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39 Weeks Pregnant, Teeth or Roots of Teeth Killing Me. Normal?

So, in the morning when I wake up my teeth are killing me. If I bite or eat anything they seem to be really sore. It's not the top part of the teeth (so not cavities or any dental work that is needed) it's almost like it's my roots or jaw. I know that you are supposed to go to the dentist, especially when you are prego, and I went about two months ago and got one cavity filled and everything else looked fine.
Anyone else ever experienced sore jaw or sensitive teeth in their pregnancy? DId it go away after you had the baby?


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OH MY GOODNESS!!! This exact same thing happened to me and I wondered if it was pregnancy!! It got better after I had the baby but it was still there. Now that my baby is 8 months old, I just noticed that it's almost completely GONE!! Yay!! Hang in there!! It does go away. =)

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I had throbbing pain and trouble chewing. I swore up and down I had a cavity and made an emergency dental appt. He took xrays, came in and told me I had a raging sinus infection. It hurt to touch my cheekbones and was most sensitive just after waking up and would throb when I tried to go to sleep.

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Yes its happened to me on my 2 pregnancies, start around 6 or 7 months and gets worse with the pregnancy getting to the end but after the baby is born I'm not sure if just stop by itself or I just don't put any more attention to my teeths .....
Try a sensitive dental paste maybe that will help you...

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Are your sinuses going nuts? Your jaw/teeth everything is connected back to the ears, head, etc. with your sinuses. Our sinuses usually go nuts with pregnancy, and your teeth, jaw will be more sensitive with sinus issues. Just a thought. My "teeth" always bother me with sinus issues now after pregnancy. So bad sometimes that it hurts to eat!

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It really sounds like you are clenching your teeth when you sleep. And because sleep gets kinda crazy while pregnant...mostly at the end you may have just started doing this. When people clench they wake with sore, sensitive teeth and a sore jaw. Like when you wake does it hurt to bite down? If so it's due to clenching. You can get a mouth guard made from your dentist or you can even buy them at the store. They are usually by the tooth brushes or sometimes by the sports med. stuff.

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Oh my gosh, so normal. I am 22 weeks pregnant with baby #4 and each pregnancy brought bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, and yes, some tooth pain when I bite. So annoying! The BEST advice I can offer is to make sure you are brushing as often as possible, floss daily, and I use Listerine mouth wash (Vanilla mint flavor ~ it's very refreshing and not as strong as some of the other listerines). I have also increased my calcium intake, in addition to my prenatal vitamins. My OB says it's fine for me to take more calcium. IF you plan to breastfeed, most definitely increase your calcium intake.

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If your not taking your viamins the baby could be pulling from you and one of the first things that get weaker are teeth...use sensodyne. See if that helps.

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Maybe you are grinding or clenching while you sleep?

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You can develop all sorts of weird things when you are pregnant, lol. I had a numb area in the front of my ear (below the temple and above the jaw joint-- JUST right in front of the ear opening itself). It would drive me crazy. Because part of it was numb, the area right around the numb area would itch. It appeared a few months into my pregnancy, then went away after delivery. I had the same thing with a 2nd pregnancy. It went away also.

I had really really bad carpal tunnel with the first pregnancy (I couldn't grip a hairbrush or tooth brush for my teeth for half an hour after I got up in the mornings). I don't recall it being as severe with the 2nd pregnancy, but I was really careful not to put my hands under the pillow when I slept the 2nd time around.

I didn't have any weird stuff happen with my teeth/jaw during my pregnancies. But AFTER them I had some funky pains that went away over time without any treatment. It was almost like the swelling and extra blood in my body during pregnancy applied some pressure to areas and then when that pressure let up, there was extra space that exposed nerves or something. Over time things went back to normal.

I'd ask your doctor about it and see what they say. It might be a side effect they hear about often. Or it could be a symptom of something to watch. Or it could simply be what another poster mentioned : are you clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth during your sleep?

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