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3.5 Y/o Toddler with Bad Breath

Hello ladies,
My 3.5 y/o daughter has a constant bad breath that really bother me. We brush her teeth twice daily, floss her, clean her tongue. We thought that because of dry mouth, so we give her lots of water... and she still has the problem. Any suggestions?

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We went to the ENT. My daughter ended up with tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy because they had been chronically infected badly and every large... almost block her airway. After the surgery, the problems were gone. No more bad breath, no more snoring..... Should trust my instinct a while back instead of listening to our pedi. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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Take her to an ENT (Ear, Nose/Throat) doctor. My granddaughter had the exact same thing - it was tonsils/adnoids/allergies, etc.etc.etc.

Wish we'd done it when she was 3 instead of waiting until she was 7!

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I have just a few question first. Is it a fruity smelling bad breath or is it gross smelling? Also are there any other symptoms like, excess thirst, excess peeing, anything like that? Here is why I ask. There are some medical issues that the smell of your breath can signal. A fruity smelling (aka really sweet smelling, like burnt sugar) can signal problems with blood sugars. Really acidy smelling (aka. like vomit or bile) can signal problems with reflux or indigestion. If any of this is making sense you need to see your pediatrician. I also would recomend seeing them anyway. It could be a sinus infection as well. I wish you the best of luck.

I was interested in seeing what kind of responses you received. I have a 3 year old boy and his breath smells like poop (sorry so graphic but it is true).

We brush, floss and I have even let him use mouthwash (careful not to let him swallow it) and it stinks to high heaven! His Dr. didn’t seem concerned since he appears to be very healthy.

Don’t Know… Good Luck!

My niece recently started having bad breath. Then she was complaining about not being able to breath very well. So my sister suspected somthing was stuck in her nose. She took her to the Dr. and there was something stuck up there that smelled REALLY bad. YUCK! This may not be your daughters problem, but worth checking out.

I don't know what kind of toothpaste you are using, but my daughters dentist the other day said he is having a problem with kids using the Watermelon flavored toothpaste. He said that a bunch of kids are coming in complaining of bad breath. The watermelon seems to be the culprit, he says that strawberry and all other flavors are ok.

Maybe that will help??

Have her sinuses checked. My 3 y/o did the same thing and he had a chronic sinus infection.

Some people, even kids, have larger crevises (sp) in the back of their throats, like around their tonsels, and food can catch in those places. I myself have this problem and it's horriable. Soemtimes when I sneeze, some will get pushed out and it gross, and smells REALLY bad. I haven't really found a treatment for it, other than sometimes I dig in my throat to get some of it out. I swish mouth wash a lot and brush the teeth. But I usually always have gum on me.

could also be what she is eating. garlicy foods or onions can give a bad odor or just ask your pediatrician. could be something much more severe.

Take her to an ENT (Ear, Nose/Throat) doctor. My granddaughter had the exact same thing - it was tonsils/adnoids/allergies, etc.etc.etc.

Wish we'd done it when she was 3 instead of waiting until she was 7!

start at looking into allergies or acid reflux! Both can cause bad breath and both can get serious when infection arises (which will make bad breath even worse)!

Good luck!

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