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3 Year Old Has Really Bad Breath!

My daughter is three and a half and has really bad breath. We brush her teeth frequently and even use the tinting stuff so she likes to brush them really well. The bad breath just won't go away. Has anyone else had this? I can't imagine she'd have a cavity already, but who knows?

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You may want to take her to a doctor. Bad breath can be a symtom of something going on inside the body.

As others have said - she's not too young for a dentist visit. If her teeth are close together you should already be flossing every day (I fail miserably at that. And my son, at 3.5 years, had cavities between all of his molars to prove it - so it's not too young for cavities either.)

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My little girl, who is 2, has bad breath because she sleeps with her mouth closed. As do I. And my older daughter, as well. Even brushing before bed doesn't help.

My advice is to check with your dentist. Never to early for their first chair ride, tooth count, and make friends with your dentist. And visit your doctor to check adnoids, tonsils, and a few other things.
With our son it was his adnoids!

Might be something more going on. Strep throat? Cavities? Have it checked out with a DR. My son had a cavity at 3 so it is definitely possible no matter how good of a brusher you are. He had really deep molars - which we had sealants put in after the first cavity - that took care of that problem. :D

Have you had your daughter examined by her pediatrician? In children, smelly breath that persists throughout the day is most often the result of mouth breathing, which dries out the mouth and allows the bacteria to grow. Children who consistently breathe through their mouths might have colds, sinus infections, allergies, or enlarged tonsils or adenoids, which block the nasal passages. Thumb sucking or sucking on a blanket can also dry out the mouth.

Is your daughter being seen by a pediadontist? The recommended age to begin being seen by a pediadontist is three years old. Although, I began bringing my children to the pediadontist when their first tooth erupted. Does your daughter brush after each meal? Be sure she brushes her tongue, too. You might also try an electric toothbrush.

Good luck. Be gone, dragon breath!!

You didn't mention whether you'd taken her to a dentist or not. If not, 3 1/2 yrs old is not to young to go. I would try that first, then if that's fine, talk to your dr. Maybe your dr can refer you to a gastroenterologist. If she has an overactive tummy it may be contributing to the bad breath.

My son was about 5 when he had this same problem. We knew it wasn't an oral hygiene issue too. We finally figured out after taking him to the doctor that it was a sinus infection. I know now every time he has one, because he has that same dragon breath! Alot of times, a sinus infection will hold on forever without antibiotics. Good luck!

My sister's daughter had bad breath for months. Finally the Dr. found the remains of a raisin that she put up her nose, lodged in her nasal cavity.That was the cause for the bad breath. Sinus inections can also cause badbreath.

Well being in the medical field that I am I would recommend speaking to her pediatrician to see if maybe some kind of stomach issue is at hand. Also watch her diet, decrease the acid foods you may give her like oranges, juices etc.
Sometimes watching diet will decrease the acid level in her tummy.
Don't worry just check into it with your Dr. She'll be fine.

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