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3 Y/o with 105.0 Fever......how High Is TOO High?? I

High fevers don't scare me, but this one is scaring me.I usually don't bring fevers down unless my child is very uncomfortable b/c I know it's the body's way of stopping the bacteria from growing but I took her to her ped this morning, fever was 102.9, ears are fine, throat is fine, gave her 7.5ml ibuprofin when fever hit 103.6 so i could liven her up and get her to drink some lemonade, which she did, she is very well hydrated.. Fever went down and 2 hrs later it's back with a vengance @105.0 in left ear 104.6 in right ear. She is not due for ibuprofin for 4 more hrs and tylenol is due in 2 more hrs. So far Ive stripped her down to undies, covered her in a very light sheet (she's shivering) and put a cool towel on her head. None of my girls have EVER had a fever this high, i spoke to her pedi he says I'm doing everything right and to take her to the ER if she keeps spiking so high. I worry of a febrile seizure so i'm right by her side. Has anyone's child had a fever so high?

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Hello friends, thank u all for the great advice. So i took her back in about 1 hr after posting and i was reassured over and over again that this was probably viral and we had to wait it out.when i called to get an apptm they told me to go ahead and give her the tylenol although it wasnt time. And by the time she was seen her fever was down to 103.7 still high but better.Turns out both my 3 y/o and 23 mo old have herpangina which is just like hand foot and mouth disease, this explains the sore throat, and the baby now has sores on her feet, there's another mild outbreak at school (they had a hand foot and mouth outbreak a few month back)and this explains my 3 yo's sore throat although her ped said her throat looked good, the sores were probably further down. Thanks again and you all would be surprised at how calm the doctors were about her high fever. no need to call 911, no need to take her to the ER and expose her more. They were able to go back to school one week after her fever broke.

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When the fever is that high you have to give a higher dose of motin and tylenol, alternating the two. I would take her to the doctor the ER though ASAP since the only time this happened with my son he had pnuemonia. Fevers are usually not this high without something really being wrong (infections, ect).

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do not wait! Get her to the ER now!! My son gets high fevers. Most recent was pneumonia. When he was 2, it was a bladder infection. 105 is really high. I would not wait any longer. I hope she feels better!

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I would be at the ER! My doctor says anything over 104 is reason to go to the ER. I usually am there at 103, and usally they have an ear infection with that fever.

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I hope you're not reading this because you're already in the ER


You're in seizure and brain damage territory.

104 and out the door.

Fevers can and do spike in toddlers up to 107 & death. Once you pass 104 the body is not capable of self regulating. Occasionally someone will be used to high fevers (like I'm used to my sons oxygen dropping and can treat at home LONG past when a first time kid would be admitted to the hospital, not just treated).

GO AND GO NOW. Stopping for red lights only as common sense dictates. If you're more than 5 min away call 911 and have an ambulance take her. I am not in any way joking.

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That is too high. What's worse, is that it has not been getting lower even medicated. Your child needs to see a doctor. Like, now.

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Personally I would take her to the urgent care clinic at this point. Ours have you being seen by a doctor within 20 minutes.

If you want a second opinion, call an urgent care clinic. They listen very patiently to all of the symptoms and can give you good advice on when to bring your child in and on what to do. We use those instead of ERs which have long wait times.

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If Motrin and Tylenol are not keeping her below 102.9 take her to the ER. She my need more to get her fever and infection under control. I'd rather be told by an ER doc they will be fine then risk it and change your life forever. She may need more fluids than she can drink.

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please take her to the ER... that high of a fever is extremely dangerous

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A temp of 105.5 is too high.

Take her to the ER or urgent care.

She is shivering because of the fever.
She has chills.
Which is common with fever.
She probably also has a headache. This can occur with fever too.

The fever IS spiking.

You NEED to take your child to the ER.

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I would take her to the ER.

And please, keep us posted on how she is doing!! Sending prayers!

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Too high. Much too high. I almost never say this, but call 911. Right now.

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