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3 Year Old Says "Me" Instead of "I"

This may sound trivial, but it is very frustrating. Our 3 year old son uses the word "me" in place of "I". For example, he will say, "Me hungry" or "Me hurt my eye". We were told by speech pathologists that it will come and we have politely corrected him by saying it right-"Yes, I'm hungry, too." . He just doesn't seem to get it. I hate to constantly correct him and risk discouraging his speech. What do 'ya think?

What can I do next?

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Well my 2 year old uses her name instead of I. I am not to worried. I know she will eventually learn proper English...now is not the time, she is just to young.

He will outgrow it. it is perfectly normal. when my daughter was 3 (now 34) I was trying to correct her and when I said, "I'm hungry," she said, " You too?" enjoy the cuteness of it, it is one of the last baby things that will be in his speech. L.

I am a preschool teacher of 4 year olds. I have also worked with 3 years olds before. This is something some kids do. Some more than others. I would have to agree with the speech pathologists. Whenever he uses me instead of I just repeat what he says, but use the correct form. I have had to do this with some students and it usually takes awhile, but in time he should come around and start using the correct use of the word "I". As he gets older say 1st grade and is stilling doing this incorrectly then I would be concerned and ask the speech teacher or someone else at his school.

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Does he by any chance watch Elmo? My 1st son loved Elmo but we had the same problem as you. He also referred to himself in the 3rd person...he was hearing, "Elmo wants to learn to dance, too!" The next thing we noticed was his r's and l's were turning into w's! And he had been saying them correctly. My husband saw Baby Bear (also on Sesame Street) and this was how he talked! We stopped watching S.S. before my 2nd child started developing and he (along with my 3rd one) has done just fine, and without those problems. Weird, huh?

I agree with the therapist, it will come. Mothers want their children to come out of the womb perfect and it doesn't work that way. Try and remember he is a baby at 3 and he will learn to speak correctly in time. Be patient.

Sounds to me that it is just the age and what they do at that age. Just keep using correct english yourself and he will soon change over. It is the age.

My 3 yr old. daughter has a speech problem. i only understand 25% of wat she says if i'm lucky. I've been working with her an if we are talking she will say nana instead of banana. when she does that i will sit down by her so that i'm on her level and repeat banana until she will say banana. She has other problems do, but seems like everytime i do that with her she gets it. she slips up every now and then but i tell her what it should be and she corrects herself. that might work for you. be sure to annuciate.

Well my 2 year old uses her name instead of I. I am not to worried. I know she will eventually learn proper English...now is not the time, she is just to young.

try to overlook it. Now when he's in elementary school you may think about correcting him. I will correct itself, pending no other speech problems. My daughter would say "I can't know why something something something" and it was just my first reaction to correct her and tell her to use the word don't instead of can't, but I stopped myself and realized how cute it was. She won't talk like that forever so I just need to let it be and enjoy the moment.

Many kids go through this stage as part of their vocabulary development. Don't correct, just continue to speak the right personal pronouns as you are doing, and eventually he will too.

I never heard a kindergartner say , "me do this" He will outgrow it.

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