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3 Month Old with Pneumonia (1St Time Mom)

Hello! My 3 month old son was diagnosed with pneumonia on October 16th. He was on 10 days of antibiotic which ended yesterday morning. The last couple days his head congestion has gotten 10 times worse. I feel like he is getting worse before he is getting better. Any suggestions?

What can I do next?

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My son had this when he was about 6 months old. I took him to the Dr. and he sent us home with a portable respirator and some albuterol, to administor every 6 hours.My son didnt like sitting there for 20 mins with the mask over his nose and mouth, but it kept us out of the E.R. Take him to the Dr. and ask about a portable breathing treatment. It worked wonders for us. Good Luck and GOD BLESS!!!

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Use saline in the nose and suction so he can breathe. Did they give you a nebulizer machine?? That would also be helpful. He needs to go back to the Doctor ASAP!! My son had to go to the emergency room at 3 mos. then by ambulance to the childrens hospital where he stayed for 2 days. The ER said it was pneumonia but it wasn't that time. A month later it was. His doctor says it is probably asthma. Now he is 9 mos doing much better but has to take medication everyday. They can turn for the worse so fast when they are that small.

Call the pediatrician. I would ask for some sort of decongestant. My daughter's sinuses kept getting stuffed up and they gave me al-de-hist (or something like that). She was only 4 months old at the time so I'm sure it's pretty safe at 3 months. Make the nasal syringe your best friend and use it all the time despite the screaming. A lot of times Brittany would cry when I was using it but immediately after she would stop crying because she realized she could breath again. Did they do x-ray's to diagnose the pneumonia? You should definately let the doctor know that she isn't doing well. Even though it's the weekend, I would go ahead and call the doctor on call. They expect us to call morning, noon, or night.

Good Luck, I hope your little one is all smiles soon.

I would be at the er in a heart beat....you dont mess around with stuff like this and i dont know why your dr didnt put the child in the hospital in the first place for iv meds........i know that sounds harsh but its the best way to get rid and over it..........i know for sure that your dr would probably admit an adult in a heart beat......i would be wondering why the pediatrician hadnt done such also........

If he is getting worse you need to have him at the ER or the DR. office. He will most likely need some strong antibotics. I hope he feels better soon. Always remember you know your child better than any Dr. if you think something is wrong then something is wrong. Push the issue. Some Dr.'s are non-chalant about things and it ends up being serious.
Good luck

If the child continues to be sick and especially if he has problems gaining weight as well I would consider having the child tested for cystic fibrosis. This was our first signs and symptoms before my daughter was diagnoses. She had pneumonia for 3 months and we couldnt get rid of it.

Call the doctor, I am sure you have an emergency number for him/her. Keep the baby sitting up if the congestion is worse and in the lungs, he needs to sit up to breath properly. Do you have a vaporizor or humidifier on in the room he is in? Cool mist may work better for the congestion. Is he still running a fever? Use cool not cold cloths on the back of his neck and wrists. If the doctor doesn't give you a satisfactory answer, call 911. I would rather be safe with a 3 month old. DON'T WAIT JUST DO IT. He is to young for the over the counter medications that would help with the congestions unless the doctor tells you to give it to him. Let us know what happens and I will keep you and your baby in my prayers.

Hi C.! Sorry to hear your baby has been sick. I'm in the healthcare field and have been for 12 years. My recommendation to you, and hopefully your pediatrician already advised this, is to have a follow up xray to ensure the pneumonia has resolved. Head congestion can be from many causes. My children both suffer from allergies and they started at very young ages. They each have food allergies and I unknowingly was giving them allergens (milk in one instance). Do you have pets in your home? Any smokers? All factors that can contribute. I definately would have a follow up chest xray to make sure the pneumonia responded to the antibiotics. I wish you great health!

You need to take him to the doctor A.S.A.P. because he is not suppose to get worse.

At that age I'd be on the phone to the doctor a.s.a.p.

My son was very sick from 2 months until he was 3 months. He had pneumonia, bronchitis, and it all turned to RSV. He was and is still on, breathing treatments. Let me tell you, it worked like a charm. I am surprised that the pediatrician did not put him on any treatments.

If its head congestion try take him to the bathroom and closeing the door and turning on the shower really hot and let the bathroom get all steamy and just let him sit in there the steam should loosten up some of the head stuff allso try some vicks baby vapor rub on his chest.

I've never personally known a child who has had pneumonia, but I've had it a couple of times myself. I would be very worried if he is getting worse! I usually felt a lot better about halfway through treatment.

You mentioned head congestion, not chest congestion... if that's the case, then the pneumonia might very well be gone and he might have a sinus infection or a head cold. If he's still wheezing and coughing, you should take him back to the doctor ASAP... but if his nose is stuffy and such, you should call the doctor and ask if he needs to be seen again and if there is anything you can do for the symptoms.

I'm sorry that I don't have very much advice to give. When my daughter was young, the doctor told me to bring her in if *anything* was wrong, because even small things could mean something serious. So that's what I'd probably do... call the doctor ASAP, or even take him to the hospital tonight or tomorrow if need be, just to make sure that everything is okay. I appologize if I sound alarming, I don't mean to be!

First off, who is your peditricain? my sons old one said he had sinusitus which was actually RSV. he was 4 months at the time.. the next year the "sinusitus" was pnumonia. the emergency room doctor said he would get over it in a while and yes it would seem to be a bit worse before it seemed to be getting better.
if your on medicaid, the er is of great help if your worried. they did x-rays, all types of tests, everything they could to ease my mind.

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