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3 Year Old Daughter Starting to Pee in Pants.

My daughter has been potty trained for about 1 1/2 years and all of a sudden for the past few days she has been peeing in her pants 1-3 times a day? could this be medical? It is so out of her character. Has anyone had this problem?

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I took my daughter to the dr and she had no infections. the peeing has stopped for a few days now. I have no idea what was going on. She had had some growing pains in her legs at night. So I wonder if it wasnt some kind of growing episode or as much as I hate to admit it she was doing it for the attention.Its still a mystery. But things have been great and we have been giving her extra hugs and kisses. So far no accidents lately. We are keeping our fingers cross. Thank you so much for all your responses. They were all great to hear and I'm glad some of you have had similar situations. Thanks again they mean so much.

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Yes, it could be medical, as someone mentioned. I wanted to add that it could also be emotional. Could something be going on in that department, have you noticed anything different, or is there anything stressful going on around her? Maybe she is picking up on something that you arent aware of?

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I noticed in your "about me" that you have an 8 month old baby... do you think your 3 year old might be a bit jealous of the diapered kid? My oldest stepchicld started to wet her pants (at the age of 20 months) after her little sister was born.

Yes, it could be medical, as someone mentioned. I wanted to add that it could also be emotional. Could something be going on in that department, have you noticed anything different, or is there anything stressful going on around her? Maybe she is picking up on something that you arent aware of?

My daughter did the same thing but she was wetting at night. She is now 8. Her problem is UTI's. Day wetting could be a medical problem it could also just mean that she is playing and does not want to stop what she is doing so she waits too long. Watch her for signs of having to go while she is playing. My Daughter does what I call the pee pee dance and her eyes get watery when she is trying to hold it....LOL. I would definitely have her checked by her pediatrician though.

Could definitely be physical/medical - any of the following:
* symptoms of a food allergy or other allergen exposure
* urinary tract infection (is she experiencing any pain while urinating?)
* eating lots and lots of melon or caffeinated beverages, resulting in having to pee a lot more often or unexpectedly?
* is she constipated?
* big growth spurt or big developmental phase... is she sleeping a lot more or eating a lot more? or is she concentrating on learning how to (for example) skip or gallup or snap her fingers (etc.)? When big things like that happen, there can be a temporary ignoring of typical body signals.

Hope you're able to track it down quickly and/or that it resolves itself just as quickly as it showed up!

You might want to ask your doctor about a possible UTI or bladder infection. My niece had that problem when she has had both in the past

My 3 year old just went thru the same thing! At first it I think it had a little to do with the baby. I would come in her room and find her trying to put the baby's diapers on, and at night she would want to wear a pull up and kept saying that she was a baby. After several weeks, I took her to the Dr and she had a UTI.
He said that it was probably a combination of her UTI and wanting a little extra attention since we were giving so much to the baby.
So we really made an effort to make special time for her. We also told her that when she needed to go potty we would go with her to help her. So she liked that and told us EVERYTIME she needed to go and we went with her. It was hard to do because it wasnt always at a good time, but after a while she snapped out of it.
Im sure the antibiotics helped too!

As many have said it could be medical or emotional. The emotional others have touched on very well. As for medical it could just be something that will happen for a few weeks or even a month. When people grow they don't do it proportionately. It is quiet possible that she is going through a growth spirt, is eating more, but her blatter has not yet "grown" with her. I would keep encouraging her to use the potty but remember not to be mad at her for it because it isn't her fault regardless of if it is due to medical or emotional.
Hope that helps!

We just went through the exact same thing (daughter is same age, been potty trained for almost 2 years). It ended up being a UTI/bladder infection and after just a couple days of antibiotics everything was fine. Though I must say I didn't take her to the dr for the wetting, I took her b/c it hurt when she peed. So if your daughter doesn't have that symptom then it might be a little more difficult but you should get her checked out anyway. Couldn't hurt at all, will probably help! Good luck...

I hate to even go here but PLEASE look very closely at what is going on in your daughters life. How are her relationships with her caregivers? is she in daycare? I know you stay home but even if it's just grandpa or the neighbor girl for short nights out. How's her relationship with dad? When is it happening? is there anything that seems to trigger it? this could be a sign that something is very much upsetting your little girl, talk to her and if all else fails take her to the doctor, hopefully it's nothing more than a stage but you never can tell. good luck.

She could have a UTI. I would suggest possibly talking to a doctor.

I think that it could be medical but it maybe more so of a phase shes going thru. My son who is almost 4 is doing something similar to this. Hes peeing on himself at night now. Although hes been potty trained for sometime now, I don't know what the heck to think. I am wondering if it could be because two of my sisters just had babies or what. Is it a new baby around or someone she plays with thats still in diapers? Im thinking just a phase. let us know how it turns out.

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