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4 Year Old with 105.7+ Temp That Won't Stay down...been Since 6/28/09 - Tacoma,WA

6/28/09 12:30am temp atarted 103.2 w/sore throat, treated w/tylenol,liquids,rest...this treatment continued til dose of meds and nap @ 1:30pm. She awoke to potty, while coming back she was making jerky movements sayiing she couldn't walk, temp 105.9..rushed her to bath & called dr. Was told temp wasn't high enough to bring in,to continue what was doing, temp dropped 102.6 for 1.5 hrs then within 10 shot up to 106.1. Called dr. again..told hadn't had fever long enough. Tylenol/motrin/cold meds work for about 2 hrs,bath & cold compresses work well but not lasting, any suggestions would be appreciated greatly thank you

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By the time I had posted this she had been turned away by marybridge, st. joes, and the dr. i talked to was triage nurse, and insurance nurse..they all said same thing that because by the time I got there thankfully I had brought her temp down around 102.2 every time it happened(every 1.5hrs). She was seen yesterday and violated on all fronts, but I got the call today that she has ecoli, and in my opinion all the medical facilities I went to should be ashamed..thank god I was able to control the temp. She is getting antibiotics we are leaving to pick them up now, and the head ped said that since I have been so successful at controlling her temop crisis that she will not be hospitalized..since they wouldn't do anything different then me. Thank you all very much for your kind words of support and best wishes for Tova. she has been brought in successfully twice, but still sent home, fever still reaches 105.+ atleast 4 times a day even with meds, but she did eat little today, she is at risk for it to go into her kindeys. since she is currently being treated none of the er's/urgent cares will take her unless i can't bring down her temp, but i manage to every time. she is still highly at risk for the next 3 days I will keep you posted. thank you all again

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Take her to a doctor (a different one than the one you talked to, if necessary). She could have something she needs meds for (strep throat). Also.....when my son had a fever that high, he had pneumonia. This doesn't sound like one I would wait out. When my boys have high fevers, I alternate ibuprofin and tylenol. Sometimes, they respond better to the ibuprofin. Hope this helps! S.

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I would ignore my doctor and take her immediately to the Emergency Room. High fevers are nothing to mess with and if she is feeling and acting funny the temp is affecting her brain. I hope she gets the care she needs and I'd question the doctors attitude.

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You've gotten all the advice, and you are working hard to do the right thing. I just wanted to drop you a note wishing you strength and all the best.

I hope that baby girl is well soon!


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Hi D.,

This may sound harsh, but I say it's time for a new doctor.

A fever of 106 is a major cause for concern, especially since your daughter complained about not being able to walk. This isn't anything to mess with. I don't want to scare you, because it could be nothing, but fevers like this can be quite serious.

If you feel your daughter needs to be seen (and I think she does), then she needs to be seen. Don't wait. I see you live in Tacoma, which means you are near Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. Take your daughter to the ER there to be evaluated. If you don't have insurance, it's ok, because they will still treat you, regardless of ability to pay.

There are others who may tell you that fevers are the body's way of healing itself, which may be the case, but with such a high fever combined with jerky movements and the complaint of not being able to walk, it's best to be safe than sorry.

Please let us know what happens.

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Responding to meds is a good thing. My worry is about her jerking...possible febrile seizure?? Usually brought on by high fevers and needs attention. Most doctors realize that moms over react a lot of the time over little things but somethings we are right and the child does need more attention and to get checked out. I would personally take her in to at least Urgent care because of her inability to walk and fever combined. But that is just me.

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I think the fact that the fever is responding to meds is a good indicator. If your mama instinct is telling you something is wrong, take her in. I sure would. If nothing else you will have peace of mind that she has seen a doctor.

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I would call the doctor and take her in. If he will not see her then I would find a new doctor. You are the mom and you get to say if she should see the doctor. If it is nothing then your co-pay is a small price to pay for peace of mind. I also agree that her not being able to walk is something that you should be concerned with. I hope your little one gets better soon and please don't take no for an answer.

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Find another doc! If yours won't see a kid that's had a high fever for a few days, find one who will! yeah, I know it's hard to find one, esp. on short notice - but many doc's offices will move a new patient to the front of the line if there's a sick kid involved. You could also try an Urgent Care. If you have health insurance, a lot of companies have a nurse phone line you can call for advice - wait, here, Seattle Children's has a free children's health resource line: 866-987-2500 . It doesn't matter if you use their care or not!
Good luck to you and your ailing sweetie - and after this blows over, I would switch doctors anyway - what good are they if they won't see a sick kid?

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I would take my daughter to the ER... No question. Good luck.

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Take her in to urgent care. I know doc says you don't need to, but I am not sure why he is saying that...anything over 104 just isn't safe! Go with your mommy gut!

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MB Childrens ER.

& later, a new doctor.

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