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3 Year Old Daugher Complains It Hurts to Pee!!

My 3 year old daughter complains that it hurts to pee so now she wants to hold it in so she doesn't feel that pain, I took her to the doctor and they said there was no infection or anything. But told me give her cranberry juice, I know i don't like the taste of cranberry juice does anyone have any suggestions on what to give her besides that?

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Thank you all so much for your advice, Well my daughter doesn't like the taste of cranberry juice but i did try the cranberry with orange juice and she did like that, Thanks so much for everyones advice

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mix it with orange juice, 1/2 & 1/2...it's not bad that way, not bitter tasting. And lots and lots of water

M. give her the cranberry juice with a little oj in it it chages the tast and its not that bad, I drink it and I cant stand cranberry juice

She's probably chapped. Have her sit in a bath for a little while then use some diaperrash cream. My daughters have had that problem also and this is what has always worked.

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You could try mixing it with some Sprite or tonic water.

There is a product called D-Mannose. It works better than cranberry juice, and has no taste. It comes in a powder form that can be mixed in with any sort of liquid and is tasteless. There are also capsules, but you wouldn't want those for a three year old. This is a natural product and will not interact with any other things she may be eating or taking. It somehow makes the urethra "slippery" so bacteria is not able to remain. With little girls there is always that tendancy to not wipe properly, and then they get UTI's. My daughter was the same way.
The brand name is Clear Tract, and I am not sure where you can get it, but if you google the D-Mannose, you will probably find it.
I have my elderly mother on a maintenance dose of this product and it has kept her out of the hospital as she cannot take antibiotics by mouth.

My daughter too started to say it hurts when I pee, so to the docs we went. She didnt have a blader infection but what my docs called vaginitis. Her skin was raw. They told me to put diaper rash cream all over and give her a mild bath. She was feeling better by the end of the day. Good Luck!!

mix a little sugar with the cranberry juice or mix it with another juice she likes.
there is raspberry-cranberry juice from juicyjuice that tastes pretty good.

i got bladder and kidney infections often when i was younger, and still do. so i keep cranberry juice in my diet ;}

I agree with everyone else. Your doctor has suggested the best thing for your daughter. She may actually like the taste, so don't go by what you like & don't like. You can dilute it with a little water if the taste is too strong for her.

Also, if it's a vaginal yeast infection I've heard yogurt can help clear it up.

Poor little thing. I personally have regular bladder/kidney infections, and I also hate the taste of cranberry juice. I have found that if you mix it with orange juice (1/2 and 1/2) that it tastes so much better. The orange juice is also good for killing bacteria b/c of the acid it contains and studies are suggesting that chronic bladder infections could be caused by a lack of vitamin c. good luck!

Cranberry juice can be found cut with alot of other juices now. Cranberry and Apple, Cranberry and Grape, Cranberry Rasberry, etc. Try those or make your own mixture. Pick her favorite juice drink with 3/4 favorite drink and 1/4 Cranberry. I also would like to add, that having pain when your peeing is normal associated with yeast infections, but also can be a sign of kidney infections. As we get older the yeast infections untreated lead to bladder infections that lead to kidney infections, but there are cases of infants/toddlers that have kidney infections without the signs of yeast infections. I know, it was dicovered that I had a kidney infection when I was 4 months old. The doctors still can not tell why that was, just one of the many unexplained medical things. Try the cranberry mixes, and ask your doctor about testing for kidney infection, and function.
P.S. I was treated by being taking off breast-feed milk, and given goats milk. I doubt a 3 year old will go for goats milk, but explore the possibles with Soy milk, or yogart, etc. I had this kidney thing very young, and the doctors told my mom, that it was disturbing, and ran all kinds of kidney tests throughout my life (my mom was sure there was a problem, or going to be a problem in the future). I'm 42, and never had a problem with my kidneys. Yes, I was prone to yeast and bladder infections if I let things go.

Talk to your doctor about getting her tested for kidney infection, and her kidney function. It is probably just her body adjusting to growing, and new foods....but why not check.

I've had bladder and kidney infections since I was 3. it is caused by a small urethra. they tried to stretch it when i was 4 1/2 because it caused infections. so, you can mix cranberry juice with tons of stuff and disguise the bitterness. I used to pick really sweet juices to balance it out. now i'll use sprite, or flavored water. water is good for it too. Also, make sure you don't use any oil in her bath. it can cause an infection too! good luck!

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