4 Year Old Itching

Updated on July 24, 2008
J.S. asks from Sacramento, CA
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My 4 year old has been constantly itching her vaginal area. She has started to complain about it and it appears red. I thought at first she wasn't wiping very well. Has anyone experienced this with their child and if so what did you do?

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Little girls are prone to yeast infections just like little girls, especailly if they take frequent bubble baths, you may want to take her to the dr. Or it could be the soap she is using in the bath. hope this helps!

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Girls can also get bladder infections. My oldest daughter did. If she is not in constant pain, push the liquids. Sometimes if she just drinks a lot for a day or two it will go away. Otherwise make an appt if its really uncomfortable. Be prepared they will want a urine sample. So either try to get one before you leave the house or get her to drink a lot before you go.



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Hi J.,
If she is itchy and red around her vagina it could be a yeast infection or a vaginal infection. I have also heard of girls putting things inside themselves causing infections. I would take her the doctor as soon as you can to rule out these things. My little step-sister had a similar problem at that age and it was a RAGING yeast infection. Come to find out, her mom gave her frequent bubble baths and didn't make sure she was wiping herself clean after going potty. The doctor advised no more bubble baths, in fact he recommended washing her with soap at the very end of her bath so she wouldn't soak in the soapy water. He also wanted to make sure she was only wearing cotton panties and spent some time without any panties on at all. As my little sister was potty trained and wore nightgowns, she slept without her panties. The combination of all these things eliminated the problem. If it is a yeast infection, try to limit sugars also as they feed the yeast.


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My daughters got yeast infections at that age from one of two things, bubble baths or antibiotics. WE stopped the
bubble baths, and went to the dr. who recomended something over the counter. This took care of the problem, but just like us, it probably will burn when she usues it the first few times. It is applied to the outside only, and twice a day,

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