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35 Weeks Pregnant with a Rash on My Belly

I will be 35 weeks on Thursday and I have developed a rash over my entire belly. I called my Dr.'s office and talked to the assistant and they said that a lot of women get this rash in the end of their third trimester. She also said it wouldn’t go away until I deliver the baby. Has anyone had this rash before? If so what can I do to make it stop itching? She also mentioned that some women get it around their hands and elbows. Im not sure what causes it so any insight will be helpful.

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Thanks everyone! I am going to try a couple of the helpful tips given. However it seems from most of the responses the only cure is to wait until I deliver. I will say that the heat and stress tend to make it itch more, so I will try to avoid both as much as possible. Thanks for all your help.


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Does it itch? I actually got a rash right after I delivered that itched really, really bad. My OB said it was PUPPS. I used cortisone cream to help with the itching and it eventually went away.

I was diagnosed with PUPPs over the phone. Thank goodness it wasn't that! But, the itching nearly made me insane. I did take baths in Aveeno oatmeal stuff. Oatmeal is supposed to help. Whatever. I didn't want temporary relief. I wanted it to stop. Pregnancy is hard enough without a huge rash. So, my dr. prescriped a topical steroid. I hope it is not PUPPs. good luck!

I had this also and Gold Bond Medicated lotion was helpful. I used the one in the green bottle...good luck...it was miserable!

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I had this with my last pregnancy and it was MISERABLE! There is a website called www.itchymoms.com that I found with info about liver support supplements. I started drinking nettle tea and taking a combo of milk thistle and dandelion root and the rash went away within a week. I am pregnant again and taking dandelion root capsules every day to prevent this from happening again ~ this was a suggestion by my midwife. So far so good!! If I were you I would just research how PUPPS relates to the liver and then do what you can to support your liver until you birth. Good luck!

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Are you using heavy duty lotions? Cocoa butter?
I had a rash on my legs so I don't think it is the same thing, but I got the notion that I could stop stretch marks with cocoa butter. I clogged my pores causing a rash. Stopping the lotion stopped the rash.

I had it too. Not fun and it makes you absolutely miserable. It started on my belly when I was pregnant about a week before I had my baby girl. Then, turned into a full body rash from head to toe after I had her. My dr. just did not understand how miserable I was. The only relief I got was when I had my epidural. It did last about a week after I had her.

When I had my last child, I did not have the rash until after I had my son. It started on my belly again but this time was only around the belly and butt area. Thank you Lord, that it was not head to toe.

My dr. prescribed a prescription strength Benedrayl for me. It would knock me out, but it was much better than itching. I also took cold showers, and pretty much stayed undressed besides underwear and bra and layed on the bed under a fan all day. Clothes were too uncomfortable and made me too hot. I hope you don't get the full body rash. Good luck with your delivery!

I was diagnosed with PUPPs over the phone. Thank goodness it wasn't that! But, the itching nearly made me insane. I did take baths in Aveeno oatmeal stuff. Oatmeal is supposed to help. Whatever. I didn't want temporary relief. I wanted it to stop. Pregnancy is hard enough without a huge rash. So, my dr. prescriped a topical steroid. I hope it is not PUPPs. good luck!

i guess you could call what i got a rash...it hurt really bad. mine was on my feet and hands, arms, and some what on my belly. i took benedryl or however you spell it. not a lot but some. it made it help and the only thing i could do was to rub lotion and aloe vera on it. i know that sounds crazy but the cold helped my itching. also, try a cold rag. good luck!!!!

When I was pregnant with my twins this happened. Do not use any lotion that has a fragrance. Use a mild lotion and I used cortizone cream. They are right, it will not go away until you deliver. Good luck and take care. A. Herrmann

Warning-PLEASE READ. Sounds like PUPP. My SIL had it in her last trimester. The doc had her see a dermatologist first but the cream did not help. She then started on steroids and the rash did subside. They say that it doesn't affect the baby; HOWEVER, my neice was born 3 weeks early and was barely 6 lbs then lost weight etc. It was a struggle so I would stay away from the steriods if you can bear it. Good luck, and look on the bright side, your due date will be here before you know it!

Does it itch? I actually got a rash right after I delivered that itched really, really bad. My OB said it was PUPPS. I used cortisone cream to help with the itching and it eventually went away.

this happened to me too. the doctor said there was nothing to do... made me so mad! twenty six years later i would suggest trying boudreaux's butt paste found at wal-mart in the baby lotion/oil section. good luck.

I also had the dreaded PUPPS... I had it on my belly, my thighs and the inside of my upper arms. My OBGYN referred me to a dermatologist who actually prescribed me Zyrtec which did help a little. I was a little apprehensive about taking medication but it was a light dose and I only took it when I really felt I needed it. Read about it online and I'm sure you'll find a lot of tips. Good Luck!

My rash started around 23 weeks....my doc said I could just use OTC cortizone cream. It worked like a charm! My doc said the same thing as yours, that it wouldn't go away until you deliver. But mine actually did! Good luck to you.

Oh man! I got the same thing when I was pregnant. It is PUPPs and it itches like crazy. I tried EVERY OTC lotion and spray and NOTHING helped. I got it all over my body...my legs, feet...in between my toes...the soles of my feet. It was the worst thing ever. Man, I am starting to itch just typing about it! I so feel your pain. I scratched and scratched until I bled. It was so painful. I really hope you are able to find relief. I took oatmeal baths and that helped a little bit but when I got out of the tub, it would start itching again. My ob prescribed steroids...low dose. It did nothing for me. NOTHING!! It went away about 2 weeks after the baby was born. I feel so bad for you. I am so sorry.

Oatmeal baths and lots of cream! Congratulations on your little one :)

I know that this probably doesn't help, but I am 33 weeks pregnant and I just got the same thing. I am due to go to the doctor next week and was going to ask. It is strange because mine just came out of nowhere and is more prevalent in the middle of my belly! I am glad to know that I am not the only one out there with this weird rash. I didn't have it with either of my other two pregnancies. I am just praying it goes away after delivery! Good luck!

About 100 years ago when I was preg with my first I developed a rash on my belly, chest and thighs. The docotr I saw had a long complicated name for it but said it is most commonly called neck to knee disease. It is just that a rash. He gave me a prescription cream to rub over the entire rash to help with the itching and it was gone in about 2 weeks. Ask your doctor about a cream if it is itching really bad like mine did or try my favorite rash cream in the world Balmex creamy not the clear good luck you are almost there.

Oh my... The dreaded PuPPs rash.

Yep, been there, done that. My ob finally put me on an anti-itch steroid because I wasn't able to sleep for itching so much. That was 7 years ago and my daughter is very healthy!

Good luck.

I had the same thing with both of my pregnancies. I used Cort-Aid or the generic from Target or Walgreen's. I had it on my stomach (lower) and on my breasts. It is very annoying. The Cortisone cream should be fine since you are so far along. I used it and my kids are 20 and 25 and they are both very intelligent students. One is in law school, the other still in college. So, it did not affect them. But, check with your doctor.

Try Mama Mio Tummy Butter. Lots of our customers get this...I think its called "PUPS" or something like that. We sell it at our boutique in North Dallas. Or you can order it online or over the phone.

Hope this helps!
Mom of Noah (4) and Nylah (7months)
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Oh my gosh! I got a full body icky itchy rash as soon as i had my daughter and it didn't go away for a month! I also got hives really bad and went to the ER and they gave me a shot of some meds to make them go away, but they didnt. I am the only person that i know that had this rash. I am so sorry you had this rash...did it start around your stretch marks? Because that is where mine started. Just buy bottles of calamine lotion (if that is ok with your doc) and just keep applying. You are not contagious... so that is good to know. Try to not touch it...and i found the warmer i was the worse the rash got. Try to take only COLD showers and maybe try to ice where the rash it with a ice pack (i didnt try this but it could provide some relief) I am pregnant with my second kiddo...if you find a way to relieve this rash please let me know, because i am afraid i will have the rash again!!! Best of luck! keep in touch!

You might want to make sure it's not shingles, although shingles is unsually just on one side of your body. Not trying to scare you, but make sure you go to your doc if it's one sided.

It is PUPP and it is miserable. Others have said they had it with more than one pregnancy, but my dr told me you only get it once. It is your body's reaction to the baby's father's cells that are a part of your baby. Crazy, huh? That's why it develops on your belly first. Funny thing with me was that I broke out one week AFTER my dtr was born, 7 yrs ago. I didn't get it with my other 2 pregnancies. An oatmeal bath set me on fire, I personally wouldn't recommend that but it may work for you. I had to get on steriod to help clear it up. It was unbearable. I had benedryl cream and cold rags and cold packs on the rash. And I tried not to scratch but sometimes I just couldn't help it. Good luck and I hope you make it til the end without too much pain. Google it, it's very interesting.

When I searched the internet for other ideas all I found over and over was using Aveeno Oatmeal bath should help a bit with the itch and Benadryl Topical Cream. That sounds painful...I had three children, but never experienced this. I just had a number of other issues. Take care!

I had this also and Gold Bond Medicated lotion was helpful. I used the one in the green bottle...good luck...it was miserable!

Is the rash almost like it's under the skin until you start to to scratch and then you see the little bumps? If this is what you're experiencing then it could be brought on by stress to your body. The chemicals in your body that are created during times of stress need a way to leave the body. It could be that you've experienced this before, but if you have a regular exercise routine you are removing those chemicals that way. I"m not a doctor, but I experienced this type of rash when I was going through chemo and it drove me nuts. Much like a 35 week pregnant mom I was in not position to start running! But if you could try a slow and deliberate walk; a yoga for pregnancy, (be sure to call the Dr.)or some other way to help the body relieve itself from the stress its under. Then remember this for the rest of your life because now that the body has used this way to emit those chemicals, it will do it again if you don't help it. My mother and sister's deal with this all the time and won't hear me when I let them know they can bring relief through regular exercise.

By the way, if you know someone in the oncology field they have a wonderful cream to relive the itch. It requires a Rx but I can't remember what it was called. And of course it would need to be checked with the Dr. You could try Vagasil - really. It works for many more things than just personal discomfort.


I developed this rash on my third pregnancy. It is called PUPPs and is completely normal. It does start in the third trimester and is not harmful to the baby. That is the lucky part. The unlucky part is that it itches like crazy and there is no way to get rid of it except to give birth. You can use creams and there are some creams that a dermatologist can prescribe while you are still pregnant. They can even give you steroids without effecting the baby. Try to get an appointment as soon as possible as dermatologists are hard to get into. I didn't get in until after I gave birth! In fact I went into preterm labor and they called the dermatoligist when I first entered the hospital. They tried to stop the labor for 2 days until they finally realized I was going to have my twins. The dermatologist showed up as they were wheeling me into the operating room and said the birth of the twins would be my cure. What a big help she was!

I tried everything (every over the counter and prescribed medication available)and it did not work for me. This can happen and in fact most often is the case. Hopefully you won't have as bad of a case as I had. I had it all over my body. 4 doctors told me I had the worst case they had ever seen. PUPPs usually is more prevelant in the first pregnancy (even though it wasn't in my case). It is also more prevelant if you are carrying a boy or twins. In my case I was carrying twin boys. I had it bad. My twins are now 2 months old and my PUPPs is now starting to go away. They say you just have to let it runs it's course.

This is what relieved some of the itching for me. I took short, cold showers and stayed out of the heat. Crank up the air conditioner. Heat will make it worse. I would alternate between over the counter itch relief creams. The more you scratch the worse it gets. In most cases, it will go away at the birth. Hope you get relief soon. I am sorry for anyone who has to go through this. It is awful.

If it's PUPPS, it will itch like crazy. I had my daughter at 36 weeks and developed it immediately upon giving birth. The only thing that worked was a cream my ob/gyn prescribed, but I'm not sure if they will give it to you while you're still pregnant. I hate to tell you this, but hopefully yours won't be too bad... I had it all over my body: legs, arms, belly, etc. Ask about the cream, and good luck!

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