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3Rd Grade Science Project

Help! My 3rd grade son is required to submit a science project this year - I have no idea where to start as science was never quite my favorite subject in school. I need some resources, ideas. Anything you Mom's can suggest will be very much appreciated!

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Awesome site for science projects

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Although they are cool, unfortunately, growing crystals, making a replica of a volcano, etc. is not what schools are looking for in science projects these days. I just judged the science fair at my kids school. The best projects involved doing an actual experiment. You can find experiment ideas online, but here is one example I can give you that was really good: Have your son research different types of bridges to get an idea of what is already known about the strength of them (be sure to note this in the report). Then have your son make a hypothesis about what type bridge he thinks will be the strongest and why. Then have him do an experiment where he builds 2 different types of bridges out of craft sticks and glue. Then add weight to each bridge in increments (always use metric measurements in the report) to see which one can withstand the most weight before collapsing. Be sure your son states whether his original hypothesis was valid (true) or invalid (untrue). Your son's school should provide detailed, written instructions of what they expect for the project. Be sure to read them and follow them carefully. Leave plenty of time to do any project. Good luck.

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Sciencebuddies.com; discoverykids.com; sciencefairprojects.com are all good site and there are also books in the library on science fair projects that may be helpful. Good luck!!!

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1. Solar system model (the basics can be purchased in a kit, then write a report to go with).

2. Volcano model (good old baking soda and vinegar in a plastic glass in paper mache volcano with poly urethane sealer + a report)

3. "How Clean are Your Hands" My daughter won 3rd place in district in 4th grade with this one - it's a little involved, send me a message if you want the details.

4. Something edible - how yeast makes bread (how changing the amount of yeast changes the texture / flavor of the bread), or making ice cream in a can of ice or a ziploc bag - with a report.

5. Depending on the amount of time he has, a tropism project is cool too - but you need at least four weeks for the plants to grow.

Good luck - have fun.


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Here you go... try this link. This is what I used for my 3rd grader! Good luck!


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Go to your local library. Chances are they will have lots of books with ideas and instructions (if they still use the Dewy decimal system it will be in the early 500's). Just page though the books till you find one that peaks his intrest.

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Janice VanCleave (sp??) is an author that has a TON of books devoted to little experiments that could be easily turned into science fair project format...
I would for sure check it out and find something that YOUR SON IS INTERESTED in...it is much more palatable to do something you have interest in rather than just getting the project done!
Good Luck

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I can't remember how to do it, but I remember it was rather simple to grow crystals in a mason jar. And it's usually pretty fascinating to kiddos (and to me too actually!).

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