37 Weeks Pregnant and Having Pain

Updated on April 14, 2011
J.L. asks from Aubrey, TX
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Okay Moms, I am 37 weeks pregnant and experiencing some serious pain in my lower regions : ) It's like the front of my pubic bone, really low down. It's not underneath or "between my legs" but more on the front of my pubic bone. It subsides when I am sitting down but if I stand and walk it is almost unbearable (and I have a pretty high pain tolerance). Has anyone experienced this?

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It doesn't sound like labor at all, but you might still want to call doctor. It sounds like your baby has dropped, which usually happens about this time. It does hurt. I'm due next Wed, and I can barely get around because of that same pain . . .or at least it sounds the same. Good luck and congratulations!!!



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It's not unusual for your pubic bone to shift out of correct position, especially towards the end of pregnancy. Seeing a chiropractor can make a huge difference! My favorite ones are at www.family-wellness.com.


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yes i feel like that the same things doctor said is normal pain



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Your pubic bone has a joint right where you are describing your pain. Throughout your pregnancy, and especially towards the end, your joints loosen to prepare for birth. You are likely feeling pain because your pubic bone is starting to separate. But, of course, talk to your doctor :-)



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Congrats! I too have a son and another due May 27th so we are pretty close on due dates!! My first I had NO issues at all. This one has been a really crazy pregnancy with tiredness, pains, etc. Anyway, luckily my hubby is a nurse and can tell me all the things I am going through. Your pain is likely the baby dropping (called lightening). Around 35-37 weeks the baby will drop lower in the pelvis and that is where the pain is likely coming from. I get it too and it has been REALLY uncomfortable. Like you, I have a high tolerance for pain. Went for my 37 week check up today and the doc confirmed that I had dropped since last week and that hubby's prediction of the pain was correct! hope that helps! Congrats again and hang in there! Just a couple more weeks!

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