3Rd Baby Coming - Do I Need to Get New Bottles, Sippies and Pacifiers?

Updated on May 16, 2009
M.O. asks from Barrington, IL
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I'm wondering other Mom's thoughts on replacing our "old" baby bottles (they are six years old). With all of this talk of the plastics used in bottles, nipples, binkies and sippy cups I'm wondering - would you replace your bottles and sippy cups (if they're still in very good shape) if you were having another baby? We have Avent bottles, Nuby and Platex sippy cups, and Nuk and Soothie binkie/pacifiers.

I'm thinking it's all good to keep and use again. What do you think/know???

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if you are concerned about BPA then replace the bottles. Either way I would replace nipples b/c they get worn out. binkies - no need to replace unless they look worn IMHO. Sippy cups - the NUBY ones w/ silicone spout are BPA-free. don't know about the platex ones. congrats on #3 and good luck!!


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I think the concern about the problems with BPA and plastic bottles is that when you heat them above a certain temperature, it causes the bottles to break down and release the chemicals into the liquids in the bottles. We also have Avent bottles and plan on using them with baby #2. I just make sure I handwash the bottles instead of putting them in the dishwasher or the bottle sterilizer. A pain, I know. I did throw away all of the nipples and pacifiers from my first because they were cracked and worn. So I will buy new nipples and pacifiers. As long as yours aren't cracked, you could use those again. As far as the sippys go, I think those are perfectly fine. I have all Playtex cups and I always put those in the dishwasher. Good luck and congrats on #3!



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I would definitely replace them. Avent was one of the brands that was taking back bottles because of the BPA. Better safe than sorry.....


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Hello Mom on the go, I have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy, and they are about 5 years apart in age, well what I did when I had my last, shes 1 now, is I didnt throw the bottles away because there was nothing wrong with them, instead I just brought new nipples for the bottles and as for the sippy cups I ended up buying new plastic things for the inside part of the cup. Back then the bottles and sippy cups were'nt as expensive as they are now and if nothing is wrong with them then use them. Now I did sterilize them before I used them and you can do that by just boiling them in a clean pot of water, now I never used a pacifire but I would imagine that you can do the same thing? Well I hope I helped you on your decision, Congrat's and good luck!


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I would get new bottles, primarily because they are the Avent bottles that are made with BPA, plus they are old and probably were heated to the point where they released the toxin if you ever put them in the dishwasher. The older the plastic is and the more it's been heated the greater the risk, as I understand it. I wouldn't worry about sippies, as long as they aren't the clear hard plastic they don't have bpa anyway. Nipples and pacis are supposed to be replaced every 3 months anyway because the plastic gets worn.

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