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4 Teeth at 7 Months Old!!!

Okay, the question is: Does anyone know if this is normal? I mean the first two yes.. but my daughter (7 months old) has 4 teeth, two on the bottom and two on the top. Not buds. They are all the way IN. I mean we are still on first foods.. and yet I am thinking that she might be better off with some Z toast. None of my others kids had this many teeth this early. Anyone else??

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My 6 1/2 month old has 3 teeth. She's not too interested in anything but breast milk so we're not getting much use out of those teeth yet!!

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While there is definitely a typical pattern of when teeth come in, my son's have been very slow while a friend a week younger had teeth before he started solids. I believe it can be heridetary.


Totally normal. My daughter just hit the 7 month mark and she has 7 teeth. I was completely shocked and a little worried at worst but after talking with her doctor, she reassured me that it was normal. All babies are different.

Hi V.

Yes, its early but not totolly unusual. I have heard of teething as early as 3 or 4 months. My daughter got her first 2 bottom teeth in at 6 or 7 momths then nothing else till about 16 months, then everything else came at once. Try not to get got up in comparing her to much to others. If this one has a different father than the others that might explain it, because that what dad might have done.

Try some of the #2 jar foods. I have even put cereal in yorgurt at this age. Anything that can be swallowed easily or disolves in the month easily is OK a few bite at a time. I gave one of my kids a bite pumkins pie at Thanksgiving one year. Go ahead let her taste new stuff.

My 6 1/2 month old has 3 teeth. She's not too interested in anything but breast milk so we're not getting much use out of those teeth yet!!

Hi ! How fun ! My daughter was 6 weeks premature and was 8 months with 4 teeth and more were on their way! Because of the teeth,we actually skipped the babyfood for the most part and doc said it was fine for table food as long as she was getting the nutrition she needed and no choke hazards etc.. I think personally it was a good idea,she is not a picky eater at all ! She loves anything and everything, including broccoli ! LOL !

No stress! Yes, she may be ahead of schedule, but really anything is within norms when it comes to teeth coming in early. Trust me -- I asked the doctors. Both my sons had at least that many teeth by six months. My second had 4 teeth by 3 1/2 months and is now 11 months and eats normal table food with his full mouth of teeth. It's very handy once they get the hang of food as long as you watch carefully. Have fun with your full house!

My friend's 9 month old has NINE teeth! He started when he was 3 1/2 months old. She has had trouble with the food thing also. I don't know what to tell ya.

My son got his first tooth at 4 months, and the second tooth a couple days later. He had just those two for a couple months, then broke four through all at once, so he had six by the time he was 7 months old. I dont think there is a 'normal' for teething, it depends on the child and I was told that if the parents got teeth early, the child will too. He is now almost 16 months old and has 19 teeth!! He only has one molar left, and it is trying to poke through, just hasnt popped yet.


Don't worry, apparently that's normal for her. Both my kids cut their first teeth at 4 months. In fact, my son had the 2 bottom ones at 4 months and at around 5-6 months cut all FOUR front top ones at once. He was miserable - at least until they were all in, then he began the experience of eating some new and fun stuff!!

L. P


I freaked out too. When my youngest was 6 months, she got her first two teeth, then after that got them two a time for the next few months. By her first birthday she had 8 or 9 teeth. Now, at 18 months she has all her teeth except two molars. So I don't think this is abnormal!

In my experience with my own two kids, it's completely normal. My son got his first two bottom teeth at 4-months, my daughter at 3-months and they both had their two top teeth by 6-months. They always got their teeth in pairs (or quads) and by 1 year had all their teeth but their 2-year-molars. I even have a friend who was born with a tooth!

If you think your daughter is ready for teething biscuits or zwieback toast, then give it to her. Just make sure to watch her closely so she doesn't bite of a big chunk and choke.

Sounds like you've got your hands full! :-)

This is completely normal! My youngest got her fisrt tooth at 2 months and had 6 teeth by 8 months. Biter biscuits or zwieback would be fine as long as she is supervised. Enjoy that baby!


Hi V.- Yes that is totally normal!!! I've been in the dental field for 17 years and pretty much anything is normal when infants are getting thier first teeth. I myself had all 20 by the time I was 18 months old. Just make sure you start brushing them or wiping them off with a washcloth now, it'll make the next couple of years easier.
Hope this helps,

V., I think this is perfectly normal. My cousin was BORN with 2 teeth. My oldest got 4 on bottom when she was 4mos and 4 on top when she was 6mos, oh boy was she cranky! But they came in just fine and now she has a wonderful holely mouth that 7yr olds get LOL! Your baby is too young for the toast or my preference the Gerber Biter Biscuits. You can let her gnaw on them some but watch her closely the whole time. They do soften up and she can end up taking a bite off of one of them then you have her choking on the piece. She is not old enough of table foods and chewing yet. Stay with your first foods. IF she wants to chew or gnaw give her a freeze pop still in the plastic, she can gnaw on the nice cold ice but she won't get any in her mouth. You may have to trim some of the edges so it won't poke her though. Otherwise since the teeth are already in she may be just fine and only want to bite her spoon whle you feed her and in that case make sure you have the ones that the tip is covered in rubber or silicone. Good luck!

Yes, it's normal--my little boy had his first teeth at 4 months! I don't remember how many he had at 7 months, but it was at least four and maybe more. I think you could start with Z toast or crackers, but being a first-time mom I waited for chewing-type foods and he didn't suffer at all! Just go with your instincts and don't worry; this is definitely normal!

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