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Preschooler 3 Year Old Birthday Party - Roseville, MI

Hi Everyone,
I am a single mom and i have low income. Last year for my sons 2 year old bday party i just had pizza and cake and ice cream at home and had family come over(its all i could afford). this year i would like to give him a better birthday party outside the home. i live in a small townhouse apartment and dont have alot of room. does anyone have any ideas on somewhere inexpensive i can have my sons bday party. he will be 3 on february 2nd and i want to have his party on jan 31 or feb 1st which is right around the corner and i have no idea what im going to do that i can afford.
Thank you! any advice is greatly appreciated! i am located in roseville, MI

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Thanks to all the moms who gave me advice! i ended up reserving at chuck e cheese. its going to be a little pricey but my son is worth it! he has been doing really good with potty training and i think he deserves it!

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If you have the room at home, I would do something simple there. You can make it special with a theme. Pick a non meal time and just do cake and ice-cream.

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If you have the room at home, I would do something simple there. You can make it special with a theme. Pick a non meal time and just do cake and ice-cream.

Hi H.,
I had my daughter's 1st birthday party at the Nature Center in Madison Heights due to our small bungalow. I thought it was pretty reasonable and they provided a cake, activities, and all the clean up. It was definitely more suited for an older crowd than a 1 yr old. Many of my friends inquired about the place because it was so cool and I think one of them is having her 3 yr old's party there. They pull out live turtles, snakes, and frogs to touch if you want and that was a great hit. It's located on 13 Mile just East of John R across from a big water park. Good luck!

Hi H.! Have you thought about Cici's on gratiot?? It's about $7 a person and you can meet there and bring your own cake. Hope this helps, L.

If I were you, I wouldn't stress about a birthday party that challenges your budget. I would take the money you might have spent on an outside party and start/or put it into a savings account for your son. Or buy him a savings bond. Take him out for a meal at a family restaurant that offers free dessert for birthdays.

I have two sons: 20 and 18. If I had it to do over, I would have pushed myself to save more money to use for their college education. (Without scholarships, they wouldn't be attending college.) The years will go by faster than you would ever imagine.

I've known people that would give children with winter birthdays a "half-birthday" party during summer months. At that time, you could organize a celebration in a public park (free) and invite friends and family with plenty of space.

Good luck! (And Happy Birthday to your little one!)

Doesn't Warren still have a Ceasarland. It's a free kids indoor play place and the pizzas are of course the $5 ones!! Not sure if it is still there as the one in Clawson closed but worth checking online....good luck!

I am not sure where you are located but the Madison Heights Nature Center has a birthday program that did not seem too expensive.

In reality at this age I am sure a simple party at home would suffice if you cannot find anything you can afford. My favorite parties were at home with friends and family - my birthday is in the summer so it was a bit easier. However, can you take him sledding, or make a snowmand (weather permitting), etc.

Perhaps make your house a winter wonderland or have a theme - Jungle. Simple things you can do to dress it up. Check out Family Fun's website they have a section on toddler birthdays.

I just had simple crafts to do at my son's party and it was a hit with the kids. We had the party at home and kept it small.

Good luck.

Hi H., Great Lakes crossing is free! My nephew had a party there. They brought in cake, got a good deal on pizza and pasta @ Sbarros and the kids played on the play structures. They showed up early pushed a few tables together and decorated with a few balloons. If you have a little extra cash buy the kids a merry-go-round ride as a party favor. Cheap! but fun!

I just went to a 3 year old birthday party at Total Soccer (14 1/2 and Utica), and it was wonderful! They have a coach do an hour session with the kids (kicking balls, kicking cones, parachute, etc) and then 1 hour in a room upstairs for food, cake, gifts. The coach is someone that runs the little kids (2-3 year olds) soccer program there already, so they have good experience. It was so nice for the parents, because the kids could run around in an enclosed field and we did not have to worry about that they would take off. They had a blast. My 1 1/2 year old loved it and there were older kids there, maybe 5, that loved it too. I am not quite sure of the price, but I thought my friend said it wasn't pricey.

Well McDonald's with playlands is free. You can't block the area from other patrons. But there is no charge to hold your party there. The kids will love it. Unless your budget is okay Pump it Up (The inflatables play stations) or Chuck E Cheeses can be expensive. You can also rent a room relatively inexpensive at Eastland Mall. Chuck E Cheeses usually have coupons that you can get in the newspaper. Hope this helps.

Hi H.! I am also in Roseville and I just went to this place with my 3.5 year old. Its called "Pump It Up" in St. Clair Shores. Its the same as Bounce house but a MUCH better price.

Apparently Bounce House is $10 per kid PER HOUR. Pump it up was only $8 per kid and ALL DAY. They use Hungry Howies Pizza and give out goodie bags. I think you bring your own cake. Heres the info:

Pump It Up - ###-###-#### 24020 Harper Ave. (right by 10mile).

If you're able to do a Chuck E. Cheese party during the day (M-F) between 10am to 4pm, you can book a "group or organizational" party for significantly less than a birthday party. I think it's about $6/kid vs. $11/kid. I did this for my son's birthday party, and there's a Chuck E. Cheese right in Roseville. If you don't care about having a guaranteed space, you can just buy the pizzas on your own and use coupons. You can register on their website to get discount coupons that are even better than the ones that come in the newspaper. My daughter turns 3 in February also, and we're going to the Chuck E. Cheese in Roseville, but we're doing family only and we're going to use the coupons rather than booking a party. Good Luck.

I'm not sure if there's one near you, but Bounce House is a good idea. It's relatively cheap and you can supply a few $5 Little Caesars pizzas at your house before you go to cut down on the cost of ordering there.

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