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4 Year Old Getting 4 Shots at the Pediatrician

Hi moms! I have to take my 4 year old daughter into the pediatricians office this afternoon for her 4 year check up. They told me on the phone when making the appoitment that she will have to get 4 shots!!! 4 seperate shots!!! Now my question is has anyone went through this and do you have any tips in making the visit easier on her first and me!!! I want to do everything right because I don't want to traumatize her for the rest of her life in going to the doctor! I am scared to death to take her today but I know it is something I have to do. Thanks so much!

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i highly recommend a visit to this site...mucho informative and helped us help our little ones so much with regard to shots!


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I wouldnt do more than 2 shots at one time. You get to tell your Dr. what to do ....dont let him bully you


Our son had his done last month. It's not fun, that's for sure, but they give them very quickly and it is over quickly. Explain to her and be honest telling her it will hurt, but just for a minute. They get stickers after, a lollipop, and my hubby took our son for a milkshake for being such a big boy. Yes, by the time the third shot went in, he was crying, but it was shortlived. He also had to do a finger prick for blood work, but that didn't even faze him. Anyway, she'll be fine. She will forget it by the next day for sure. And our son still likes the doc... :) Good luck!

They are so over vaccinated. I'm sorry but that's ridiculous! Yes, I'm one of those moms that chose not to vaccinate my children and I've never regretted it. I would be more worried about having that much injected into my child then the emotional effects to be honest.
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Hi K.,

Ohhh, I feel your pain. I always dred these appointments too and my 12 mnth old is due for his check up and I know he has to get 4 as well. Give her a dose of tylenol before going in and ask if you're allowed to hold her when they give the shots. At my clinic, they do allow me to hold my kids but I know not all of them do. Maybe take her somewhere special afterwards that she likes doing so she'll hopefully quickly forget what just happened. If my daughter was pretty upset from a doctors visit, we'd let her go pick out something special at the dollar store that she really liked or take her out for some ice cream........
Obviously we can't do much to make the pain go away but just comfort her as much as possible and assure her it will be over very fast. I usually told my daughter ahead of time what was going to happen because I hated her being surprised about the shots and then freaking out in the doctors office and since I did tell her beforehand, she seemed to be more prepared and handle the situation a little calmer. You know your daughter best though and whether or not you want to tell her is completely your decision.
I wish you the best and hang in there.......it will all be over soon! : )

My son at 4 shots at his 4 year checkup about two weeks ago. I did not tell him before we got there because I didn't want him to be nervous about it beforehand. When it was time for the shots it was really quick and he cried a little, but not too bad. We promised him two suckers at the end for being so brave - 1 for then and 1 for after lunch and that perked him back up pretty quick. He hasn't metioned it since and was fine in the car. I think it was worse on me watching him than for him in the end :)

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