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40 Days Between Periods?!

I am getting frustrated because my periods are not normal! I had a miscarriage last August, and after that I went back on the pill for awhile. I just wasn't ready to start trying again - it was too hard emotionally. Anyways, we decided to start trying in March. I had my period on March 21, while I was still on the pill. After I stopped taking the pills, I had my next period on April 23 (33 days later), and then the next one on June 2 (40 days later!) I never expected my periods to be so far apart! We are trying to conceive, but it's hard when I never know when to expect my periods. How will I know when I'm ovulating if my periods aren't regular? My friend suggested using one of those Clear Blue Easy fertility tests, but will that work if my periods are so random? Any help would be great!

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I can understand what you are going through. I have been irregular since I was thirteen(I am now 33). I took the pill for 1 year, and then had 3 beautiful children. At times, I knew when I was ovulating because I would get a little bit of pain/discomfort on the right or left side of my abdomen, near the ovaries. Also it seems to that you seem to discharge more. But overall, when you least expect it you will be pregnant. good luck.

Me too!!!! I had what is called a biochemical pregnancy, which is basically a very early miscarriage in March. Since March 31, I've had 1 very light day for a period. I recently went to the dr and she said that perhaps my system is still reacting to the pill that I took for a year...the hormones in the pill prevent the body from ovulating and it may be what is happening. My dr. said that I'm obviously not ovulating because I am not having a period. She put me on provera to get a period and to hopefully "reset" my system. She said that if I am really serious about getting pregnant, she can prescribe Clomid, which makes the body ovulate. I've always had irregular periods and have always just relied on paying attention to my discharge...it's like egg whites when you are ovulating...lots of egg white-type, clear, very stretchy discharge. You should try going to see your ob/gyn so that you can both discuss a course of action to help you in getting pregnant. Sometimes they don't consider you having fertility problems until you've been trying for a year, but it couldn't hurt to chat with him/her about what is going on. Have you always been irregular or is this new? Any change like this should be discussed with your dr....just to be sure that everything is okay. Good luck...to both of us! :)

Have you looked at the option of charting your fertility and learning the method of Natural Family Planning? There are different approaches, but I got into because i didn't want to get pregnant while breastfeeding and I didn't want to take hormonal birth control. I've never taken it and didn't want to start just because I wasn't getting cycles during nursing. It actually worked! I was able to identify when my first period was going to come. (yes, i was surprised myself!) but the instructor we have has mentioned that a lof of times they are able to help couples with ttc if they've had problems and it's a natural (way less expensive way) than going with testings, IVF, etc. I'd at least look into it online and see if it's an option you'd consider. I was kind of skeptical about it but with wanting to avoid the side affects of hormonal birth control (and risks!) I gave it try and I've been happy since. Maybe you will find some luck with it.

I use the Creighton Model, but there is the Billings Method, etc. Oh, and it doesn't matter if you are not "regular" ... they can help you figure out what's going on with the "irregularity." You can also check out the book "taking charge of your fertility." Maybe get it from your library if you don't want to invest the money in it!

Good luck to u!

Call your OG/GYN. You may have an underlying issue causing your cycle to be so far apart. As that I just talked to my OB/GYN 2 weeks ago about mine being irregular and I've been TTC for a year now, he said "Normal is within 8 days of 28 days." He explained that even if one month you're 20 days and the next you're 36, you're still medically within the "normal" range. (Mine range from 26-34 days!) As that we've been TTC for a year, he's having my hubby do a Sperm test (If he'll go! See my question to understand.) and then if we're still not pregnant by August, he'll start running the tests on me.

The fact that it was 40 days between means that you ARE NOT medically "normal". Chances are they'll want you to wait a few more months to let the BC work it's way out of your system, but considering you had a MC, they may want to take a closer look.

Here's wishing us both a "Blessed" year! May we both find ourselves "in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant!" ~J.

Relax... your not running a race! Your so young and healthy and already easily conceived a child. I had similar problems with longer periods and miscarriages. I found getting a ovualtion thermometer really helpful. You take your temperature every morning before you rise and there will be a drop in temperature and then a rise and that is your most fertile time. You also chart mucus changes which also gives you clues about your fertile time. The ovulation thermometer comes with charts and great instructions. If you do this faithfully for a few months you will have a chart to show your doctor. If there is no dip and rise in your temperature you know you did not ovulate and may need some hormone support. I took clomid but I doubt you will need to do this. Having the chart of your cycles will give you the info you and your doctor need now. Let me knwo how it goes!

i am now 35 and have three beautiful children but throughout my entire life of trying to conceive, being pregnant and nursing, my periods were always 38 days apart. it wasn't until 6 months ago that my periods are now a normal 28 day cycle. now i have the lovely cramps and 'period' feelings that i never had before...by ob says that now i'm just ovulating more regularly. anyway, my youngest is now 4 so i went through the 'weird' periods for a long time and conceived my 3 children (now 8, 6 and 4) just fine. i did use an ovulation predictors (the boxed ones for my first son), my other two children happened quite easily and without much effort. :) you can google different sites to track your ovulation. here is one for you: http://www.ovulation-calculator.com i hope that helps. have a good day!

A., First of all, I'm very sorry for your loss and I agree, you should take some time before trying again. I have heard that a woman should wait upwards of a year before trying to get pregnant.
It sounds like your body hasn't recovered from the miscarriage and maybe it was too soon to go back on the pill. Maybe, you should try a different kind of contraception. And as always, check with your doctor.
Let me know how thing go.

I've been irregular forever. I went on the pill and it was heavenly knowing the day I'd start. I've had two kids now and I'm not on anything so back to normal(irregular). Enough about me...I know this may sound obvious and dumb but my best advice would be... DO IT EVERYDAY. lol. Seriously if you don't know when you ovulate just do it alot to try and catch that time :) Good luck!

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