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3 Year Old Adenoid Removal

Hi everyone,

My 3 year old daughter is scheduled to have her adenoids removed next month. She has a constant runny nose, sometimes clear, most times thick and yellowy green and is an extremely loud snorer. After x-rays and a visit with an ENT, she was diagnosed with enlarged adenoids - so large the x-rays were not even necessary. You can see them when she opens her mouth. Like all other moms, I am terrified at the idea of surgery and general anaethesia to top it off. Dr Seper will be doing her surgery at University Community Hospital(BBD/Fletcher). Dr Seper did my husband's surgery a few years ago at the same hospital so I am confortable with her and the hospital but I just wanted to see what other moms may have experienced with their children.

What can I do next?

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My daughter had hers removed and had tubes put in both ears at the same time when she was 11 months old and she did fine. From the time they took her back til we were with her again was less than an hour. She was scared but we were able to hold her right away and as soon as she was drinking fluids and they made sure she would keep them down we were able to leave. Good luck!

My now 4 year old had her adenoids removec when she was 2 at All Children's in New Tampa (same day surgery center) by Dr. Patel.

History: She was one to get a cold - then have it worsen into something more significant. Right before she was sent to the ENT, everytime she got the sniffles, she would spike a fever, vomit, get hoarse, develop ear infections... you get the idea. So she was scoped and he quickly decided that she had huge adenoids and scheduled surgery for the next week. She had blood work done and he decided while she was in there for the adnenoids, he would also look at her sinuses (long history of green noses). She went in and it must have 10 minutes (at the most) that she was out in the recovery room. Her adenoids were removed, he didn't see any nodules on her throat (her voice was always scratchy) and he scraped her sinuses (ewwww, I know).

She was cranky as all get out and wanted to eat but we took her home and gave her one additional dose of Tylenol 3, whereas she napped for about 3 hours and woke up as pleasant as could be, wanting to eat and play. I was hard pressed to keep her still the next day, as she was simply in the best mood and obviously felt terrific.

So, I was terrified for her but I don't regret having that surgery, to this day, for one second. She had some kind of infection in her sinuses that came back with her labs and he treated her with a follow-up broad spectrum antibiotic. She has gotten ill a few times in the last 2 years - but there has not been a single ear infection since then. She has had fevers and stomach viruses but nothing like before her surgery. I feel it was a rough patch that was worth going through.

I hope yours goes smoothly also! Take care!

Hi I.!
2007 was an ENT year for us! I have 2 boys 3 and my youngest just turned 2.
From May to August my youngest was on antibiotics, because when he stopped them his sinus infection would return, after visiting the ENT he was scheduled to have an adnoidectomy... it was done Aug 7 and he has been fine, the hardest part for him was waking up from anesthesia. He was confused, they don't know what is coming next so they wake up and don't really understand what has happened, it took about 15 minutes but he calmed down and was fine. he slept alot that day, but was up playing like normal the next day, and after 2 days you never would have known that he had surgery he was only 18 months at the time.
In December, 2 days after christmas lol, my oldest had his tonsils and adnoids removed. He had LARGE tonsils, and had lots of frequent bouts of tonsil-itis... being 3 he could tell something funny was up when we went to the surgery center, so his anxiety wasa little high, but he went with the dr's just fine, and again waking up was the hardest part. Just a little combative, but once he woke up he was ok, just a little fussy, he of course was in more pain because tonsil removal is a bigger surgery. He took his pain meds and layed around and watched tv and played with his cars the rest of the day. His recovery was about 10 days, but after about 4 days he was wanting to play like normal, just a little less energy.
Dr. Hotchkiss did both of my boys surgery's so I was confortable with her, having a dr that you trust is key. Both of our were done as an outpatient, And like I said, the hardest part for my 2 was waking up and figuring out where they were after anesthesia. But I am confident that she will do just fine, and she will feel much better in the end

Hi I.,

My older son had two operations .. one for ear tubes and then the adenoids -- for constant ear infections and fever and stuff. It has been 5 years now, since he had the adenoids one. As long as the Dr. is good, nothing to worry. We had it in St. Pete. Children's hosiptal and facility was great for kids. It is a bit more serious operation than the ear tubes one. My son's mouth smelled very bad for days, I think.
I believe he is more sensitive to hot and cold liquids than my other kids .. but nothing that is extreme. If you trust the Dr., then go for it. Mine was Dr. Andrews, I believe and he was very experienced and great with kids.

It is hard as a mom to see your child go inside the operation theatre -- my thoughts will be with you...
Take care and have courage .. everything will be fine.

A friend of mine's grandson had the procedure, absolutely no problems and doing so much better now. Wished they had done it sooner!!

Hi I.,

My two oldest boys had to have their adenoids removed at a young age. It was the best thing they could have done for my boys. They instantly quit getting the sinus infections. The one thing i warn against is their breathe; it it noxious.

everything will be great, i will keep your little one and you family in my prayers!

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