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3 Year Old Girl Smells like Pee

My 3 year old daughter always smells like stinky pee. I'll bathe her and in less than 24 hours she stinks again. It's driving my crazy. She's potty-trained, and she wipes herself, which I'm sure is part of the problem. It seems to have gotten worse. I was able to get away with bathing my son every other day, but I can't with her. She's too cute to stink so bad. Any ideas on how I can at least get through 24 hours without smelling pee?

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I totally agree with AV.
The only thing I want to point out is that you should NEVER use baby powder in girl's underware or diapers, as studies have shown this can cause an increase in likelyhood of cervical cancer.

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I would get her flushable wipes and help her for a few weeks and see if that makes a difference. If not, take her to the doctor to rule out illness. GL

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Is she dribbling in her panties? Make sure she has cotton undies so they dry. Maybe try a baby wipe on her bottom once or twice during the day. Is she getting enough water? Maybe her pee is just to strong and she needs more water.

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I would talk to her doctor about a possible protein issue, I know when my husband doesn't take in enough protein for the exercise he is doing his sweat smells like pee. It is a break down of uric acid in the muscle. If you don't think it is a hygiene issue there may be an underlying cause.

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You need to take one day and wipe her after she potty's each time and see if the smell goes away..

I bet she is not wiping enough or in the right places.. Also could be she is having a tiny accident, waiting to long to go potty. Maybe get her some moist wipes. Teach her to use toilet paper and then a moist wipe..

Adding any scents is only going to be a pee smell with perfume.. You just need to figure out the cause.

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My first thought was does she drink enough water? Are you noticing a strong smell when she is actually going the bathroom or just a stale pee smell like it has dried on her clothes?
She needs to drink lots of water especially during these super hot days we've been having lately. If it is the latter then just continue to show her how to wipe properly. A call to the nurse or doctor may be a good idea. They may have some other suggestions that are not already posted here. Good luck! My 3 year old daughter shows minimal interest on the potty. She said she is waiting to get a pee-pee like her brother....sigh...lol

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Lots of good suggestions about helping her on the potty to be sure she is clean after... but may I ask one thing that was an issue with my daughter when she was really young...

When your daughter sits on the potty, could some of the urine be shooting out the front of the toilet and getting on her clothes (undies or pants)? If my daughter was a little too um spread eagle, then that would happen. She would be mostly oblivious. It took some practice with me helping (and some maturity) for her to figure out the optimal way to position herself on the toilet seat, so that this didn't happen.
And different shaped seats can sometimes necessitate different "styles" of sitting. So at daycare/preschool, a different style than at home or grandma's house perhaps. Some potty seats are round. Some are oval. Some are kid sized so they have their feet flat on the floor, some aren't. All of that comes into play.

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This sounds like something to talk to the pedi about.

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My youngest was like your daughter. I took her to a urologist. From what i understood was she was not fully draining her urine. When he checked her after her going, she still had urine in her tube (sorry for the incorrect wording). That is what was silently leaking and causing her to smell. She just turned 8 and i dont smell it anymore.

We did do daily baths. We also did the wipes, be careful though. We had to throw them out. Our pipes are older and they are not flushable in our house :( Also, a tad of baby powder in her panties helped.

I am pretty sure that your daughter is having the same problem. It really does not have to do with wiping. They are sadly leaking. I bet she will grow out of it also. If you want to see a urologist they can check and explain it to you better. Hope i helped :)

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Could it be ammonia in her sweat? Does she drink enough water? Not juice, milk, soda, etc. Water? Does she eat a healthy diet?

I think this is something worth contacting your pediatrician over. Even if she is leaking into her panties a little, or not wiping correctly...she should not smell THAT bad.

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