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3 Year Old with Poison ivy---Help!

My 3 year old has poison ivy. He has had it for a couple weeks now. We have done he Aveeno bath a about 4 or 5 times. There are days it is all about gone, to only come back a bit worse the next day. It's Friday, we will take him to the doctor on Monday, however does anyone have any advice?????

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There is an over the counter remedy I have seen at walmart that is specific for poison ivy. You might want to try that, but I would suggest going to the doctor, he can give him a shot, or prescribe a topical treatment.

My son had it also resently and we used ivarest, you can get it at walmart I thought it worked great. Also I've heard from my mother-in-law that washing the infected area with plain old Dawn Dish soap.
Good Luck

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deoderant. that dries it up and helps it from spreading. I even used it on my son when he had chicken pox and he only had them for a week! I know it was chicken pox b/c I took him to the doc. even generic deo works!!!

Have you tried calamine lotion to treat the outer itching and help heal it, then some Benadryl for a systemic treatment? At three he can take one of the chewable 12.5mg Bendryl tablets.

I would also try very hard to avoid steroids if the doc wants to try to prescribe (prednisone, liquid prednisolone). They usually have to give kids the liquid, and not only is it the most vile and disgusting stuff you would ever put in your mouth (my son has been on it several times for asthma, I've tasted it to see why he refused to swallow it) they can be pretty hard on your body and prolonged use causes dependence.

Keep everything washed well, minimizing oil residue as everyone else has said, but the shot available could be the best route!

JEWELWEED! In nature, jewelweed grows right next to poison ivy. The stem has a liquid substance that neutralizes the properties that cause the itching and rash. It is growing now and has yellow and orange blooms. You can gather the stem, leaves, flowers and seed pods and blend them into a pulp with some water and then paint onto the rash. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E will aid in healing the skin once you have seen improvement. Do keep it wrapped and be super-vigilant about keeping anything that touches the rash away from skin and washed immediately. Hope this helps! :-)


Just wanted to send you an excellent link that I have used for myself many times:

I hope all the advice given on this site as well as the above link will help!

Use ZANFEL, (http://www.zanfel.com/) found at CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid, Eckerd...stops the itching in 30 seconds and usually clears it up in 24 hours. It actually deconsructs the chemicals bonds of the urushiol oil. We just had a bout of poison ivy last weekend....safe to us on face, eyes, genitals if need be....anywhere but internally. It's about $35 per tube and there's 15 applications per tube (comes as a paste). You wet the area, squeeze 1.5 inches into your hand, mix it up like you would with shaving cream, then apply for three minutes, then wash off. If he's bad off, it may take two or three applications to the same area. after the treatment, go ahead and put benadryl cream or cortisone cream on the spot to be safe.

Make sure you launder any and all clothes, bedclothes, towels, washcloths, etc daily to minimize re-exposure!!

Trust me. This is miracle stuff. I'm so allergic that if I smell it on the wind I break out everywhere...this has been the only option for me other than steriods and works better.

Let me know how ya do!!

Wash the sheets and clothes in very, very hot water everday. Poison Ivy can last a lyr or so in clothing. It takes a while for posion ivy to go away. Aveeno helps but lavendar also helps the itchyness.

Go to the store and get some hydrocortizone cream. It works wonders and that is probably what the doctor will tell you. It is over the counter. My 2 1/2 year old got poison ivy from our outdoor cat last year and it was mainly all over his legs. The hydrocortizone cream worked immediately. It is also great for dry skin and bug bites, etc. I used it also on my 6 month old who had mild exema. Good Luck - I think with my little guy it lasted about 5-7 days before it was complately gone usuing the cream. Hope this helps!

i heard take oatmeal(reg) cook it and let it cool alittle and rub it all over the child and let it dry and wash it off. That should help it

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