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3 Year Old Not Talking

My niece turned three in July and she still doesn't talk. She can say a very limited number of words but uses pointing, babbling and crying as her main forms of communication. She is more aggressive than allot of children but can be very sweet and seems to understand almost everything you say to her. She will help out and knows how to throw away trash and get items for people so it seems to be primarily a speech problem. Her mom does say she talks to angels, which basically means she looks around and seems to be talking to people when no one is there. strange. I know. So what could be the problem?

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It has been over a year since I posted this...please stop replying.
I have been on my sisters case since I went over last week about getting some help and she is working on it now...I think maybe she has been hoping the speech would just come along. I just did not realize how old she was or I would have started bugging her sooner!

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dear J.,
my ten year old son doesn't talk and the docotors told me that he will never talk but he does cry babble and makes noise and he also points and make noise to things that isn't ever there i also wondered if he is talking to angels. and the reason he can't talk is because his brain wasn't develompent all the way he has water on the back of his brain.


My son did not talk until he was 3 and I put him in Early Childhood Education. He did everything that you niece does also. I have heard everything from he didn't have to talk because everyone did everything for him to He hasn't been around children enough. You might try taking her to an early intervention evaluation. They evaluate the child then help them learn to speak and communicate in different ways so it is not so frustrating for her and everyone involved. When my son started early childhood education he started talking up a storm. Now he is not any different then all the other children.


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I am a speech-language pathologist and from what you have said, you need to get her mom to make an appointment with a licensed speech-language pathologist as soon as possible. At this point, she should be talking in complete 5+ word sentences and be able to carry on a simple conversation. If she is understanding what is said to her, then it sounds like an expressive language disorder. However, I can't diagnose that without completing an eval. Insurance will cover an eval with a doctor's prescription. Also, you can check into school based services since she is 3. Children ages 3 to 5 qualify for public school services, which are free. Good luck. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to email me.

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I am just curious as to what got your attention. I have a 28 month old. He does talk some but not like other kids his age. He sure can jabber though. Since he was born in 04 he has had 4 ear infections every winter. I'm afraid that could have affected his ability to talk more. He seems to hear fine for the most part, and he really understands when you tell him something. I'm just not sure if he needs to be checked or if I'm just being picky. Also, who offers preschool for those ages and what do they charge? I have him in MDO 2 days a week, but I don't know that I'm all that happy with it. I'm a stay at home mom so it's more about the interaction with kids and learning than anything.

Hope to hear back!!!

1. It could be nothing.
2. She could have "Poly X" a disorder from having more than 2 x chromasomes on the 23rd pair. This happens in 1 out of every 2000 females and can cause delayed language development. This can be tested by a simple blood test, examining her chromasomes.

Good luck to you and your sister.

My oldest son didn't talk well, and when he was 3 I put him in speech therapy, it was fun and it helped me learn how to help him in a positve way... All children develop differently, and we shouldn't jump to conclusions and compare them all the time... My son went from not talking to now being the best reader and is a great and creative talker... With the aggression, it is probably frustating to her that she can't get her point across.. Try hanging pictures of the foods she likes on the fridge and in the bathroom, pics of toys, characters, animals.. When she wants food have her point to what she wants and then repeat to her how to say it (Exaggerated faces are fun and keep situation low stress) Have fun, this is a time for you to step out of the box and creativly help your child grow... Good Luck!

I have to completely agree with the other moms who recommended a speech evaluation. When my son was 4 he was barely talking and we went to get him evaluated for speech therapy through the local public ashool system. During the exams he flatlined the tempanic hearing test. He had never had ear infections, but it tured out he had persistant fluid in his ears. He could hear somewhat, enough to understand day to day interaction with familar people and places, but not enough to learn to speak properly. During daily interaction with him you would have no idea he could not hear properly but he only had 40% in one ear and 65% in the other and no high rage sounds at all. Tubes took care of the fluid and now at 8 years old he is still in speech therapy and is finally almost where he should be with his pronunciation. It can't hurt to get her an evaluation, which can be done for free through the public schools. My sister is a speech thera pist and recommended I get that done. I only wish I had done it earlier.

have your child ears checked by and ent specialist. my son was a late talker also we had him checked out and he needed tubes. and within a month he was talkin and it was pretty clear. its been a year now and he is right where he should be for a 4 year old. so i wou.d suggest over stepping your ped and having a hearing test done. my son went from 50-100% in a few short weeks. we had ear infections every 3 months from birth until his tubes and we haven't had one since.

I have some friends at my church whos daughter at almost 3 was still not talking. Just babbling and so on no really difinitive talking. Come to find out her Adnoides were so big it did not allow her to talk properly or hear properly. The Dr's to out her adnoinds and now she talk, talk, talks.... You may want to sugest having that checked out.

Good luck,

I agree that she needs to be seen for an evaluation. I think it's hard for parents to come to the conclusion that something could be wrong with their child. If their pediatrician is not pushing the issue than they are probably blind to it. I think it sounds like your niece has problems talking which is why she is so aggressive. She wants to express herself but she simply cannot. I would suggest this to her parents... Good luck!

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