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3 Year Shakes When He Wakes Up

Hello everyone,

I have a 3 year old son who shakes a lot when he first wakes up. I know this is normal when they are infants, but he still does it. Tonight, I startled him when I came into his room to lay down his sister. His eyes opened real wide, then he started shaking. Not very long at all, just a few seconds, then rolled over and went back to sleep. My first thought was a seizure, but he doesn't really have those symptoms. Does anybody have any idea what this could be? Is it normal?? I'm going to call the doctor in the morning.

Thanks for any answers or sharing your experience.

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My nephew, age 4, has been suffering from something similar. He wakes up shaking. He has been to all kind of docs. They know think it is allergy related. Hope this helps.

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My nephew, age 4, has been suffering from something similar. He wakes up shaking. He has been to all kind of docs. They know think it is allergy related. Hope this helps.

I went to school for early childhood education and in that time we learned alot about seizures. and even tho you may not think you son is having a typical seizure he may be. their are soooo many diff kinds even just starring off into space!. call your doctor!

It might be a very small seizure disorder, when a person is in that between sleep and awake state that is a time when small seizures can happen. Are you giving him any medicine on a regular basis? I had seizures like that from birth till 12, as an infant my seizures would happen when I had my shots, or when I was in the half asleep state. As I got older I had them because I was on allergy medicines that had decongestants in them, and the drug called epinephrine (psuedoepinephrine) To this day I still can't take benedryl , allegra D, Claritin D, pretty much everything! lol the drug speeds up your system and when that happens you get a very small shaking seizure. They have come out and said no child under 2 should have those medicines, people with heart conditions can't take them either. To this day if I am sick or had to much wine the night before, in that have alseep and half awake state I will have the small shakes. If you go to the doc he will probably send you to a neurologist, who will put you through eeg's, ekg's cat scans, mri's, I had all of those and nothing showed up on any of them, so my doc would not say it was epilepsy, just a seizure reaction to meds.

i have a four year old who does have grand ma seizures and i have a 22 month. my 22 month shakes every once in a while when he wakes up also. that is the only time i see it. i have never been worried about it. i only see it about 3-4 times a month and it is when he just wakes up. i figure maybe he got a cold chill

That's probably a small seizure. Look at the lips. My little girl had several petite seizures and she was on all kinds of medications from the neurologists(Depakene, Zonogram, Tegretol,etc.) but only helped a little bit and temporarily. Chiropractic care has significantly reduced her seizures activitiy. Before she would have four to five an hour on average during the day, now after regular adjustments, she just had once every six or seven weeks, if that. Usually when she played rough on trampoline or in her gymnastic, that's when her upper neck went out of alignment and she'd get several seizures within the next day or two. When we come for our regular preventative visit, our family chiropractor will take care of it and she'll be fine again.

There are so many different seizures, some you just laugh, some you look like you stare into space. There are so many people do realize. I would take him to a neuro, they can evaluate him and tell you if is anything to be worried about. If you live in the dayton area I would go to the cincy childrens. Also Chiropracter could help him.


L., As a CranioSacral Therapist, it sounds to me like his nervous system is trying to discharge or realign itself. You might want to search for a CranioSacral Therapist near you who works with infants and children. Go to upledger.com and click on Find a Practitioner. Type in your city and state. You will get a listing that shows the courses they've taken. Some therapists also have a profile that you can read. A few sessions with a CST might help his body unwind and/or release a restriction in one or more places in his body. It's a very gentle therapy and very profound.

Hello L.,
Keep a record of the events and go to your Doctor. They will decide if this is normal with tests. Don't wait!

Good Luck!

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