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40Th Birthday Gift for Sister

Hi there everyone. I am having a hard time coming up with a great 40th birthday gift for my sister. She is my only sibling (plus she is older than me - had to get that in!) and she lives in Georgia. I really want to make it special and don't mind putting some $$ into it. I've thought of gag gifts and flowers but just really wanted to do something out of the ordinary. Her daughter is having some health issues and just had surgery 2 weeks ago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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First of all thank you so much ladies! All of your suggestions were great. I must say you all got me to thinking and I finally have decided. I really started thinking about what she would like and not so much what I would like for a 40th gift. Well, just before she had her first child we both went to Destin, FL with our mom for a girl’s only trip. I was just out of college and didn’t appreciate it for what it really was and should have been. My mom suggested we do it every year so we could stay close and have that special time. Well, a year and a half later our mom passed away from a massive heart attack. It was very sudden and very unexpected. I had just gotten married 3 months before it happened and had moved to Texas. Needless to say we didn’t get that chance again. After thinking about that trip, I decided to surprise my sister with a trip to Florida. I’ve already talked to her husband and he said the weekend I picked out was fine and she would love it. I plan on telling her the Thursday night before the trip over the phone to pack her bags because she’ll be on a plane the next morning. I am so excited right now I can hardly stand it. I just booked it all and know it will be great.
I’m sure this is WAY more than any of you wanted as a response, but I felt the extra info would help you see my decision. I appreciate all the ideas and advice! Life is just too short to miss out on these special opportunities.
Much thanks ladies!!!!!!


Oh and I do plan on taking LOTS of pictures and making a 40th birthday scrapbook for her after it's all said and done! I am a scrapbook queen!!!!!!!

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i don't know if it would be possible, but how about the best gift of all- your presence! If at all possible, maybe you could get away to visit her for just a few days for a visit to celebrate her birthday with her. Another thing you could do is buy her $40 gift certificates at some of her favorite places to shop and make a little display with birthday wishes.
That is nice for you to want to do something special for your sister.!

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Dogeared.com has super cool necklaces & such. I have gotten a couple for gifts for people & they are always a hit.

I'm with a company called Heritage Makers. We have wonderful, personalized gifts. Why not give her a book about the two of you and tell her much you love her, admire her and how much she means to you? Check out my website at www.holdingmemoriesforever.com. I've given lots of gifts to family members and each time, they are deeply touched. If you have any questions, send me and email at ____@____.com and I can show you samples.

Hi S.,

I am Michelle. I live in S.Arlington. I have a suggestion about your sister's gift and one for you as well.
I am the owner of a small local business and I make custom gift baskets which include skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, etc. I would gladly make one and send it with FREE shipping to your sister. This includes personalized service, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and usually free stuff that's fun. I'd love to help, it's my job! My website is: www.marykay.com/mgarrett2010
Ok, as far as you needing adult conversation, we can start out professionally if you'd like me to give you a complimentary facial so you can feel comfortable. You could bring a friend or your kids, or I could come to you. I love getting other's opinion about my product and we could use that time to choose your sister's gift as well. The choice is yours and I'm here for you anytime.
I hope this helps, Sincerely, Michelle :)

Arrange for a limo to pick her up and drop her off at a spa and also pick her up.....plus dont tell her what the surprise is just tell her to be off and ready to go that day for the whole day. If you cant do a limo ask one of her friends to be the driver but to keep it a surprise.

First of all, 4 kids under the age of 7, what a woman. What a blessing to be able to stay at home with them. I am proud of you. I can not imagine I have 2, 8.5 years apart. You deserve a "You Go Girl Award" When I turned 40 my Mother and my sister got a photo box and collected all of my childhood photos from all of the boxes my Mother had and gave them to me. It was a wonderful gift that a drag out and enjoy when I am missing them because they live far from me but close to each other. I love shawls and scarves and my Grandmother gave me a shawl and said to put it on when I need a hug from her. Elaborate gifts are fine but those that might not cost much money but have a lot of thought and effort always mean more. Good luck.

When my sister turned 35 I wanted ot give her something special as well. I bought her a silver bracelet from Tiffany's. It was about $150, but the memory of her seeing the little blue box and being so surprised, was worth it. Most women never receive the "little blue box" from Tiffany's. I know I never have. Just a thought.

How about having someone come clean house for her? Seems like that would be good if she just had surgery...

Hi S.,

I agree with "Carrie" who left a message about scrapbooking to you. I recommend making a photo album/scrapbook with pictures of you and your sister. I think she would really like that. It might take a while to do this project. I am working on 2 albums like this for my 2 best friends now.

Have a nice day! R.

Go to www.etsy.com and find something that can be very personal for her. You can get her a special necklace, a crystal sun cather, you name it... they got it there.

Since the items there are homemade, you can be sure that it will be unique and special.

I don't think you need to spend a lot of money. Just make it mean something.

I don't know about her, but I am a person who would enjoy a spa day. Maybe that would be a nice treat for her?

I always send my sisters 40, 50 or 60 of the same flower on those momentous birthdays. Always a big hit and if you look up local florists in her area on line you can usually get a MUCH better deal than regular online florists.

I think the best gifts come from the heart. I think a memory book with pictures of the families through time is a great idea, especially if you can deliver it to her in person (I know with 4 little ones, this isn't possible, but its a great thought! Maybe you could do a video of you going through the book, just like you were there talking to her). I know I have sisters ranging from 37-57 and I would love to have something that had pictures of everyone (including some new pictures of them with there kids, since they live so far away from me, I have missed them growing up). Everyone has pictures, but everyone has different pictures, I know my sisters have some pictures that I don't have and would love to have a copy of these. I hope this helps and good luck, let us know what you give her.

Just for me, I think it is such a waste to give gag gifts. Try to think of what kind of person she is and what she likes, but won't buy for herself.
Good luck.

Many years ago my sister (she was 18 at the time) asked me to write her a letter for a class project. For whatever reason, I decided to make a scrapbook instead, and used all the "sister pictures" (we take one every time we're together, and have lots from when we were growing up) we had collected over the years. I included my memories of some events, and of her as a child (I'm 8 years older than her), but also focused on some of the things that she taught me (like compassion). Every time I've gone to visit her, I've noticed the book on a shelf in her living room, and she's told me that she pulls it out often to look at it. Even if you're not a scrapbooker, this isn't a tough project, though it is time consuming. Let me know if you'd like any more help with this one! -- C. --

I'm not one for surprises and gag gifts. When my 40th was approaching I was very depressed. It hit me hard and I hated it.

I agree with getting her something that she would not get herself. My hubby is a master with the spa days and I love that. At 40, he really perked up my spirits with a new convertible car. At 45, that sweetie did it again with a new car. Hmmm...now he has my attention!!

I bought my sister jewelry for her 40th.

How about meals from some place like Super Suppers and a maid for a month or two? Give her the gift of time- more time to help her daughter because she isn't dealing with housework and cooking!

Let us know what you decide...

I think any kind of personal service is always a nice gift to receive. Often times we as mommy's do not take enough time for ourselves. A spa day, 80 minute massage, deluxe pedicure, or even a deluxe hair cut/color.

If that is not her speed then how about one or two nights at a bed & breakfast?

Hope that helps and Happy Birthday to your sister.

You are such a thoughtful sister! I live out of state from my sisters as well. I would have loved a girls weekend or a visit from my sisters for my 40th. A a SAHM we all need time with our sisters/girlfriends to help re-energize. Since your sister's daughter is having health issues, a visit from you may be nice. Maybe you can have some sister time as well as give her a couple of hours to herself while you stay with her daughter. Maybe you could spoil her with a spa package. Good luck!

Definitely don't do flowers, they are such a waste of money, if you want to do something like that get one of those fruit bouqets sent to her from somewhere like Edible Arrangments. They are prettier, they cost just as much as flowers, they are delicious and delivered. I think that as cheesy as it sounds, the spa day is the best idea. Women will never do that kind of stuff for themselves, but we all enjoy it. I would do that, get her a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. If you want to do something thoughtful in addition to that, order some personalized jewelry item, framed poem, etc. from somewhere like Things Remembered.

Dear S.:

I'll start by saying I'm 47. Personally I found 40 a little traumatic and would NOT have appreciated a gag gift.

My suggestion since your niece is having health issues is something to pamper mom. Maybe a gift card for a massage, gift card for a special treat, maybe a cleaning service for a couple of months.

L. F., mom of a 13-year-old daughter

My grandma gave my mother the best 40th birthday I've ever seen. My grandma and her twin sister gave my mother a surprise 40th; I was 20 at the time, have 3 sisters. My dad said he was taking my mother out for dinner but wanted to stop by the park first to go down memory lane with her... My crazy great aunt dressed up as a big baby, had a sheet between her legs that looked like a huge diaper with pins on each side, a baby bonnet hat, booties on her feet...My grandmother and her twin met my mom with a wheelchair and a walker, they had about 10 gag gifts for her, big note pad so she could write down thing so she wouldn't forget, box for pills, just a whole bunch of stuff, we each had to give her something and make it funny... she, we, all laugh so hard...
Anyway, don't know if that helps or not, but I know my mother enjoyed it so much, I don't remember her being upset about turning 40, now in 5 years I will be... time flies...
I like the spa idea too but a few gag gifts can really make it fun... I know the brand new car would be NICE; that mama has an incredible husband to do that...

I know I would appreciate a spa like treatment or maybe an aquamassage. It doesn't have to be expensive, just thougthful. Hope this helps and it does feel good to say that they are older us.
Good Luck and God Bless.

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