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4-Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Hello mamas-
I'm just looking for some quick, fun ideas for birthday parties for my girls who are turning 3 and 4. The 4-year old's party is Saturday (yes, I am a procrastinator!!!), and the 3-year old's isn't until January. So far we are planning on decorating Halloween cupcakes, and we are considering face painting.
Any ideas would be helpful! Thanks!

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How about a pumpking painting party? You could get a bunch of little pumpkins and provide some kid-safe paint and brushes (and smocks!) It's safer than carving, and fun for little ones who wouldn't be able to participate in a carving party.


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Parties are so fun, you can get all kinds of ideas off the internet for you birthday parites. I love the Halloween theme, when I was a kid a played this Halloween game called Pass the Witch's Broomstick, you stand in a circle and pass a broom around while listening to (or singing) this song: "Pass the Witch's broomstick round and rond the room, while the music's playing quickly pass the broom, anyone gets out, if the broomstick drops, or the one who has it when the music stops!" Whomever is caught holding the broom stick at the end of the song has to use it to "fly" around the cricle and then they go and sit down and watch the rest of the game, you play until everyone has been eliminated. The fun part is flying the brrom so kids will not even feel bad when they get "out". You can also use any songs fopr that game, like a CD of Halloween music would work great(I like Wee Sing for Halloween), just pause it to get someone "out". You can also make a paper pumpkin and some balck cut out eyes and nose and mouth and have the kids take turns playing "pin the face on the jack-o-lantern", just like pin the tail on the donkey (there are millions of versions of this game, I have also done pin the ponytail on the princess and pin the horn on the unicorn). I like to do a treasure hunt no matter what the theme is, you can write clues on little orange paper pumpkins (or witches or ghosts or whatever) and have the childrne go from clue to clue until they find the treasure, which can be a showbox full of party favors and candy or a pinata (a pumpkin pinata would be so cool!) or your treasure can even be the cake or cupcakes. YOu could alo have hte kids decorate little pumpkins with craft paint and stickers, which is safer than carving them. The possibilites are so endless! Have fun!

It's short notice for costumes, how about a mask party? Clear a space, spread out a sheet, lots of craft supplies and craft glue. Use that soft foam sheet stuff to make the basic mask, the kids can draw on that and you can cut it or it may be easier to pre-cut the baci masks. Use a hole punch to make the holes on either side to thread through some ribbon for ties. Hit Hobby Lobby or Michaels or JoAnnes, they have tons of stuff the kids can use to decorate their masks. I did this years ago when mine were little and it was big hit.

Too short notice for your party but a 'come as your favorite animal or fantasy creature' is a good one too.

How about a pumpking painting party? You could get a bunch of little pumpkins and provide some kid-safe paint and brushes (and smocks!) It's safer than carving, and fun for little ones who wouldn't be able to participate in a carving party.


you can do bowling. get 6 2-liter bottles (empty). you can decorate them however you want. glue halloween pix on them or any other pix. then with a small ball, see how many they can knock down. bean bag toss (or stuff animal toss) into a decorated laundry hamper.
hope these help

Hi G.. I did a treasure hunt for my daughter's 2nd birthday ans she had kids up to age 5. I went to the dollar store and got little yellow baskets (2 for $1) and bought all sorts of little prizes like bouncy balls, foam stickers etc. and I scattered them all over the yard and in the sand pit. The kids LOVED it and it occupied them for quite a while.

good luck!

I dont know if you are willing to put the party off for a week or so,but I have a company called Fairywings & Pixie dust I do princess B-day parties!!! I am on mamasource so check it out ok???

cute halloween kid's movie

normally, I'd say use birthdaypartyideas.com
but, not a lot of planning time here.
if you're sticking with a halloween/autumn theme:
duck, duck goose w/different words, such as pumpkin, pumpkin, jack-o-lantern
musical chairs w/cutouts of leaves instead
hot potato w/a small squash or gourd.
they could all be ghosts and do a ghostly freeze dance or dance like falling leaves in a freeze dance.
paint pumpkins or gourds (see a previous post on this)
press a bunch of fallen leaves (overnight is enough to make them usable) and use to make bookmarks or foam/construction paper frames (by glueing them on and then spraying w/a cheap hairspray to preserve them). or you could do "suncatchers" w/ the leaves and clear contact paper.
pin the leaf on the tree using cut out autumn colored leaves and a picture of a tree painted onto poster board
have fun!

i found the funnest sites hershey's.com then you can check out their party ideas.

For this Saturday, a Halloween theme sounds fun. They could bob for apples, paint or carve pumpkins, have a pinata, play dress up... plenty of options. I found at age 4 they like some activities, but do fine with time to just play together.

We had three little friends over and their younger siblings (age of my son). It was perfect as they dresed up as princesses (or whatever). I bought them aprons as the favor and we painted unfinished heart boxes from Micheal's. I hot glued a wood decall on top so the boxes had a little style. It dried while we had cake, tea sandwhiches and fruit salad. It was perfect and we did it on a Friday 11-1 with the moms who are my friends.

Do you have bean bags? If so, you can paint a large box orange, cut a jack-o-lantern face out, and do a bean bag toss (throw the bean bags into the eyes, nose, mouth, etc). You also get a bunch of those mini pumpkins and have a pumpkin decorating contest--let kids paint them, or glue googly eyes, feathers and sequins all over them, and have a prize for each kid (most original, scariest, prettiest, funniest, etc.)

One thing my best friend did for her daughter's 4th birthday is she took a big cardboard box and decorated like water with fish and shells and mermaids and made a fishing pole out of a longer stick. She went to the dollar store and bought all kinds of little girl and little boy things and put them in little snack size baggies and one adult was behind the "water" and one helped with the fishing. The kids loved pulling out a "prize". I thought it was a great idea and thought of using it for my 5 year olds birthday this month.

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