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4 Yo Throwing up for 5 Days

My son has been throwing up now for 5 days. I took him to the ER and they told me to take him to his Ped. I took him there and they said as long as I kept him hydrated he would be fine. They boy hasn't eaten anything in about 3 days. He is usually very hyper and he won't walk around anymore. He just lies there. He won't even get up to go to the bathroom. Does anyone have any advice on what to do?

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Thanks for the advice. We got him through the tummy bug and he seemed to be feeling better. Now his colitis is acting up so we'll see where that goes.

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My experience has been that hydration really is the most important. If he has a hard time keeping fluids down, try giving him a tablespoon at a time every 5 minutes or so and try Gatorade. There's something about Gatorade that helps, I think maybe the sodium. If he has a fever and gets dehydrated, the dehydration can cause the fever to spike which then adds to dehydration.

I hope he's feeling better soon. Good luck!

Take him back to the ER and really push. If he's still the same or worse then when you brought him in the first time, they'll want to see him. Also, you may get another doctor who will be more thorough.

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Sweetie, I hope I am not overstepping my boundaries here but I would take my child to the ER and park my butt there until they figure out what is wrong with him, he should be at least getting up to use the potty. Your ped. should have ran some tests, I think this is going on too long, especially if he is just lying there.

Good Luck and please update us.

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Take him back to the ER! Always go with your gut feelings!

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Start finding someone who will listen or get him to ER and refuse to leave. Trust your "heart". I waited 6 days while communicating to Docs and then... After 2 months in the hospital, it all turned out fine after but I still regret not following my "gut feelings".

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Are you close to Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh? If so, take him there. Your son has all the signs they tell me to look for when my baby was sick that means its serious business and bring to the ER immediately.

Uh ...Yeah...If he doesn't eat something TODAY take him back to the e.r. and DEMAND they run more tests to find out what is wrong...and by the way, don't take him to union hosp (I call it "onion" because it really stinks!) Remember, the doctors work for US. If you are not satisfied with any answer they give you, it is their job to make sure we are healthy and satisfied and if you are not, find a doctor that does help you.

M.. Call your pediatrician back IMMEDIATELY and let them know that he has gotten worse. Explain his behavior. If they don't think it is worthy of seeing him again, find another doctor or take him back to the ER. Have they done bloodwork on him? Anything besides just look at him from the outside?


I don't know how close you are to Philadelphia but CHOP (childrens hospital of philadelphia) is excellent and so is UPenn Hospital in University City. Whatever you do, you need to take your son back to the hospital and don't let them brush you off, like some doctors love to do, sometimes Dr. Mom knows best! Good luck and please let us all know how your son is doing.


Take him back to the ER!!! Or perhaps another hospital for another opinion. The first time you took him he may not have been dehydrated and may be by now. I thin you have to be persistent and follow your gut. Once a child is labile it is more serious and if he won't even get up to go to the bathroom, it may be more serious now. It may just be a severe stomache virus but his symptoms are worsening I would pursue further care. It is better to be safe and hear that everything is okay to at least put your mind at rest!

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