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4 Year Old Vomiting but Only Once a Day?

My son is almost 5 and has been vomiting once or sometimes twice a day. The first time was over a week ago, he vomited twice, had a 24 hr fever, then he was fine for a week. Now he has gotten sick once or twice a day for 5 days, but in between he is fine. Normal energy level, plays, eats, drinks. I only allow him a small amount but he asks for more. I called the dr and they say it sounds like a virus. I am just puzzled by the frequency. Any thoughts?

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After a visit to the ped today, we have ruled out strep, and it's probably a virus. They said also possible a parasite, so we have to get urine and stool samples tested. But hopefully either way it will end soon! Thanks to everyone for their input!

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I experienced a similar scenario with my 5 year old daughter, it ended up being strep. She did not have the classic soar throat etc. When in doubt, I think it is always good to let the pediatrician take a look. Best of luck!

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My 6 yo had a weird one day fever thing a few weeks ago. He also vomited about once per day for a couple of days. In his case, it seemed to be certain things that gagged/triggered it more than a viral sick stomach kind of puking.
It seemed to me like he was on the verge--but a certain thing would push him over the edge and he would puke a little bit--like one dinner he popped a large cherry tomato into his mouth and think the gush just set him over. It was like his stomach was kind of on-the-edge but it took something gross to set him off......
Hope your son is feeling better soon. It stinks when they are sick.

Could be a virus, but also some kind of allergy or bacterial infection. If it lasts much longer, or your gut feeling is it is not a virus, take him to the doctor.

My son is 14 but had the same thing last week in the middle of the night thru up about 3 times. next day he ran a slight fever. then i sent him back to school he felt fine then the next morning thru up in school. brought him to the Dr. they said it is probably a virus and just give him Flat gingerale and chicken broth.he is doing better but this morning was burping every few minutes.
I think the stomache just takes time to heal.Make sure he eats slower and less food.Stay away from oils ,milk,eggs and nuts and then slowly introduce when he feels better. Also the nurse said yogurt is good.
Hope he feels better soon!

Please have your child checked for asthma. My daughter now 16 1/2 when she was 3 she would vomit once a night - almost every night, then go back to sleep. She wouldn't wake us up, but apparently she coughed a few times, puked and fll back alseep. She was diagnosed with asthma after about a month of this. Drs said there was no harm in this, we were afraid she would lay back down in the puke and sufficate. We were told not to worry. she hasn't outgrown the asthma, and still today, if she starts coughing alot she will puke. rarely has a fever any more but would spike to 103 a few times a month for no apparent reason. I never associated Asthma with coughing before this time.

Have your son tested for strep. When my son was 5, he would awaken every night at 3 a.m. with stomach pain and was fine with no fever or other symptoms throughout the day. By night four of this mysterious stomach discomfort I piled my husband and son into the car, drove to CHOP, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and many xrays, blood tests, and $1,000.00 later the doc ran a quick strep before we were out the door and that was it. He was put on antibiotics, cured and now whenever my now 17 year-old boy exhibits stomach symptoms, 9 times out of 10 it's strep. We were told that many times in children strep manifests itself in their stomach not just the typical symptoms of sore throat and fever. I hope your mystery is solved. I know it is a helpless feeling when our children are sick. We are their advocates in life and will fight until we are satisfied that our children are safe and well. Good luck! Love, K.

I suggest you have his pediatrician give him a thorough physical so that nothing is missed. Remember you are the best advocate for your child. So as not to alarm you, when my oldest daughter was a toddler she threw up for almost a week with a virus that just took a long time to wear itself out. It boils down to this, if you are worried insist on the doc's attention.
Also, could he be upset about a new baby in the house, who will take attention away from him for awhile? Is everyone excited about a girl baby and talking about it a lot? Remember to include your little guy in the preparations for a baby sister and he will be excited also.

It can take a while for the body to completely return to normal after a stomach bug. Dairy seems to be particularly difficult and can contribute to continued vomiting or diarrhea just because it's tougher to digest. I'd stick to simple foods and limit the dairy for a week or so and then gradually expand his diet. If it continues, though, definitely make the ped check him out.

I experienced a similar scenario with my 5 year old daughter, it ended up being strep. She did not have the classic soar throat etc. When in doubt, I think it is always good to let the pediatrician take a look. Best of luck!

My children have had the same thing. Pediatrician states the children are getting over it, returning to school and daycare and since the immune system is already compromised, the children are relapsing.I kow many people children and adults that this is happening to. Guess we all just have to ride it out.

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