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4 Month Old Constipated

My 20 week old is constipated. I called the doc last night and she told me to give her a glycerin suppository. I did that but all my daughter did was make another hard ball-like poop with the suppository stuck to it. Then this morning she made a bowel movement that was a little softer.
The doc said I can give her baby prune juice (1oz prune, 1oz water)but when I went to buy it I could only find Gerber Apple Prune. Does anyone know where I can get just plain prune juice for babies or can I give her the regular adult prune juice? Should I even give it to her since she went this morning?

Thanks for all your advice.

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My baby is currently eating formula. She is on the enfamil gentlease kind. She takes 32oz of formula a day in 5 bottles and that's it. Does anyone think I should start her on baby fruit? My doc says nothing until 6 months.

Oh...and she pooped naturally. I haven't given her any pruce juice yet.

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Hi L.--my daughter has been constipated since she was about 8 weeks old sadly. So we give her a daily dose of prune juice that is watered down (1/2 and 1/2). She's 4.5 months old now, and we give her about 4 oz of the mixture once a day, usually between her 11 and 3 feeding. We used to use apple juice, but it didn't work nearly as well. I buy the six pack of sunsweet prune juice which has no additives, and is way cheaper than "baby" prune juice. Also, it doesn't go bad this way, with my using so little over time. I also use it make their cereal in the morning. I switched from rice to oatmeal immediately when someone told me that rice cereal would just make it all worse. Sometimes she has what we affectionately call rabbit pellets, but if we are diligent about the juice, she's much happier.
I would give it to her every other day and see what happens. Good luck!

my 5 month old has been constipated for a long time so i know what your going through. my poor son even bleeds when he pops ( i feel so bad for them)
anyhow...i started him on fruits when he turned for months (doc said it was absolutly okay and even reccommed starting because of the pooping issue) i give him the prunes from the jar in the morning and a little adult apple juice diluted a little bit, in the afternoon. he still doesnot poop everyday but his poops have gotten softer. i hope your baby feels better soon!

Adult prunce juice is the way to go. Mix it in with a bottle. We started with 3 ozs (at one time) but once per day. Once that helped, we switched to 2 ozs. put it in the morning bottle. Good luck

Dry adding Dark karo syrup 1 teaspoon to a bottle. In 20 min always did the trick for my son.

good luck


If your baby tends to be constipated then the prune juice is the most natural way for her to go. I am not sure they make prune juice for babies just jarred prunes. I would use the adult and dilute it half juice, half water and gauge it from there. If she goes to loose then add more water. Sometimes just giving water will help also with constipation. I wouldn't do it everyday, maybe every other until you start adding fruits and veggies to her diet to help her go naturally. I am not a fan of using suppositories because the baby can become dependent on them to go, plus they do not soften the stool and make it easier for them to go. Good luck!!

reg prune juice is fine but water it down say..70/30
I have to use flaxseed oil in my daughters milk daily because she developed an anal fissure at 3 months that causes her terrible pain if she has to strain with a firm BM.
I took her off it for two days and she was straining so hard she was shaking and turning red.
Keep her on fruits and fruit juices until she is regulated.

Put some molassess(teaspoon to 6/8 oz)in her bottle and let her drink it. She will have bowels movements and they will be softer.

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