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38 Weeks Pregnant

I am 38 weeks pregnant this week and was looking for advice or stories. I delivered my son at 38 weeks and everything went just fine. My water broke at work and we went to the hospital and was admitted. I am afraid that I'll have to actually watch the clock and count contractions and not know when to leave for the hospital. I've got about a 30-45 min drive because of the detour at 50 & 470. I've heard that your 2nd comes in about 1/2 the time as the 1st one did and my labor was 9 hrs from the time my water broke. I wasn't even having any contractions til we got further towards the hospital.
Also, my OB has already scheduled to induce me on the 24th, 3 days before my EDD. I've heard awful stories about being induced and would really like her to be born on her own before that. I'm looking for helpful ideas like...walking, sex, spicy food, massage, etc to help things along naturally. Thank you.
p.s. I was 50% effaced on July 31st but wasn't checked internally last week.

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My daughter is due the same day you are and her doctor just won't cooperate with an induction LOL! She's walking on the treadmill a lot. I did some research and just don't feel comfortable with anything that would make this happen without it happening naturally. For instance, there is nipple stimulation. It's supposed to work. But it can cause the contractions to be hard enough to cause the baby to go into stress. There's herbs. But herbs really are meds that just are not regulated. I don't feel comfortable because I have read about bad outcomes.

Mostly, I just suggest you walk like crazy. The more you walk the faster you should dilate. How about you head to the hospital as soon as you think you are having real labor. Go ahead and let them check you. Then, if you are not dilated to a 4, just walk around the hospital halls as an outpatient while timing contractions. If you are in labor you will be getting closer and longer contractions. This way you are laboring right there and you can't make a mistake and wait too long.


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Hi J.!
I was anxious to get our little one out, too, so I did some research online as my due date got closer. I'm not sure what did it, but I ended up going early! I remember getting a fresh pineapple from the farmer's market, cutting it up, and eating almost the whole thing. Sex, too, and I walked on the treadmill. I even walked 20 minutes the day I was in labor (I didn't realize it was the real thing - I'd been having Braxton-Hicks for 4 weeks.) I think that sped things along pretty well! Once I spotted and realized this was the real thing, our daughter was born 5 hours later. I tried spicy food, but I had eaten it all through the pregnancy, so I don't think the baby minded it. I still think the pineapple did it!

I was not induced, but I've heard the horror stories of the women who have been. I would not recommend it unless the baby or you is at risk, especially before your expected due date. That just doesn't seem to make sense. Wish you the best!

My second labor was only a little shorter than my first, so remember that each person is different.
Something that worked for my first to get him to come out... my doctor stripped the membrane to get things moving along. Less than 24 hours later, I was holding my son in my arms. With my second, he was born 4 days before his due date. Again, each person is different, but most of the second and third children seem to come a little earlier.

Good luck!

I just wanted to share something I've just read with you. I am also expecting (33 weeks along) and have been reading lots of books about birth, etc. I just read something I thought was interesting...that the 40 week time frame that is given as the norm for length of pregnancy is completely arbitrary. It was established by a German obstetrician in the early 1800's. He simply declared that a pregnancy should last ten moon months (ten months of 4 weeks each). However, when researchers in a 1990 study followed a group of healthy women they discovered that pregnancy in first-time monthers averaged 8 days longer than this, and the average was 3 days longer in women with prior births. The actual due date should fall within a 10 day window.

Anyway, if you don't feel comfortable being induced - you don't have to agree to it. Especially before your due date. I've heard of lots of doctors that don't even start with that until 42 weeks. I would think that you could talk to your doctor about feeling uncomfortable with that scenerio and your desire to wait and see if you go into labor on your own. I also had my son at 38 weeks, but with this pregnancy I don't plan on agreeing to any interventions unless or until there is a real need for it. I have also heard of personal stories about friends/family members being induced who had less than positive experiences. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you will be allowed to go into labor on your own, as you desire.

RELAX!! easy to say, but it's the best thing you can do right now!

There is nothing evil about induction...all 3 of mine were induced due to a lack of progress during the active stages of labor & as a result of the baby's heart rate dropping. With my first two children, I used an epidural. With my youngest, I chose natural.

As for length of labor, #1 was 21 hours, #2 was 15 hours, & #3 was also 15 hours. My drive ranged from 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours! It can be done....& is done quite often.

Soooo, stop worrying & relax!! I wish you a safe delivery!

I was only in labor for 4 hours with my daugher, start to finish! So I was soooooo scared, half the time of that and I lived about 30 minutes from my hospital. But with my son I was in labor for 3 1/2 hours, start to finish. So not really half the time. You know your body and you will know when it is time to go and if it takes that long if you have the thought that this might be it then head over there, if the car ride does not get you going and you get there and decide no before you go in, then go home. Better a short ride in the car than to be too late! :)

I have 8 children, grown now, so in my day things were different. There were very few doctors who induced routinely. Now many do just because they decide to do it. I, personally, would not go that way. One daughter did with one of hers and said she'd never do that way by choice again. I do know that each pregnancy is different and your body changes and all of mine were born in about the same time except the 5th and maybe I just stayed home a bit longer with him since I had little pain to begin with. My 8th was the longest over due and not fast at all. I would be prepared to get there faster but you may not have that happen at all. Just live as if it's a pregnancy like any other and plan to be ready to go when you need to because you don't know. It could go either way.

Your Ob wants to induce you why is there a medical reason?You can cancel your induction if you want to.I would ask why you want to induce me.I have 3 children and refused each time to be induced before their due date.I told my OB it's not time there is no medical reason to be induced i'm haveing my baby naturally as possible.And that was it.Now for labor and delivery I was told to head to the hospital ASAP whenever I felt the contrations.My son was 6hrs total labor and delivery 3 pushes and I was done, daughter 45 min. 5 min of pushing, daughter barely made it to the L&D she was born from the time I left till I had her all in 30 min.With eachone I walked no sex it was to uncomfotable also shopping is good too.If you are having contrations and are unable to sit stand get comfortable head to the hospital this far along it could actually be labor even if its the beginning of it you maybe far enough along to stay in the hospital with help of Peticion to help your contrations get closer and stronger.Good Luck

well I'd like to say that unless you want to be induced your doctor has no right to schedule a inducement unless your past your due date by 2 weeks. also obviously your doctor isn't doing the job right since as a far as I knew and certainly at my doctor office that in the last month weekly internal examines are the normal.

do the keegle(however you spell it) exercises sometimes that may help. But mostly I would walk when you can and nipple stimulation can help too. As for when to go to the hospital I would go once the contractions started getting really long. I was barely dialated to a 6 but yet my contractions were lasting 3 minutes long and bout a min apart.

but then again I only have one girl so far. so not sure how a second pregnancy will go for me. I had 23 hrs of labor from start to birth.

J., I am so excited for you! Birth is always something that fills women with a bit of worry. I have had to be induced 3 times and honestly each time was different. I wish I could tell you not to worry but you probably still will = ) I would not want to do my first delivery again, but they have made a lot of advances in inducing. My second baby was much much easier, the worst part was the contractions after I was given potocin as this made the contractions not build but just be hard contraction on top of hard contraction...once I transitioned into being able to push it was great and being the second baby it was a very short time from you can push to holding my daughter. Try and be positive = ) ((hugs)) this is an amazing time! My third baby, again the potocin makes contractions a bit harder but that third little guy was out in two pushes! I hope you can lay some of your fears to rest, having someone there you love with you that you know will help you through, and having a doctor you trust help a lot. I wish you a healthy happy baby and a great birthing experience

I agree with those who say not to induce unless medically neccessary. Drs. like too induce so that they do not have to deliver babies on their day off. It is true. My sister in laws doctor told her, her baby was measuring 10 lb so she need to deliver by July 3rd ans induced her on July 2nd. The baby was less then 8 lbs and the doctor got to go away for the 4th of July.

I have three boys all delivered a different way. I don't want to scare you but induction is the worst. Basiclly if you take the pain of the last half hour or so of natural labor that is what it is like for the entire 15-20 hours of labor. I was induced with my first so the other two seemed like nothing.

As for putting yourself in labor. Lifting heavy thinks helps. I carried my 5 year old to bed and the next morning woke up in labor. My friend went bowling one night and went into labor the next morning. Sex is suppose to help to because your body releases the same hormones it does in labor and semen contains another homone that helps.

Hi J., I was just wondering but why does your doctor want to induce you? If it's not for a good reason then I see no point in doing it but if you haven to be induced as long as they do it right then it's not bad. I was induced with my first ( for medical reason's) and I'm so gald I was cause when he came out he weighed 9lbs.13oz. I don't even want to think about how much he would have weighed if I wasn't induced! LOL! I just want you to know that being induced is not bad but if you don't feel comfortable with it then you should tell your doctor. Congrats on your little one and God Bless You!


Congrats on your little one to be (and I admit I'm jealous because I'm only 35.5 weeks along!!). I was induced with my first and it was a great experience. I've heard horror stories about being induced as well so I thought I'd share my good story!

At 38 weeks, the protein in my urine, combined with my swelling and blood pressure was a cause for concern so the doc had me go to the hospital for a non-stress test (2 hours). Everything was good but I was put on modified bed rest for 2 days, told to pee in a container I kept for those 48 hours then come back. I went back 2 days later and was told everything was still slightly elevated, so my doctor wanted to induce me at 39 weeks. I said great!!

I got to the hospital around 6:30 on the day of induction. I was admitted and they started pitocin. Around 730 the doc came in and broke my water. Contractions started around 8 amd and went until around 11 am. They were mild, then getting worse so I decided to get an epidural. After the epi, everything was smooth sailing until around 130 pm. I was ready to push. I pushed for about an hour (I think it took this long partly becuase I felt NOTHING so I don't know that I was pushing in the right places all the time). I did get sick when pushing and threw up and had to wear an oxygen mask during the last 10-15 minutes. But all in all, my labor was around 7 hours long and no pain other than the initial contractions!! I asked my doc if I'd be induced again and he said it all depends on my protein levels, blood pressure, etc. What I liked about it was I could plan everything else around it (work, having the house clean, telling everyone when I was going to the hospital, etc). What I didn't like was that it wasn't spontaneous, which I always kinda wanted. But then I heard most women's waters don't even break (only like 15-25% of women's do it on their own) so all in all, I was happy with it!

As far as going into labor on your own, I've heard spicy food, long walks, sex, nipple stimulation and pineapple. Never hurts to try those things while waiting!!

I don't know about subsequent children coming faster as I have had 7. They all came at about 8hours give and take a bit. The fastest was the emergency c-section of my last one. My first two and the last one broke their waters but the rest didn't. My middle 4 were all induced. I have never found it to be as horrible as so many say. I am sure all will go well regardless if she comes on her own or if she has help. Best wishes.


I am a mother of 5 and was never induced with any of them. I think doctors get a little carried away with wanting to induce and the fact is that when that baby is ready she will come out! Never heard of anyone who was pregnant that DID NOT deliver, LOL! I know there are times when it is necessary, but if not tell the doctor NO! It's your baby and your body! My daughter-in-law was induced and our granddaughter had to be born C-Section. When she was moving down her forhead got against moms pelvic bone and that was it, she wasn't moving and they could not turn her!!

As far as labor, each of mine was shorter which was fine with me! My fourth pregnancy, I would have had my son at home if not for the doctors appt that day - however, due to being kicked 3 weeks before my due date my youngest was born emergency C-Section! So you never have any guarantees.

Walking is always good for you, especially when getting ready to have a baby. Sex is something doctors have said for a long time that will help start labor.

I hope things go well for you and don't be afraid to tell your doctor NO on being induced!! It is your body and your baby! I would want to know his or her reasons - medical problem, high blood pressure, what is the reason to induce!

To speed along labor or to begin labor, like, tomorrow.... pour some castor oil into a glass of your favorite drink. It is pretty stout but it worked for me. Drink it all up, go to bed, and in up to two days you will be in labor. This is an old wives remedy. It works for some, not for others and it is safe.

Hi J.!

I never understand why people have to tell pregnant women horror stories...as if we don't have enough to worry about!!

I am with the poster's that have said NOT to rush the induction...unless there is a MEDICAL reason to, WHY do it? My Dr with my first child told me I would have to be induced, because I was not showing any signs of being ready...then she was born 3 days before my due date...my dr didn't believe it when the hospital called him. I was induced with my 2nd child, but she was over a week late...go figure!! It REALLY was not bad at all, but I would hold out and make sure that it really has to be done. Each pregancy and delivery is unique...you just never know.

Whatever happens, I wish you an EASY delivery and much joy and happiness with your little one!

Good Morning J., Congratulations on your upcoming new little Princess. Not all 2nd children come quicker, just seems that way at times. When your contractions start coming maybe every 10 minutes lasting about 30- 45sec to one minute in duration that is a good time to high tail it to Hospital. ;)
Why does she want you induced? Is she planning a vacation or something :) my Dr. told me not to have our son during Super Bowl......lol
When your induced somehow it seems (we were told) it slows down labor some. Walking does help get labor going as does Sex... One Doctor told our daughter in law to have a warm bath then have sex. Personally I didn't want anyone touching me with our first son. The week before he was born I felt like I had bull nettle (Field stickers) all over my body, rash under my skin. Touching me was painful and very irritating.
I was allergic to him at that point. Labor started and the rash and irritation went away. Thank you Jesus!!

They broke my water with our first son, he was born like 3 hours later. Our second son broke my water on the way out. ;)

So if you can tolerate intimacy, go for it. It won't hurt your baby daughter at all. Certainly will make dad happy for a while too....lol

God Bless you with a Wonderful relaxing delivery, and a very precious healthy little Princess
Take some good relaxation music with you!!
K. Nana of 5

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