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4 Year Old Figgity and Shaky Hands

Hi Moms...something heavy on my mind tonight. I picked up my daughter at preschool this afternoon, and asked how her week was, I was asked if I had ever noticed her hands shaking whenever she does fine motor skills...cutting, gluing etc...also, mentioned that she is never still, always wiggling something. Well, the shaking my husband noticed and is concerned about...I always thought it was a growing thing and would work itself out. When she was younger, she would always get the desitin or A&D, and I would find a little on her lips, not not all the time...never thought much about it, but now dear hubby is concerned that some neurological damage might of been done and I did nothing about it...needless o say, I have called for a consult with the Ped. for Monday, before the school tries to diaignose ADD or something that would go on her record. Guess my question is...is there anyone out there that has had like problems with their child???

What can I do next?

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I doubt it was diaper cream...but if you're concerned about certain quirks, a great book to read is "Quirky Kids" it talks about hand shaking in there as one of the quirks. :) If a teacher, child care provider or other parent has noticed something different, it's always worth investigating...it's probably nothing, but if it is something the sooner you get the child help the more likely you can resolve the issue and help them.

Here is a link to the book I have picked up a few times when my children do something out of the ordinary. It's a good reminder to see if the difference is a worrisome difference or just a little phase. :)


PS ~ I totally agree with the woman above my message...OT is worth looking into and she might just be working really hard on developing those ine motor skills...as for busy, by 3 year old and my 1 year old are both VERY BUSY and going all the time!!! They have more energy then us lazy adults ;) However, it's ALWAYS a good idea to not dismiss something, it's ALWAYS better to look into it. :)

PSS ~ I have heard of some people putting diaper cream on chapped lips...I really wouldn't worry about that at all...

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Hi J....look up Familial Essential Tremor on google. It can start in childhood. You can get more information from the Essential Tremor foundation. Basically what ET is is a movement disorder which manifests when fine motor skills are being used. It sounds like you should have a neuro consult just in case. Good luck.

My stepfather, his brothers and sisters, my sisters all have shaky hands. We laugh that they could never be surgeons. For them, it's a genetic trait that's been passed down. People ask them if they're nervous, but of course, they're not.

Have her check out to rule anything out, and ask around your families to see if it may just be an unusual family trait.

As for always being wiggly, she's 4! Some kids are like that. It wasn't until about 10 did I see my daughter ever stop moving around.

At four, children are still developing their motor skills so it may be nothing but her working on gaining muscle control. I am a pre-k teacher and see children struggle with cutting, etc. all the time. Children develop at different rates. do sctivites at home to help her use her fine motor skills (lacing, stringing beads or fruit loops, cutting magazines). My son had terrible fine motor skills for most his early years. He is 6 and only recently can manage to tie his shoes and his coloring still borders on scribbling.

Four year olds also wiggle and move-hello-they are 4! Some have shorter attention spans that will change as a child matures. It does not mean ADD (4 is a bit young for that diagnosis anyway). Find out the situations of when she becomes fidgety-during group activites, a long circle time (more than 15 minutes), after free play, nap time. She could be nervous or over excited.

I highly doubt diaper cream gave her any neurological damge though a neurological disorder could be possible. Is there any family history? Tourette Syndrome is one neurological disorder that can show symptoms as early as 3 and is characterized by involuntary motor movements and vocalizations, aka tics. I bring this up because my daughter has this and my son is showing more symptoms. However, I never noticed any hand shaking in either of them. I can pass on more info about symptoms to you if you like.

Honestly, though, she seems like a normal four year old based on my 12 years of teaching and my own two kids. I wouldn't fret too much.

Shaking hands during fine motor skills might just mean that her hand muscles are a little weak and she is trying really hard. My 4 year old is having occupational therapy through the school district for fine motor skills. His are really bad- he has a hard time holding a crayon right or using a fork. But, with his therapy he is getting much better. It is just a matter of training his muscles and brain to work together. As for the figiting, it could be just a normal high energy 4 year old, or maybe some kind of sensory need not being handled. My son focuses much better after about 15 minutes of physical activity, so we got him a small trampoline he jumps on every day and it calms him. We also make a point to walk to school in the morning (we are lucky to live just a few blocks away) so that when we get there, he has moved his body enough. Don't panic, nothing you describe sounds serious. If anything, she may just need a little help. OT is free thru LAUSD for kids of school age if your ped thinks its a good idea.

It's probably not this, but when my thyroid was really overactive one of my symptoms was shaky hands. Just make sure your doctor does blood work to rule it out. Does it happen all day long? If not, maybe it's a low blood sugar thing.

You noticed this a couple of yrs ago ? well time to catch up with the doctor have her tested, ADD does not shake the hands, at least that I have seen, don't assume anything until you have spoken with the doctors let the pro's work on her

Good Luck

my four year old son gets really shaky when doing fine motor and a lot during gross motor. He was seen by a neurologist who said he had hypotonia (weak muscles) and ataxia (lack of coordination and balance.

I don't have any experience with what you are observing, but don't be so quick to blame yourself for anything. Talk to the doctor about your concerns. Also, a school cannot diagnose anything... they are not doctors. If they do "diagnose" they are overstepping their boundaries. The only thing they can do is tell you what they have observed and see if you have ruled out anything like ADD or ADHD. I am a teacher and we have to be really careful about things like that.

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