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3 Month Old with Isolated Little White bumps....insect Bites or Pimples?

I have a 13 week old little girl. Over the last week or so, she has had 3 or 4 occurences of little white bumps with surrounding redness over different parts of her body. She has had one on her arm, one on her chest and two on her legs. They've all been at different times, in that she hasn't had two on her body at the same time. They are just these isolated, individual tiny white bumps with redness surrounding them. I can't really see any bite marks on the bumps, but I'm not sure if they are pimples either. There is no discharge and she doesn't seem to act like they itch or hurt, although I'm not sure a 13 week old could communicate to me that they itch very easily. Anyway, she doesn't seem bothered by them, but I am. They seem to last a couple of days, then disappear. Has anyone seen similar spots on their infant?

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Thanks to everyone for your responses. After reading everyone's input, I'm thinking the bumps may be a reaction to an antibiotic that my daughter finished taking about a week ago. Our doctor said not to worry unless she gets a fever or the bumps look infected.

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relax A., they are what we moms call milk bumps.even though i dont know exactly why,they will go away in time just keep the face clean and if it gets extreme the doctor can give you a medicine that is for exzema that will eliminate them almost over night.good luck.

I have three children, daughters 22 and 17 and a son 3. These sound like harden hair folices. My oldest daughter use to get them and they soften and go away with lotion after a bath. Lots of children get strange things that come and go and my way of thinking is that if it doesn't come with fever, or pain then it's not that bad but try the lotion after bathing. C. from Norcross

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It is ringworm? I'm not sure what the bumps look like. Doctors know best I suppose.

My daughter had them, they were an allergic reaction, but with her being so young, maybe you should take her to the pediatric and he or she maybe be able to give you some cream.

if she has had shots recently, that may have done it,that's what my daughter's was from, she was allergice to something in the shot.

Just last week I realized that my 19 month old daughter had the same bumps on her stomach, legs and arms. I thought maybe it was the new detergent that I bought. The bumps don't seem to bother her, sometimes I catch her scratching them, and they are begining to dry up and go away slowly. I think if it doesn't clear up soon I will check with the Doc, just to be safe.

I would take your baby to the doctor. My coworker had the same symptoms and it turned out to be a steph infection that needed to be treated with antibiotics. Especially with babies you want to make sure it's nothing serious.

I am by no means a dr., but I remember my kids had this too and the baby books said it was baby acne. Some rash that goes away. Comes along with all those crazy baby things- diaper poop colors, cradle cap and so many other things that tended to freak me out. Look up baby acne online and I bet there will be pictures.
It wouldn't hurt to call the nurse either.

Take her to the doctor.

has your daughter had a fever prior to the bumps? If so could be Roseola. They usually get it after thier first fever subsides, it shows up around 2-3 days later.
Here is a web site that might help if that's what it is.
Roseola is not serious.

Hi! There's some big complicated name for those, but they're completely harmless. My little girl had the same thing, we called the doctor and he said almost every baby gets those. There's nothing you can do about them, so try not to worry!

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