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4 Year Old Soccer Team

My husband and I are debating on letting our 4 year old start soccer this year. I would love to hear about your experiences, good, bad, 4 is too young, crazy parents, anything. Thanks in advance.


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i think he will love play soccer ,my son play soccer since he turned 3 years and he love it .


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my son started at 4,5 years, and likes it. Well, he likes the games a lot, the practice less because "he has to run all the time" hi hi hi.
But I think 4 years is a good age. And I also was afraid for yelling and crazy parents. But it's a really family thing. At the games uncles, grandma's, nephews, everybody drops by, and its fun. No scolding or pressure.

Good luck, I.

My daughter didn't start until she was 5 but was very ready and probably could have played the year before. We all had a great time, she loved to play and we loved to watch. I was the team manager for her team. This was somewhat time consuming some nights but very fulfilling and Dakota just loved it that I did it!! I would say go for it. There are always going to be parents that are not always nice but this gives you the opportunity to show your children how not to act and exactly how to react in this situation although chances are you will not run into this problem. Again, go for it and have a great time!!!

My son started at 4 and this worked for us. The first couple of years they are just teaching the kids the game and they don't keep score so there really isn't any pressure. I would recommend giving it a try.

I have a ten year old daughter that has been playing since she was five. I personally think the earlier you start them, the better. My daughter adores the sport and hopes to be a professional someday. While I support her dreams, I also think that starting early gave her a goal and keeps her focused. I can definitely see the difference in other children who are not involved in extra curricular activities. Hope this helps.

we started our son at 4 and while i don't think it is too early, i also wouldn't expect too much out of him the first year. on any given day, half the kids on my son's team didn't want to play or refused to play or preferred to play catch. i think it is great to introduce them to an organized sport and the fundamentals of the game, but don't expect orderly games at that age. also, the demeanor of the coach is extremely important. he/she should be patient and not push them too hard at this age.

I think 4 is a good age. I signed my daughter up this past Sept right after she turned 4. Although she ended up not really interested in playing, the majority of the kids did and they will be signing up again. The first couple of practices and games are quite hilarious as the kids really don't understand the concept, but they learn quickly. Don't expect too much and he'll probably have a really fun time! Go for it!

My son started soccer a little over a year ago when he turned 4, and it's been great! At the time, I had a family friend caring for him during the day while my husband and I were at work, and so he didn't have a lot of social interaction with other children his age. The time he spent with the soccer team worked wonders on his social skills, along with everything else. And he loves it too!

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