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4 And 3/4 Year Old with Loose Tooth

My daughter discovered she has a loose tooth this morning. She'll be 5 in August. Is this early? I thought this didn't happen until about 6 or 7. She did get all of her teeth very early. She had a full set by age 1. Should I be concerned about her dental health? She has a dental appt next month. Should I call to see if she should be seen sooner?

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All kids are different. My son is in first grade and just lost 2 bottom ones. Most of his friends already lost their top ones. He had one friend who just lost his first one ever so I just think all kids are different.

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Hi J.,
I am a dentist and see a lot of kids. 4-5 is a bit early for adult teeth to sart errupting, but it can absolutely be normal. I would check with your dentist, however, because sometimes kids injure their teeth, and may not even tell you. I would have her looked at just in case. Most likely everything is normal (especially your daughter had her baby teeth in so early), so don't worry.
All the best,
I. Slipak

I thought the same thing- kids are usually 6 or 7 prior to losing their teeth. A month before my son's 5th birthday he had his semi annual visit to the dentist. I mentioned to the hygenist that his teeth were bothering him. She confirmed that his two bottom teeth were "loose"- not anywhere ready to fall out now, but in the next few months- they were definitely wigglers. I mentioned that I thought this was way too early and she said that the average age for losing a tooth is around 5 give or take 6 months on either side. So I am assuming anywhere from 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 is within "normal" range for this too happen. Best of luck!

girls loose teeth generally earlier then boys and that's fine. I have boys and girls.

All kids are different. My son is in first grade and just lost 2 bottom ones. Most of his friends already lost their top ones. He had one friend who just lost his first one ever so I just think all kids are different.

She's right on schedule. I thought the same thing when it happened and called the dentist. He said this was normal.

Hi J.,
My son is 6 and in Kindergarten. Lots of the kids are just now loosing teeth, but he has a coupe of buddies who already have more than one permanent teeth! I have heard that tooth loss/age is related to bone growth. So if your daughter is a taller kid, maybe that makes sense. If I were you, I would probably just keep the appt. next month. Has she ever been to the dentist before that? I've heard age 3 for girls and age 3-1/2 for boys for the first exam/cleaning.

She's almost 5, and 5 is when a lot of kids lose their first teeth, so I wouldn't worry about it. And all the dentist would do is shrug and say, "It's a baby tooth", a new one will grow into its place.

If her gums are pink and healthy, probably her teeth are, too. When teeth turn grey, and gums have red stripes surrounding the teeth, or they bleed a LOT, then there are problems.

And, Happy Mother's Day !!!

I would celebrate the loose tooth, and have the tooth fairie come, assuming you want to do that with your kids, and enjoy !

Your daughter will get her teeth cleaned and checked at the dentist's, and they will (hopefully) be very proud of her for having lost a tooth or still having a loose one when she arrives. And don't be alarmed by how long it takes the new ones to grow in. Sometimes it seems like forever, but she'll be fine ! (And sometimes, there's a little white edge that actually pushes the baby tooth out of the way. You never know)

whatever the dentist tells you make sure they wiggle it and get it out.If it comes in overtop of the other tooth it WILL determine the alignment of the other tooth

Each child is different. my son was 6 and he was so upset because he was the last in his kindergarten class to lose his first tooth He said some were losing there second before his first.He in fact at 14 has still one more tooth that never fell out and 2 were already pulled for braces.
So as long as it is followed by a perm. I wouldn't worry.
happy Mothers day

No, it is not too early. My oldest daughter started losing teeth when she was 5. By the time she turn 7 she has lost all 8 of her front teeth. The dentist told me that some lose them earlier than others.

Hi J.! Happy Mother's Day! Relax..your daughter is fine she is almost 5 and a loose tooth is nothing to worry about unless it was "made" loose by a fall, or blow to the mouth. Best wishes

I think there is a rule of thumb: If your child gets their teeth early, they will lose them early. If your child gets their teeth late, they will lose them late.

Some just mature early.
I recall taking my oldest(now 31) to the dentist to ask the very same question. FYI, she had braces and her period at 11, and had reached her mature height by grade 7.
Her two sisters were both different in physical development with one teething late and not losing her baby fat until college.

The reason you have more than one child is to show you how different they can be!

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