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38 Weeks Pregnant Now and Baby Weighs 8 Lbs 14 Oz!!

Ok. Someone please say something encouraging. I am 38 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound today. My son now weighs 8 lbs 14 oz. I am having my scheduled csection on Jan 26th but I can't make it!! I hurt all over, even my fingers. All fluids look good but I am still miserable!! Someone tell me something good!

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Ok well I had a healthy baby boy weighing 9.2 lbs. They ultrasound was right on!!!

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Wow, you have lots of responses already, but I will give you my brief story. With my first, I was induced at 37 weeks due to "the size of the baby estimated to be 9 lbs + and her apparent huge head". This situation ended in a c-section, and a beautiful 7 pound baby girl arrived with a perfect small round head.... Those GUESSES they make need to be thrown in the toilet.

Good luck, You'll do great! The 26th is 7 days away!

The ultrasound is just a guess. They told my my oldest would be 10lbs and he was 8lbs 3oz, and told me my youngest son would be 12lbs and he was 9lbs even.

I had a super detailed, long ultrasound around 38 weeks and they said 11-12 pounds or something crazy. Doctor induced me and the baby was 9lbs. Don't focus on how big you think the baby is. They're likely wrong. You're almost there - just a week - so you'll make it.

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Congratulations on the upcomming delivery. I hope everything goes well.

They are never accurate. I have had 3 children all of which over 8 lbs and 9 oz natural. I also have scholiosis. If I can do it anyone can. That being said. I have heard all sorts of guesses to the weight of each of mine and when they were born no one was accurate. also with my last one I asked my OB to induce me early I could not take the contractions(oh forgot to mention I start faulse labors in the last 5 weeks, yes every day all day with each pregnancies) so I told him (Doctor) I could not do it and so he did he induced me at 39 wks with my 2nd child and at 37 weeks with my 3rd and everyone was big and healthy. They guessed my kids were all above 10 lbs by the way and 1st = 8lbs 11oz 2nd&3rd = 8lbs 9 oz. No one know what really is going on. The only thing I can tell you if you are extreemly uncomforatable then talk to him

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I'm so sorry they told you that. You can't go by the ultrasound weight. You'll make it - don't think about what they said - it's just too hard on you to think about it.

Finish up all your "nesting" and get some casseroles made and put in the freezer. Organize everything you can, start your baby book and get everything in there for "before the baby" that you want. Did you have a shower? Write your thank you notes! Get them in the mail, and list the gifts in your baby book. You will feel SO good after that's done!

If you haven't taken the tags off of all the clothes you received, that's a good thing. You might not need them all, or some might be too small, etc. If you have gift receipts for them, you could exchange them later for something larger or something you need. (Like having 12 receiving blankets, but you could really use something else you didn't get.) I'd leave them in the boxes, with the lids underneath, stacked up in the nursery closet.

Update your address book so you are ready to send out your announcements. In fact, you could go ahead and address your envelopes if you've already bought them.

So much to do - you'll be trying to finish up by the time you go into labor! There you go!

Best to you!

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At my 37 week appt I had an ultrasound for fetal distress, they estimated him at 8lbs 7oz, 2 hours later I had an unplanned c-section, he was 8lbs 4oz. They aren'y always off. With my second at 39 weeks they got her at 8lbs 8oz, she was born 9lbs 6oz the same day.

It will be ok! I delivered my son at 39 months and he weighed 8 lbs, 14 oz. He was perfectly healthy and there were no problems with the delivery.

Since he was big, it wasnt as scary when he dropped a little bit of weight right after he was born. He always seemed so sturdy!

Also - lots of times the ultra sounds are wrong. I had one a week before my daughter was born and it said she was 7lb 10oz and she ended up being 7lb, 3 oz.

Hang in there!

Hang in there, you can make it! When you are feeling miserable, just think about holding your son in your arms. It will all be worth it. Besides, as others have said, they aren't always very accurate with the baby's weight while using ultrasound, so he might not be that big.

If you want to put things in perspective... I wish my son had only been 8 lbs 14 oz. He weighed 11 lbs 6 oz. :-)

Best Wishes!!!

Agreed - my baby was estimated to be 7 1/2 lbs - but she only weighed 6 lbs 11 oz...which isn't too far off but still smaller than they said.

At 38 weeks I was told my son was close to 10 lbs. ~ he was 8 lbs 14 ozs when he was born. They are just estimating his weight. Don't worry :) Baby will come when ready ~ and it will be worth the wait!!!

The farther along you are, the less accurate those ultrasounds are. That's why they do them at 20 weeks along when there is plenty of room in there. At 38 weeks, there isn't much room and the US tech is pretty much guessing. I wouldn't be surprised if your baby even weighed under 8 lbs. Don't worry though, it will all end soon enough and you'll have a baby to celebrate! Everyone is miserable at the end. I'm at 36.5 weeks and can't wait to have #3:)

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