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3 Year Old with Pneumonia! :(

My husband took our 3 year old to the doc today and doc told us she has Pneumonia, he gave her a shot in her finger,some kind of antibiotic, i'm sure! my husband didn't tell me exactly what kind of shot it was. Since I wasn't there during the visit. meh! wish i was...what else do i need to know. has anyone had children with pneumonia? it sounds scary! she has had low grade fevers for the past 3 days. today she had a temp of 103. poor babe! she had a febrile seizure when she was young. So i feel like i need to watch her closely, since they are prone to it again til the age of 5. what can i do to get the fever down? tylenol doesn't seem to be helping. i am open to natural remedies as well. she has a very little appetite but doc said she can eat whatever she is hungry for and to giver milk. she needs the antibodies... she also has a watery, flemmy cough. you would think milk would only make the cough worse. help!

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You can call the doctor to find out exactly what was in the shot, as this is something you should know. Also, ask for what you should be doing and what you should be watching for and when to call the doctor etc.

Try alternating Motrin with Tylonol. You can ask the doctor what is the rule of thumb for timing when alternating those two. I know you can give them a lot closer together than two doses of just one of those meds, but I can't remember how close together.

Also, try the classics, like a warm (not hot, not cold) bath, cool washcloths to the forehead, see if she will eat any popsicles of any kind or any watery foods like canned manderin oranges or watermelon. The doctor is right, the food is not critical, but keeping her hydration level up is. When my son is very sick, I even let him drink sugary juices, which normally are off-limits, just to keep his fluid levels up.

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My daughter had pneumonia when she was 8 months old. The good news is they didn't put your son in the hospital so while it is scary, it isn't as bad as it could be. I would make sure he had enough water since as with most illnesses one of the real dangers is dehydration. While I am surprised the doctor didn't limit the milk intake since it does seem to cause more phlemn so I would limit it more myself and make sure that he gets enough water. My daughter was in the hospital for 4 or 5 days and when we got home we made a tent out of her crib with a sheet and a humidifier. I also learned how to clap her on the sides to loosen the phlemn in her lungs. I would lay her down over my knees and with a cupped hand I would slap along where the back and sides come togeter. You do this with a light force like if you were clapping your hands, that will loosen it but not harm her. It doesn't even make red marks if you are doing it right. Make sure the hand is cupped. She seemed to like this and would never get upset when we had to do it. I would use both hands and go up and down the lung, like you were drumming. I used this whenever we had problems with croup, bronchitis and pneumonia show up. We seemed to get those lung problems more then the normal probably from the asthma we have in our genes. One thing I did do is get the kids and myself pneumonia shots and flu shots and that pretty much stopped the problems.

First I would like to say I am sorry to hear your daughter is so sick. It is very hard to watch your children when they are sick. Second I have had similar situation with my ex-husband taking a child to the doctor and not being to answer the questions you would have asked because they simply didn't ask. You can call directly to the doctor after a visit and get more information and have your questions answered. That is what I had to do and even though I felt like it would be a great imposition on the Dr time he was happy to help and appreciated that there were caring parents that would want as much info as possible to help their child get better. Another thing I just wanted to mention is that children are very in tune to your reaction. I have watched my daughter with a cold get better because I was positive and strong then took her to my mothers house where she acted like my daughter needed to be in intensive care and my daughter seemed to get sicker and weaker. It looks like you are also getting a lot of other great advice - Good Luck!

Sounds like you have been getting a lot good advice! My 2 year old daughter had pneumonia this past winter. We used a cool mist humidifier in her bed room when she was sleeping and seemed to work miracles for her. We also found a bubble bath from Johnson and Johnson's that had some eucalyptus(I think it's call Soothing Bath)that really helped loosen up everything.
As far as eating, try some Popsicle or yogurt. I wouldn't expect much for the eating for now but just keep her hydrated with either some Gatorade or Pedilyte.
Hopefully she get's better soon!

My son, who is almost 13 now and has mild asthma, had pnuemonia twice as a 2-year-old, all within about 4 months. Pneumonia does sound scary and can be serious, but it's also fairly common among children and most bounce back more quickly than adults unless they have some sort of underlying medical condition. I agree that you should find out what was in the shot she was given and whether she needs any follow-up meds. My son had oral antibiotics. If she isn't responding to the Tylenol try ibuprofen instead and you can alternate them. My little guy was pretty sick for about a week, but the 2nd time he had pneumonia he had strep at the same time so that complicated it. Our son couldn't sleep lying down because of the coughing and mucus. I actually slept with him in a chair and held him upright so he could breathe better. You could also try putting something under the head of her mattress to elevate it. If you do have any questions or she doesn't seem to be getting better don't hesitate to call the doctor back and ask questions. They should tell you what to look for if she gets worse and needs to go back in. Find out from your husband if they checked her blood oxygen levels. I'm assuming they did because that's pretty routine for respiratory illnesses. It was probably fine if they sent her home. If she continues to have coughing and/or breathing issues they can prescribe nebulizer treatments you can do at home. Hope she feels better soon!

Our 2yo was diagnosed with pneumonia last Monday. He has ahd fevers of 102-104 for several days as well. He was put on Augmentin, as he has bacterial pneumonia. Our MD said to use Tylenol/Motrin to keep him comfortable, but don't go overboard. The most important thing to do was to push fluids and let them rest. Good luck!

I agee with Shellie K. Call your pediatrician's office for instructions. I know how it can be when Dad takes the kids in for visits...they forget everything. It sounds like you've gotten mixed messages...I don't know of any antibiotic shots in the finger. She probably had a blood test. If you call the dr's office, they can clear things up for you.

My 3 year old had pneumonia before she turned 3. She was down for a week. She didn't eat anything most of those days. The most important thing is fluids. I gave her anything she would drink except for milk or soda with caffeine. Clear soda is what she drank the most of so I let her have it all the time. Gatorade was good too. Ibuprofen worked best for her fever. Sometimes it would get really high and I had to give her tylenol in between Ibuprofen doses. (Doctors say this is okay to do.) Hope she feels better soon!


If you didn't get instructions from your Pediatric office, that is where you need to go for advice. Call up the nurse hotline or contact the doctor who saw your daughter. You can get general advice from moms on this site, but no one has seen your daughter, knows her medical history (febrile seizures, etc.) or is a trained medical professional. Advice that may be appropriate for children in general with regular fevers doesn't always apply to every child in every situation with every condition.

I hope your daughter gets well soon,

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