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33 Weeks and Baby Won't Stop Kicking

I am 33 weeks along and my boy is so active. I don't mind some activity but I feel like I am getting bruised inside in one area. My daughter was active but I think my boy is going to be much bigger than her. Is there any way to get him to calm down? I found that by laying on my left side he was less active. I have a desk job so I can't just go lay down. Any advise? I am also trying not to have much sugar or caffeine as this makes it worse.

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My second kiddo is a kicking machine too and the only time I notice her stopping is when I am active. Maybe try getting up and walking to the bathroom or something.

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Your baby's activity does feel like you are being briused but it'll all be over soon.It is a sign of good health.This is something we all have to deal with your baby may find a position soon closer to delivery when he will settle down & rest.Mine were active my last baby had hiccups that even hurt me & she had them right before delivery.

J.~ I am anxious to see the responses you get from this. I am also 33 weeks pregnant with my second daughter. This one is very active, much more than my first was. She continuously kicks me in the same area (right above my belly button). It literaly makes me double over. I have mentioned this to my doctor as well and he says that the baby most definatly is bruising me. I do feel your pain. This little girl is a major kicker and kicks all day long. I have to lay down on my left side just to get her to calm down, but is very hard to do while chasing a 3 year old around! I wish you all the luck:)


Since you have a desk job, I just recommend you get up and walk around as much as possible. Unfortunately, these kids are exceptional at being active when you're still. So, keep busy as much as possible when you're not at work. I worked out even on the day that I delivered my son. And, be forewarned, my very active fetus ended up being a very, very active son. The only good thing is that as your son grows over the next few weeks, he will not be able to remain as mobile. Although, this is when you'll be able to make out entire limbs as he's pushing against you. When, you lay on your left side, your blood pressure goes down, since your heart is on the left side - that may decrease the flow to the fetus and thus keep him from being quite as active.

Also, please don't put your cellphone to your belly as someone else suggested - the EMF from that cellphone is even more hazardous to the brain of your fetus than it is to you. Even in the old days, they recommended pregnant women stay away from televisions/CRTs due to the EMF.

You are bless to have a healthy little boy kicking inside of you. As much as it is uncomfortable, be thankful, he's moving, which also means he's healthy. You have to take the good with the bad, it's just God preparing us to be parents. I have three wonderful children, each pregnancy a little different. There will be a time where you are going to want to know he's there and he won't be kicking. Taking baths relaxed the both of us when I was pregnant, as well as walks. Like most moms to be, just rubbing my belly when he moved, I think was soothing to the both of us. Letting him know, Mommy's right here. I know it's hard, I had/have a desk job too. Before you know it, he'll be in your arms...
God Bless you and your baby boy!

Try putting headphones from a CD/MP3 player on your tummy; maybe your baby will be so into the sounds that he'll stop to listen. Also try standing up and swaying slowly side to side, like you're rocking him.

Most of all, be thankful, even when it's difficult! I carried a baby for a woman who lost the five she tried to carry. She'd give anything to have felt the kicks of her beautiful little girl.

My oldest son loved to get right up under my ribs when I was pregnant with him and I would just take my hands and push him down.

You might try standing up and rocking side to side when he gets to kicking, this might rock him to sleep. Or play calm classical music; I used my cell phone and just rested it on my belly. Some songs excited her, but slower relaxing pieces calmed her down. My daughter liked to start the kicking game right as I snuggled down to bed for the night! Good luck!

I have no advice, but I feel your pain! My son (who was almost 9 lbs at birth) never stopped moving either. And I am 39 weeks pregnant (with a girl who they say maybe as much as 10 lbs!)...I feel like this baby is NEVER coming and on top of that I feel like I'm getting beaten up from the inside out. It's worse for me at night - so between that and having to pee constantly, sleep is also an issue! :) I just keep in mind all the discomfort is for a good cause. When all said and done it's a small price to pay for such a large pay off. Keep your chin up, relax when you can. You only have a few weeks left! Good luck!

My second kiddo is a kicking machine too and the only time I notice her stopping is when I am active. Maybe try getting up and walking to the bathroom or something.

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