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3 Yr Old Daughter Saying Her Butt Hurts

My 3 year old daughter has been complaining for a good while that her butt hurts.Sometimes it is her female area sometimes it is her actual butt hurting, she is not red and there seems to be no infection. She was recently on antibiotics for her ear and that should have cleared up any infection so i thought. She complained about the problem before she was on the med so it couldnt be that. Before the butt problem started she always complained her belly hurt,toward the bottom part. I dont know what is going on! We have taken her to the doc to get it checked out and they did a rectal exam but came up with nothing wrong.

What can I do next?

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My only suggestion would be "strep butt". So sorry I don't have the clinical term. They can do a quick, in-office swab strep test with results back in minutes. My 3-yr old had the same thing and it took me a good week to bring him to the doc for it. Poor kid! Wishing you luck on an answer!

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my 3 year old daughter was doing this for a couple of months also but I realized that her stools were way to big for her tiny body so I started giving her more apple juice and fruits to help soften it up a bit. That could be why she says her belly hurts from it traveling down intestines. God bless

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Urinary Tract Infection? Maybe a bladder infection with the lower stomach hurting. I know they say that they'll have frequent urination, not always true. If you can get her to pee in a cup they can do a simple test for it. Sometimes the symptoms are so miserable that kids can't tell if it's their butts or their female area or their stomachs that "hurt". It usually isn't even an actual pain, just horribly, horribly uncomfortable. It's worth asking the pediatrician.

maybe it's the soap you are using, or when she uses the bathroom she is not wiping her self clean.

My only suggestion would be "strep butt". So sorry I don't have the clinical term. They can do a quick, in-office swab strep test with results back in minutes. My 3-yr old had the same thing and it took me a good week to bring him to the doc for it. Poor kid! Wishing you luck on an answer!

A bowel impaction can cause the same symptoms and may only be detected on an x-ray.

Antibiotics often cause yeast infections in females. You said she was complaining about it before the antibiotics but thought I would mention it anyhow. You never know.

I would think along the constipation line...maybe a small tear from straining and pushing out too solid or too big poo.

As someone else said, a fall on the butt could lead to a bruised tailbone or something like that and that could hurt for quite some time.

With the exam turning up nothing, it could just be constipation or something simple that a 3 year old can't explain or express....if she is crying or actually seems like she is in pain, then I would be more concerned....but if she is just saying her butt hurts, then it could be anything - maybe scratchy toilet paper, elastic on her underwear, sitting too long making her tailbone sore, etc etc...3 year olds may just want you to pay attention to what they are saying and 'make it all better'' by using a 'magic cream' or something...
But - you may also want to check her sheets, etc at night - a neighbor of mine had a son with pin worms. This can make her butt hurt but show no signs except at night (but I would assume the doctor would be able to catch this...?). Good luck - good news is she can't stay 3 forever and eventually she will be able to tell you what the problem really is....but hopefully she won't have to at that point - it will have already fixed itself...

We had the same thing and the dr. guessed that there were just particles of poop that had not been washed off and were burning. I'll be interested to hear if you get your answer.

What do her stools look like? Are they hard? My daughter has terrible problems with her stools and always complains that her butt hurts. Stools should be the shape and consistency of a banana.

Per chance did she fall on her bottom? I fell on mine when I was in middle school and hurt my coccyx bone (tailbone). There was no bruise, so it wasn't until my folks got an x-ray of it that they saw why I was hurting.

I like what Sandi said too - sounds very plausible considering what your daughter has been saying all along.

Good luck!

My almost 3-yr old says that alot too. Sometimes I find it means she needs to poop. Other times, there is no obvoius explanation, but I wipe and sometimes apply diaper cream at bedtime. She had a serious e-coli intestinal infection a few months ago and was saying it more, so I do think Gi upset can be confused with her butt hurting too.

My son did this at the same age and we never figured it out. He was potty trained so when he said his bottom hurt I would get a baby wipe and wipe it really good and put diaper rash cream on. I don't know if it was all in his head, but he always said "There we go!" ------ Eventually he just stopped.

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