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38 Weeks Pregnant Now and Baby Weighs 8 Lbs 14 Oz!!

Ok. Someone please say something encouraging. I am 38 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound today. My son now weighs 8 lbs 14 oz. I am having my scheduled csection on Jan 26th but I can't make it!! I hurt all over, even my fingers. All fluids look good but I am still miserable!! Someone tell me something good!

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Ok well I had a healthy baby boy weighing 9.2 lbs. They ultrasound was right on!!!

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Wow, you have lots of responses already, but I will give you my brief story. With my first, I was induced at 37 weeks due to "the size of the baby estimated to be 9 lbs + and her apparent huge head". This situation ended in a c-section, and a beautiful 7 pound baby girl arrived with a perfect small round head.... Those GUESSES they make need to be thrown in the toilet.

Good luck, You'll do great! The 26th is 7 days away!

The ultrasound is just a guess. They told my my oldest would be 10lbs and he was 8lbs 3oz, and told me my youngest son would be 12lbs and he was 9lbs even.

I had a super detailed, long ultrasound around 38 weeks and they said 11-12 pounds or something crazy. Doctor induced me and the baby was 9lbs. Don't focus on how big you think the baby is. They're likely wrong. You're almost there - just a week - so you'll make it.

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Congratulations on the upcomming delivery. I hope everything goes well.

They are never accurate. I have had 3 children all of which over 8 lbs and 9 oz natural. I also have scholiosis. If I can do it anyone can. That being said. I have heard all sorts of guesses to the weight of each of mine and when they were born no one was accurate. also with my last one I asked my OB to induce me early I could not take the contractions(oh forgot to mention I start faulse labors in the last 5 weeks, yes every day all day with each pregnancies) so I told him (Doctor) I could not do it and so he did he induced me at 39 wks with my 2nd child and at 37 weeks with my 3rd and everyone was big and healthy. They guessed my kids were all above 10 lbs by the way and 1st = 8lbs 11oz 2nd&3rd = 8lbs 9 oz. No one know what really is going on. The only thing I can tell you if you are extreemly uncomforatable then talk to him

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I'm so sorry they told you that. You can't go by the ultrasound weight. You'll make it - don't think about what they said - it's just too hard on you to think about it.

Finish up all your "nesting" and get some casseroles made and put in the freezer. Organize everything you can, start your baby book and get everything in there for "before the baby" that you want. Did you have a shower? Write your thank you notes! Get them in the mail, and list the gifts in your baby book. You will feel SO good after that's done!

If you haven't taken the tags off of all the clothes you received, that's a good thing. You might not need them all, or some might be too small, etc. If you have gift receipts for them, you could exchange them later for something larger or something you need. (Like having 12 receiving blankets, but you could really use something else you didn't get.) I'd leave them in the boxes, with the lids underneath, stacked up in the nursery closet.

Update your address book so you are ready to send out your announcements. In fact, you could go ahead and address your envelopes if you've already bought them.

So much to do - you'll be trying to finish up by the time you go into labor! There you go!

Best to you!

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At my 37 week appt I had an ultrasound for fetal distress, they estimated him at 8lbs 7oz, 2 hours later I had an unplanned c-section, he was 8lbs 4oz. They aren'y always off. With my second at 39 weeks they got her at 8lbs 8oz, she was born 9lbs 6oz the same day.

It will be ok! I delivered my son at 39 months and he weighed 8 lbs, 14 oz. He was perfectly healthy and there were no problems with the delivery.

Since he was big, it wasnt as scary when he dropped a little bit of weight right after he was born. He always seemed so sturdy!

Also - lots of times the ultra sounds are wrong. I had one a week before my daughter was born and it said she was 7lb 10oz and she ended up being 7lb, 3 oz.

Hang in there!

Hang in there, you can make it! When you are feeling miserable, just think about holding your son in your arms. It will all be worth it. Besides, as others have said, they aren't always very accurate with the baby's weight while using ultrasound, so he might not be that big.

If you want to put things in perspective... I wish my son had only been 8 lbs 14 oz. He weighed 11 lbs 6 oz. :-)

Best Wishes!!!

Agreed - my baby was estimated to be 7 1/2 lbs - but she only weighed 6 lbs 11 oz...which isn't too far off but still smaller than they said.

At 38 weeks I was told my son was close to 10 lbs. ~ he was 8 lbs 14 ozs when he was born. They are just estimating his weight. Don't worry :) Baby will come when ready ~ and it will be worth the wait!!!

The farther along you are, the less accurate those ultrasounds are. That's why they do them at 20 weeks along when there is plenty of room in there. At 38 weeks, there isn't much room and the US tech is pretty much guessing. I wouldn't be surprised if your baby even weighed under 8 lbs. Don't worry though, it will all end soon enough and you'll have a baby to celebrate! Everyone is miserable at the end. I'm at 36.5 weeks and can't wait to have #3:)

I was told at 34 weeks that my son was already 9 pounds. He was born at 40 weeks weighing 7.7 pounds. An my U/S tech was REALLY good. So the industry said.

Later US are notoriously inaccurate (both downwards as well as upwards). Since this is the case, I actually refuse to allow an US in the third trimester unless there is a medical reason.

I have vaginally birthed two kids 7lbs 6 oz and 8lbs 3oz and I am confident I could deliver a "larger" baby if that was the case. I am anxiously expecting our third and have refused a "final" US for this one as well.

I hope things went well for you (as today is the 27th)!

Please let us know what the final results were. :-)

My doctor informed me that my son was about 5 to 6 pounds. Turned out he was 8 lbs 10 oz at 38 weeks. The point is they never know! The last month is miserable but by now, your son is born and a new chapter begins! I hope you post how big he was! Good luck!

Ooooh I feel your pain. I had my son at 39 weeks and he was 9 lbs and Im 5'3. I was one huge, crabby sore mess! All I can say is hang in there! Only a week or two to go!!

I had an ultrasound at 35 weeks because I had preclampsia and was told my son weighed over 6 pounds. He was born 2 1/2 weeks later and weighed 5 pounds .07 ounces. I don't trust the ultrasounds :) You only have a little while to go and the longer your little one stays inside the better off he will be!

one week of misery for a lifetime of love! hang in there...you can make it and it will be soooo worth it!!!

Don't freak out about the size!!!!! I had a u/s at 37 weeks with my second son that estimated his weight to be around 8.5 lbs. I totally freaked out as they they said that if I went to term he would be at least a 10 pounder. Due to that - I elected to be induced at 39 weeks. Guess what his birth weight was - 8lbs 7oz!!!!!! So, the u/s was not accurate.

Good luck with the swelling mama, I know it is super uncomfortable. Just keep thinking about itty bitty baby fingers and toes that you will be playing with in about a week!

Well I know they arent accurate by ultrasound. My cousin had her 1st baby via c-section 2 days ago and according to u/s her baby would be 7lbs 6oz, her baby was 9lbs 13oz, hence the c-section. I just had an 8lb8oz baby a month ago and my doctor was stitching my up for over an hour! I had a fast and easy vaginal delivery though, so at least you wont be all torn up downstairs. I was extremely miserable this last pregnancy also, it comes as a package deal. Just think of what you will have in 1 week! A new baby!

You should ask about the margin of error and how much they overestimate at the radiologist's office. At 33 weeks, I was told my baby was already 6 pounds, which was 95th percentile for weight. When I asked about margin of error, I was told a pound in either direction. I was also told by my OB that the particular radiologist I saw always overestimates. They'd rather overestimate than underestimate.

Do you know your weight at birth? What about your partner's weight? I'd be more inclined to believe the estimate if you or your partner were on the bigger size. I was average weight at birth, as was my husband. It made no sense to me that I was going to have a big baby. There aren't any big babies in my family.

FYI, my daughter was born (vaginally) at 37.5 weeks and weighed 5#15oz. Hardly the 6 pound baby she was supposed to be 4.5 weeks before! I measured big because I had a lot of extra amniotic fluid.

Good luck! Stay calm!

All three of my kids measured over 10 lbs, more like 11-12 lbs; thankfully they were only little over 9 lbs. I have found out that most ultrasounds are off a bit...
Congrats early on your bundle of joy!!!

In every case where there was an ultrasound estimated weight, the weight was at least a pound less at birth. Good luck!

In one week you will be able to hold your sweet baby and all the discomfort and pain will be so worth it!!! Try to distract yourself and stay busy so you dont think about the pain so much!! you can do it!!!!

my Ultrasound for mine were accurate.
At 36 weeks they said my son weighed 7.5 lbs and he ended up weighing 9lb 4oz, at 9 days before due date.
um something good . . . oh yeah, my c section recover was MUCH better and faster than the vaginal delivery of my daughter that was a full lb lighter.

They said my baby was over 9 pound before he was born... they were a whole pound off!!! He ended up being 8 pounds, 1 oz.
Hang in there. You won't be pregnant forever! Bigger babies are more content anyway... so that is something good :-)

OMG!!! Ultrasounds are almost always wrong for weight!!! Please don't have major abdominal surgery - which PERMANENTLY ruins your core - because you think your baby is going to be big!! My #1 was 3 weeks early and they said she was already 8.5 lbs by the ultrasound. I was induced, it failed and was forced into a cesarean. She weighed 7# 11oz

Do you have pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes? I think the pain is from your stressing out about everything. Pregnancy and child birth are normal courses of life - why are you making it into a sickness? Your mind is very powerful, and what you THINK, your body becomes.

Think about how happy you are that you will soon be holding your baby in your arms... Start walking a bit every day to ease the pain from probably being too sedentary... Start going thru your baby things and getting your home ready for the new family member... make sure all loose ends are tied... etc. Don't stress on what a MACHINE told you, especially since the machine, the tech and the reader of the ultrasound are THREE ways to be wrong!

Cesareans aren't kiddie games. They are MAJOR surgery with extremely major side effects and possible death either from the surgery itself or the complications from the surgery. Perforated bowels can cause a body to become septic and go into shock and die in less than 48 hours. Most OBs and staff assume is it the wound pain, not a pain from the body getting sewage inside it. There are so many things that can go wrong... why not try to have a normal birth... where you move around, use gravity for you (sitting, kneeling, on all 4s etc) instead of against you (on your back, tied to the bed with IVs, epi's and continuous fetal monitoring)??

OBs are surgeons... they enjoy surgery and also get paid more if they do one. Many Doctors and Nurses aren't in it for the betterment of patients anymore... but damn that money they make looks good and gets them thru school dreaming about it. I just finished Nursing school and have been around Drs my whole life. I've heard it first hand.

I had a super detailed, long ultrasound around 38 weeks and they said 11-12 pounds or something crazy. Doctor induced me and the baby was 9lbs. Don't focus on how big you think the baby is. They're likely wrong. You're almost there - just a week - so you'll make it.

With my son, they told me he weighed 9 lbs 6 oz at my 41 week ultrasound. Pre-pregnancy, I was 120 lbs soaking wet, so i was totally freaked! He was born vaginally 8 lbs 6 oz, at 42 weeks. Ultrasounds are notoriously off. Don't worry too much!

Those aren't always right! I was told when I had an ultrasound at 37 weeks that my youngest weighed 8 lbs I delivered him 2 days later and he weighed 6 lbs. Oh and they told me I was no where near going into labor. Hahaha......my little man fooled everyone :)

The ultrasound is just a guess. My dr told me my son would be well over 8 lbs. He was born at 40 wks and 1 day naturally and only weighed 7 15. So that is really just a guess.
Are you having a c-section by choice or do you have a medical need? I would personally let your baby tell your body when he/she is ready not the other way around.

Tell me you had he or she already! Wow, my sons were 8 pounds 12 ounces and 9 pounds 3 ounces! ouch and I am not a very big person. Congratulations by now I guess!

You can do it!! I had a 8.1 lb baby back in July (4 weeks early) and my body felt like it was going to give out everyday. You're almost there, so hang on! FYI: I was 10 lbs 11 oz when I was born and my mom had a vaginal delivery. She was a stronger woman than me!

Well -maybe your baby weighs that. I've never heard of one weight estimate that was correct for a baby in utero though. Your baby is probably between 7 and 8 lbs, which is perfectly normal. In one week, the baby isn't going to be too much larger and you already know you're not going to have to push it out. You're at that stage where everyone hates being pregnant and you're huge and uncomfortable and done with it.Just think of all the women who have 9, 10, 11 and 12 lb babies at 40-42 weeks. UGH!

The ultrasound is just a guess. They told my my oldest would be 10lbs and he was 8lbs 3oz, and told me my youngest son would be 12lbs and he was 9lbs even.

Wow, you have lots of responses already, but I will give you my brief story. With my first, I was induced at 37 weeks due to "the size of the baby estimated to be 9 lbs + and her apparent huge head". This situation ended in a c-section, and a beautiful 7 pound baby girl arrived with a perfect small round head.... Those GUESSES they make need to be thrown in the toilet.

Good luck, You'll do great! The 26th is 7 days away!

That's just an estimate based on the dimensions of the ultrasound. Both of my kids have measured about 1.5lbs bigger than they were actually born. Don't panic! He's probably closer to 7lbs.

Hang in there mama. The end is the worst!

Well, with my son, my 2nd child, I had a planned c-section at 38 weeks.
My son, was then born at over 8 pounds and 21" long.
I was uncomfortable too, people thought I had twins in my tummy.
I made it.

You don't have much longer to go....
have you talked to your OB/GYN?
See what he/she says....

my ultrasound tech told me yesterday when I went to get my baby's weight checked that at this stage, their weight estimates can be off by a pound (meaning he could actually be closer to 7lbs 14 oz.). I don't know if that actually helps you feel better, but it's what she said! I'm 37 weeks and baby measured at 6lbs 13oz and she said he could gain about a pound a week now. I hate to see what size baby I might have to push out eventually lol Also, I think the last four weeks are just miserable, cause I'm miserable and achey and everything too and he's not measuring as big as yours.

Oh and when I was born, I was apparently 10lbs 7oz, so it could be worse lol At least he'll be here soon!

I would say to do your best to relax and stay comfortable and enjoy the next week, get as much sleep as you can because come next week that will all change! You can do it, you are in the home stretch!

Well, I was told my son was "about 8lbs" when i delivered him vaginally 3 days later, he was 10lbs 3oz and 22inches long. I didn't do any epidurals or anything, and though it was still labor, all was great. My daughter I was told was "getting big" and they wanted to induce me, I did not go with that, as I thought they had my due date to early, and I knew she felt smaller than my son did. She was born at 8lbs 4oz, and 21 inches long, and was a much more difficult delivery. Upon her arrival, they said she was 2 weeks early, good thing i didn't let them induce, or she would have been 1 month early! The point to that story is that the size of` my kids had nothing to do with how easily they were born. At 38wks pregnant, I think most people are miserable, I was with both of mine. Don't let the size scare you, and you will be fine!! You can do this :)

I know its hard being big and uncomfortable... been there! Ultrasounds can be wrong... a lot of people say they usually over-estimate. Not to scare you, but mine under estimated...They thought the baby was going to be 10lbs 4 oz ( i had a scheduled section because of the size, and she ended up coming 3 days before that, the day after the ultrasound!) and my baby was actually 11lbs 13 oz.

I complained of being very uncomfortable right around the 30 week mark, and had to hold on until 40 weeks, 5 days. The only words I can offer are : Relax as much as possible ( not sure if you have to work or have others to care for ) When you find a comfortable position, try to stay in it as long as possible! Drink lots of water, try to go on short walks if thats all you can muster. Keep your feet elevated, and take a nice bath from time to time. Lie down and put on some soft music and just focus on breathing and almost meditate. I know it sounds crazy, but it did work for me. Good Luck and try to stay positive and know that a beautiful baby is waiting to meet you!!

You can do it!! I went 38 weeks with my twins, and one weighed 8 lbs 7oz, and his brother was 7lbs 13 oz (yep, that's 16 pounds of baby!!!). I thought I was done early on, but my body kept on going. Hang in there. You are almost done, and your little one will be nice and healthy (and should start sleeping through the night sooner due to the big size!).

I actually asked at one of my ultrasounds how accurate the measurements and the Doctor told me that they could estaimte usually within a pound. There is a big difference between the estimated weight and the real weight usually. Just try to relax and stay calm.

You can do it! The longer he stays in there, the better he will sleep and his lungs will develop that much more. Take an epsom salt bath - if you stuck in your small bathtub like I did (!!!), go to a friend's or neighbor's house where they have a bigger bathtub. Hang in there! Order up the first season of Glee or all six seasons of Lost on DVD and start watching - it'll take your mind off your aching body for a short time at least. In a few weeks, these last long days will be a distant memory.

as far as weight they can be up to a pound and a half either way, not incuranging in that he could really be 9-10lbs lol but I don't imagine the baby will be They were never close with any of my three. As far as how you feel, I am sorry I know it is not easy, I had too much fluid with my last, a 8 lb baby and thought I was going to burst, but soon it will be over. I was so swollen all over I thought my body was going to explode. The good news in the baby has to come out soon he wont be in there forever and you will get to hold him! Congrats and enjoy your new bundle when he arrives :)

Hey there...I know how very incomfortable being at the end of the pregnancy. Everything hurts. It is so important that the baby stay in as long as possible. Try to do what you can to relax and ask for help. I can tell you that they had my baby estimated around 8 lbs 14 0z the last ultrasound before I had her. Due to size and rising blood pressure I was induced. Ended having a c section...she weighed 7 lbs 15 oz.

Oh honey, hang in there. I feel for your situation but, each day that the baby is inside of mama is best. Dont put huge emphasis on ultrasound weight. They told me my son was 9 Lbs and 1oz. around 38-39 weeks. He was born 3 days past due and only weighed 7Lbs. 10 Ozs.
You can do this, take it one day at a time..You are a Strong, Beautiful Woman!!!! Girl Power. haha

I don't trust the estimates one bit. I was told with both of my kids that they were small. Well, I don't consider 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 8 lbs. 15 oz. to be small! Another friend was told she was having a big baby and hers was around 7 lbs. They're just guessing.

I remember feeling miserable and SO ready to be done. Hang in there! You just have one more week to go.

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