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4-Year Old Speech Problems

I need to know if I am expecting too much out of my 4 yr old daughter. She is wonderful, first of all. I know every mother thinks their child is "gifted", but she is extremely smart and well-spoken for her age.
The issue is: she has a difficult time with certain letters when she speaks. IE. Ls, THs, SWs,etc.
Her father and I have been gently correcting her when she is talking, but she still cannot say certain things correctly.
I have been thinking up until now, that she is still young and it will correct itself. Should I take her to a speech therapist?

I am worried about her struggling in Kindergarten if it persists.

What can I do next?

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I wouldn't be too worried. Have you asked her pediatrician about the problem? I can't even understand some 4 year olds so I would think her speech will get better as she gets older. The letters you said she's having problems with, seem to be common mispronunciations for kids. I remember having to go to a speech therapist in the first grade because I pronounced my "s" with a lisp. I don't see how it will cause her to struggle in kindergarten. If she's bright and has a good vocabulary, I'm sure correct pronunciation will come. By the way, I also live in Woodstock and am a SAHM to a 4 1/2 yr old boy and 10 month old daughter.

At her age, it could still be "baby talk". They usually wait until they are in 1st grade before they are evaluated in speech therapy.

I have a smart one too that is in TAG (talented and gifted) who has problems with S's and Th's. He was evaluated in 1st grade and qualified for speech therapy. He is mastering his sounds now. I even catch him using the correct sounds in everyday conversation so it works great!

I remember telling everyone that he had speech problems from an EARLY age and I was right!

He will be out of speech in the 2nd grade.

He loves speech! He gets treats for doing his homework, they play games, and do special projects.

WAHM of 8-year old - Alpharetta, GA

At her age, you can get her evaluated by the school if you are concerned. My son, Noah has dyspraxia. It is a motor planning problem that affects his speech mostly. He understands above his grade level though. He just has trouble talking. He is 5 and just starting to talk but attends regular kindergarten with speech therapy and special supports. He has been recieving services starting with early intervention at 15 months and went to school at 3. He had some motor skill delays as well, but is caught up thanks to all the therapy he recieved before school. Speech has nothing to do with a child's intelligence. Noah's teacher has told me he is more capable of doing his work than some of the "normal" children. Many kids with problems like this are often gifted as well. I have heard that Einstein didn't talk until he was four and never could tie his own shoes. I also have an older son with ADHD that is also labeled as gifted. I think if you feel she may need some help with her speech, you should have her evaluated by the school. If anything, it will put your mind at ease and it won't cost you anything other than time. In my experience with two kids with special needs, I think the earlier you get the help the better. It is much easier for them as well.
I hope this helps! C. (Acworth)

Nice to meat your acquaintance! My name is H. I too am a SAHM I just moved from Woodstock to Acworth but I am still in Cherokee Co. I wanted to introduce myself as well as just share with you that my 7 year old daughter Victoria is a straight A student in a very advanced privite school and she has I guess you would call it a speach imped. I am not sure that it is that severe she has a hard time with certian letters especially the letter "R" if you watch Wonder Pets the duck Ming Ming speaks the same way. I tried to correct it at first but after a while I didn't concern myself with it I actually love it, it is who she is and it sounds so adorable to hear her talk she does great in school and I think that as she gets older she will learn to correct it herself "IF" she wants too! So I guess it is a personal decision but age 4 is still young and I am sure her speach will improve as she gets older! TC H.

F. F.,

I am a SAH mom in Acworth of two boys. My oldest son is four and having trouble with a lispy S. My pediatrican suggested I contact the public school that he will attend and ask for a speech therapist to evaluate his speech. After meeting with us the speech therapist gave us ways to work with him at home so that his speech is corrected before kindergarden. It is my understanding from my doctor and the school that they would like to correct speech issues before kindergarden if possible. Hope this helps!

A. J.

Hi F., My name is M.. I am also a SAHM and I live in Woodstock. I have an almost 2 yr old son. I am always looking for new friends for me and my son. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, M.

Hi F.. I wanted to say Hi and let you know that my 4yr old son, Brody, is having the same problems. Like one of the above responses, we recently enrolled him into Speech Therapy (at Ball Ground Elementary). Miss Irwin is AWESOME! I noticed improvement within the first month.

I'm in the Ball Ground area of Cherokee County and would love to chat with you. :-) I'm lucky enough to work from home and love spending time with my little guy... but we need to make some friends outside of the home, if you know what I mean.

Hugs and good luck! Talk to you soon,

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