4 Year Old with Acne? Is This Normal?

Updated on October 27, 2009
C.P. asks from Chicago, IL
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my 4 yr old daughter has what looks like baby acne on her forehead and sometimes nose...has anyone else ever experienced this? her ped told us to use hydrocortizone (did nothing) and then sent us to a dermo who gave us a script for a serious acne medicine (erythromycin) seems crazy to put that on such a young child!!! any one have any insight? any recs for a good ped dermotologist?

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Perhaps seeing an allergist might be a good idea?



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My daughter started breaking out last year at 9 yrs old. I know, she is older and nearing puberty but it was more like baby acne than actual breakouts. She started to wash 2 times a week with an acne wash and within 3 weeks or so it cleared up. Now she only gets a few on her nose and then uses the wash for a few days. It is something you can try. It won't be as harsh as a prescription strength.



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NO NO NO! what is wrong with doctors!!! there is a reason your child is developing this on her skin. She most likely is either consuming something she is allergic or sensitive to OR she is getting irritations on her skin from certain products or both. Have you looked up her shampoo/body wash/detergent on www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/
this will show you how toxic some of these products really are. I would look into her food as well. Please do not put these chemicals on her skin to stop the normal symptom the body produces in reaction to "something" you need to find out what the "something" is. Ny stopping that symptom it is just going to come out another way...ie asthma or worse. Please consider what I have said and I hope all resolves soon!


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My son had this and it was due to gluten allergy. Once we eliminated wheat/gluten it is totally clear. (Could be allergy to something else as well, like dairy.)


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