any monetary amount you choose. This allows them to choose the time and date in which to use their gift.
During the sessions she learns how to best care for her skin in whatever season of life she is currently in. She also receives customized products for herself with the gift certificate. Every product is 100% guaranteed so she will never have a drawer full of buying mistakes.
It is a unique way to help anyone celebrate. I also do a version of this for teens and pre-teens using products just right for their age of skin.
If you have further questions feel free to call me at ###-###-####
Enjoy celebrating,
R. Kuipers

So much depends on what type of party. Some have 40th gag parties and you give gag gifts (ie metamucil, anti wrinkle cream etc). If not a gag party, perhaps a nice bottle of wine, a book, scarf or jewelry.

You can not go wrong with a Scentsy Warmer. Go to my website scentsy.com/23231 and look through the catalog. If you are close, I will deliver it to you. Let me know if I can help you.


Perhaps a bath-and-body set with lotions and body washes or candle basket?

That would be fairly neutral and not too personal since you don't know her very well.

Good luck and have fun!

If she's a wine drinker, that's always a safe gift.
A gift card to Starbucks, movie theatre, or favorite restaurant is also pretty safe.

Or you could put together an 80's basket (seeing as she was coming of age in the 80s). Get a CD of top hits, go to half price books and see if they have any old magazines/books from the 80s, you might be able to get a novelty t-shirt that says I love the 80s, or get a classic movie from the 80s like Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueler's Day Off, etc. Maybe add some other game or toy from the 80s like a rubik's cube.

Good Luck!
www.familyeguide.com Free guide to affordable family activities in Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, and the surrounding communities.

Get 40 ziploc sandwich baggies. In each bag, put in 40 items.

*40 m&ms (and you can do 10-12 bags of just candy types)
*40 qtips
*40 cottonballs
*40 toothpicks
*40 cough drops
*40 aspirin
*40 pebbles
*40 pennies

etc. You get my drift. Then wrap them all up in a box for her to open. It is amazing fun to do at a birthday party, everyone gets a kick out of the gift, it is one of a kind and just plain silly fun. Good for someone you don't know well.


How about an assortment of haute' cupcakes from Sprinkles bakery, near Preston and Northwest Highway in the Plaza and Preston shopping center.

L., one of the neatest and talked about gifts I have seen at any age level, 16th, 21 or 40 is to take a square kleenex box, empty it and replace w/40 crisp new $1 bills. Tape each dollar end to end, put in box with the top dollar taped to a kleenex. Cover the box with material (her favorite colors) animal print is great if she doesn't have a preference. Embellish it w/trim, jewels, etc. Lay them in the box so when she removes the kleenex, each dollar will follow and so will the excitement! You might want to go in w/a co-worker.

My daughter is turning 40 Jan. 1st and I'm making her a zebra print box with pink trim and taping 40 new $100 bills. Can't wait to see her face.

Have fun.
P. S. - preschool teacher

You can't go wrong with a gift card. Something like a manicure/pedicure, a restaurant, movie tickets, or Kohls/Target gift card. Just think of what you might want to get as a present.
Good luck!

I love the idea of amazon gift certificate (she may even have a wish list on amazon!) If you think she might like scentsy, check out my website www.scentsy.com/A.

I always love Amazon.com gift certificates. You can buy almost anything on there now. I think all you might need is her email address


A gift card for a manicure or a bottle of wine are great gifts! Also some nice fragrant candles are good.

Have fun!

Is cost a factor?

I'd see if a coworker or two would be willing to go in on a gift. I like the idea of a gift card, but $40 seems a little high for someone who is not a very close friend.

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