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4 Month Old Daughter Has Recently Become Very Fussy About Bottle Feeding-

My 4 month daughter used to eat on a normal (for her age) eating schedule. I do a mix of breast and formula. Just recently she has started to refuse to bottle feed and wants only the breast. Unfortunately my breasts do not produce much milk- about 1.5oz per breast (from pumping) so I must supplement her with the formula. During the last 2 days she has gone up to 8 hours without having a bottle. She does not seem hungry and is in excellent health in all ways. She is most likely to take the bottle when she is sleeping. Just a little concerned at the recent change in her habits and want to know if anyone else has had a similar experience and what they have done. thanks

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She must like the taste of the breast milk better!! Which is wonderful for her and you! When pumping, sometimes, you will not produce as much as a baby can get out of the breast. If you let her go on the breast only, you breasts will adjust to the new demand and start producing more. Kudos for your baby!! She knows what is best for her!! Check with www.LaLecheLeague.com for wonderful guidance. Good luck.

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Congrats on breast feeding! My littlest one, of four, decided she did not want to be supplemented and refused a bottle around 2 months. Nursing is so much warmer, closer and cuddly, can you blame her! We are still breastfeeding and she is perfect :) Your baby is more efficient at getting milk from the breast than a pump, so if you are getting 1.5 oz per size when you pump, she is probably getting atleast double that by nursing. Also, your body produces up to 80% of a feeding at the time you are feeding, your baby is getting more than what is right there and ready when she latches on. By offering her a bottle, you are telling your body that it doesnt *need* to make as much milk, your breasts work on supply and demand. So, by having her nurse exclusively, she will signal to your body that you need to make more and your supply will naturally increase.

Personally I would say take the leap! If you are wanting to monitor how much she is taking in each feeding, rent/borrow an infant scale and weigh her before the feeding and then with out changing anything (diapers, all same clothes, socks etc on) plop her back on the scale and you will get an accurate number for how much she has nursed. She will self regulate on the breast better than a bottle, so you might see a lower intake when nursing. With a bottle, we tend to do the whole "come on, just one more ounce!" and wiggle the nipple around until they take some more, but with the breast, when she is done, she is done.

If she is not fussy and not hungry, having wet diapers and poops, I would say you are fine and she is getting what she needs! Also, www.kellymom.com is a great resource for all nursing questions and concerns!

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I assume you've tried Mother's Milk tea to increase your milk production. Another thing you can try is Alfalfa tablets. Take 6 to 8 prior to going to bed. You'll be amazed at how much your milk supply increases.
Also, I've had patients who've had an increase in their milk supply from receiving chiropractic adjustments to their mid back. I know it sounds strange, but I've seen it many times.
Hope this helps.

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I haven't read everyone's responses, sorry if it is redundant. Babies are better at getting milk from the breast than pumping machines. If she is nursing and seeming to be satisfied, it is probably because she is. If her health starts to come into question (losing weight, etc.) then maybe you should worry a little more about supplementing with the bottle. Congrats on breastfeeding, I love it!

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she may be teething already - you might want to try some Calmazon on her gums to relieve the pain and inflammation - it's safe and effective - and an all natural herbal formula - no chemicals or preservatives or pesticides - you can check it out on my website: www.shootingstarherbs.amazonherb.net

Have you considered teething? My son started teething very young (3-4 months old). The first teeth were the worst for him - he was very fussy and sometimes wanted to chew on everything, other times he didn't want anything near his mouth, sometimes he only wanted mama - you get the picture :). Call your ped. and ask to speak to a nurse if you're really worried about how much she's eating. If she's teething, chances are that she's fine. Hope this helps, best of luck!

that is great that you are breastfeeding! the american academy of pediatrics recommends against scheduled feedings as babies need to eat when they need to eat (and since for the first two years of their lives they have growth spurts every 3 months, it is always changing). and as an adult you get to eat when you are hungry so your little is trying to b e like mama.
you can't tell how much milk you make by pumping - it is just not the same. and your supply can always increase - it is a supply and demand thing. it looks like your little on e is very smart - just like her mama. she knows how much better breastmilk is for her than formula and she is getting your supply up (you can also take herbs like ferungook to help increase your supply)
for great advice/support go to www.mothering.com and click on the "discuss" tab- that gets you to the forums and then scroll down and their are a few forums just on breastfeeding

she may be teething and the bottle nipple is harder and hurts more than the breast. maybe try sippy cups. she really shouldnt have a bottle when sleeping anyway. you dont want to start ruining her teeth and its a hard habit tobreak. maybe evn ask about starting her on some baby cereal tosupplement

The good news is that babies are much better at getting milk from teh breast than your pump is. Eventhough you only get a small amt pumping that does not mean that that is all that there is...you are probably making more so your infant is being satified from only nursing...which is great! good luck!

What bottles are you using. If you are not already...try the Breastflow bottles. My son won't use any other bottle. Another reason is she could be teething. Our son was teething at about 3 months. He is 6 months with about 2 teeth.( One is halfway up and the other one is started to)

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