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3 Year Old Still Having Accidents at Night

My 3 year old was potty trained right when she turned 2 yrs, and she has done great, hardly ever any accident etc. But at night i still have to put a diaper on her because she still pee during the night. She also is a very heavy drinker. She probley drinks about 6-10 cups of water or juice a day. She also still wakes up during the night for a cup of water. Im sure that is the major prob is that she still drinks during the night. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions other than elimating all the drinks we have cut back on her alot, but you also know what its like when your child is thirsty and you cant deny then water etc. But any suggestions on sleeping threw the night would also be great. I cant remember a full night of rest i have had since she was born back in 2004. Thanks!!!!

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Hmm well I havent had much training with potty training being that my daughter is not at that stage yet. Cutting back on her drinks before bed could help and when she wakes up at night just give here enough to quinch her thirst. But then again sometimes you have to be patient, every child succeeds at different stages. Just be glad that she only three! I have an 11 year old brother who still wets in the bed at night and we've tried everything from waking him up at night to medication and nothing has worked so we've just gotten used to it. It might just be something they have to grow out of.

She is only 3 and these things are going to happen. Give her time to learn this isn't going to be acceptable when she gets older. Not many people are going to be lucky. My nephew is 8 and he still wets the bed at night and my son is 4 and hasn't wet the bed since he was about 26 months, so all kids are different. She only needs time and patience.

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Hi J.. My daughter is now eight and had the same issues. She did not grow out of this until she was 4 1/2. She is still a heavy drinker so that has not changed. Your daughter will learn to get up and go to the bathroom over time. We had much of the same sleep issues as well - this changed when she got her own room. Good luck!


I will not be able to give you advice on how to potty train as we are still in the process here :)
But I did want to mention that you don't want to overlook any possible medical issues...if you think she drinks a LOT more than kids her age, please mention that to your pediatrician. I had a cousin who did that and she had a medical conditional that needed to be treated with meds. She drank excess water and was hard to potty train.
I don't want to scare you, just want you to be aware. It may just be that she needs to cut back on her water at night...but don't rule out other issues.
Just my two cents.

My cousin had a bedwetting problem for long past normal. His problem was that he sleeps so heavily that he just didn't wake up to "go". My uncle had to go grab my cousin out of bed in the middle of the night and make him go to the bathroom. He finally grew out of it.

If your daughter gets up for a drink of water, make her go to the bathroom. Maybe if she can go then, she won't wet her bed.

Hi J.:
If you ever going to get any sleep, you must wean your child from the mid night juice or water. My son was the same way. My doctor told me he was not thristy. It was just a habit. You can gradually wean her, a little less each night. It's really hard to catch up on your sleep. Not having enought sleep can make you a different person. You are not hurting your child by not givig her water etc. during the middle of the night. Acutually, she maybe tired as well. Good Luck

Accidents, especially at night are not a developmental concern until age 6-7. Children's bodies and neurological systems mature at different rates.

My 3 yr old twins born in July 2004 are still in pullups at night, and are fully day time potty trained wearing regular underwear. My oldest daughter was night time trained at this age.

If you are truly concerned, ask your pediatrician about it, but it is completely normal at this age.

This website is great for explaining developmental milestones, we use it in my developmental psychology classes.

You are going to have to limit her drinking at night. If she insists on drinking in the middle of the night give her a little room temperature water (cold water makes them want to drink more)

Once you curb that then she shouldn't be wetting the bed too often.

My 6 year old still wets the bed on a nightly basis but we finally put him on medication to help him. We wanted to see if he'd grow out of it but it seems there is more to it than just his liquid intake.

My 3 year old on the other hand rarely has an accident at night.

Much luck to you!!

You may not want to but I would just put her in pull-ups through the night until she starts waking up dry and I would limit her liquids for a hour or two before bedtime and give her a snack instead which would fill her need to have something in her tummy without it having to be in liquid form. Course you have to give a little to drink with a snack but it wouldn't have to be a lot....hope that helps.

I cut off all drinks at 7. That seems to be the magic number. If she's thirsty at night, I fill up one of her doll cups, which is very small and give it to her, that way she'll think she's getting a cup full when she's really getting just a swallow.

This has worked like a charm, now if I could just get her to go number 2......

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