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3 Month Old - Very Smelly Gas

This past week, my 3 month old has been passing gas and it smells VERY bad. The only thing I can think it can be, is that I changed formulas from a soy based to a milk based. She doesn't seem uncomfortable or anything. Do you think anything is wrong?

What can I do next?

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I used soy based formula for my son because I couldn't stand the smell of the milk based. If it smell that bad I couldn't imagine it tasted any better!

No, it is a pretty normal thing for babies to have digesitve changes with formula changes. It should pass and be just fine, just keep a stock of clothespins handy! LOL!

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No, it is a pretty normal thing for babies to have digesitve changes with formula changes. It should pass and be just fine, just keep a stock of clothespins handy! LOL!

It probably is her gut bacteria responding to the change to milk sugars, lactose. If she does not seem upset and her poos are still normal I wouldn't worry. You can give her pro-biotics which can help her good gut bacteria. I saw that there is a probiotic formula on th market now, or you can just buy capsules at Longs or a health food store and add 1/2 a capsule to her formula or just add some water to it on a spoon and give it to her orally, this may help the stinkiness of her gas
good Luck

You didn't mention why you were using soy formula in the first place...

On the one hand you could switch back for a few days and see if the gas continues. On the other hand, if your baby acts like herself and is thriving, why change?

My son is lactose intolerant and drank only soy formula and even now at age three drinks only lactose free milk or lactose free soy milk. He gets gas, runny poop, tummy cramps and gets cranky if he drinks milk (or eats cheese or yogurt).

His cousin had terrible gas - smelly and loud - as a baby. The mom used a different formula, maybe carnation dha or something like that - for extra sensitive tummies. It worked.

All these smart Mommies have hit the nail on the head. It's called lactose intollerance. My one month old had uncomfortable gas for over a month and even started breaking capilaries around her anus when passing gas, because it was so uncomfortable. Imagine our horror to find blood in her diaper. I'll never let her touch formula again (I had let a friend administer it because I did not have enough breastmilk in a bottle while babysitting). And, I've cut all diary out of my diet. Now hardly any gas, certainly nothing painful and no blood in diaper. If you are nursing and have to cut out dairy, be sure to supplement with calcium tablets. Hug your baby too!!!

I breast fed my daughter, but she also had horrible gas and we figured out it was the dairy in my diet...I cut out dairy and she stopped cutting gas! Try changing back to a soy based formula or other no-dairy one and see if it changes again.

I used soy based formula for my son because I couldn't stand the smell of the milk based. If it smell that bad I couldn't imagine it tasted any better!

If she is getting gas that bad it is possible that she is lactos intollerent and you should change back. but if you do not like the smell of the soy or she does not like the taste then try Isomil as it is lactos free and see if that helps and it does not have that soy smell or taste. I had my daughter on Isomil until she was 3 years old becauce she was allergic to milk. Then I gradually intorduced her back to the milk by mixing the formula and milk until she was getting just milk and no formula. I thought it might be an idea. Good luck with this problem.....ps my daughter had very bad smelling gas and a lot of it as well.

My little man is 2 months old and I have been trying to get him on formula since birth and off of me. I tried the soy formula and he was very gassy and I think it was because he did and still goes days without a BM. So my question to you is, is she going? Changing their food messes with there little bellies. My little guy has not gone since Saturday night and he is starting to get smelly. The Dr. said to give him 1 teaspoon of corn syrup in a 2 oz bottle twice a day and that will help him go. I resisted at first - not feeling comfortable giving it to him, but it worked Saturday and did it again yesterday and today and now I am just waiting to do the poo poo dance. Isn't being a mom glamorous. :)

Its more than likely the change in the formula. If it does not get better in a few weeks, than i would take her in. But i think you fine!

Extremely likely it is the change in formula.

Dear L., If the soy formula worked and she liked it and it didn't produce this offensive gas, I would be inclinded to say go back to the soy formula. Her tummy may not be ready for milk formula.
In the nursery we would occassionally get a baby with stinky gas and foul stools. We would eventually try a soy formula. And many times it helped, much to our relief.
Good luck and I hope she gets over this new phase quickly. C. f

Hi L.,

Quick note to posters who are concerned about giving cows' milk to a 3 month-old: the protein in the formula comes from cows' milk. It is not, however, the same as giving milk to a 3 month-old; it's formula. The majority of baby formulas --meant for infants -- are made w/ this protein. Lactose intolerance is extremely unusual at that age and would cause pain and thr runs as well. Breastmilk contains lactose. Many kids are allergic to soy, too, btw.
So back to your question: switching formulas all at once could be the culprit. Our son had digestive issues where he could not tolerate even breastmilk. He could not have regukar formulas, cow-based or soy, either. We had to get him formula where the proteins are already broken down. We gave him one brand, and he was good with it, but the stuff smelled and tasted (made my poor DH try some) vile! His doc told us we could switch to a different brand (much better!), but to do it slowly, 3/4 old formula and 1/4 new for the first week, then half and half, and so on. Even with an adult, changing ones diet completely all at once would likely cause digestive difficulties. Given that your daughter has been on 100% new formula for a week, you might just want to do half new and half old for a week and see if it helps. Probiotics are wonderful, too (and would probably help with the stink -- though of course gas does tend to smell a bit rank!), though I would check w/ the pediatrician about finding a form that works for a child her age. You can buy gas fighting drops (Mylecon???) at the drug store, though I didn't think they worked very well. Gripe water was better for us, but our son was in tons of pain. Since your daughter is not, you might want to wait before buying either of these things. To help her get gas out, you can lay her on her back and move her legs as though she is riding a bicycle. This won't help woth the smell, but it might lower the likelihood of gas pain developing. Not to compare any of our kids with my dog (as much as I love him), but our vet has emphasized the importance of switching foods slowly. We ran out of food once, and my DH bought a different brand and gave the dog just this new food for his next meal. Talk about stinky gas! Whoa!!! Digestive systems just aren't made to make a 100% dietary switch all at once. Try a mix and then decreasing the % of old formula each week until you get to 100% new formula. Good luck!

all i know is that you shouldn't give babies cow's milk based products until they are at least a year as their digestive systems cannot handle it.

I agree, it probably is the change in diet. I wouldn't worry unless she seems to be uncomfortable.
In which case, Gripe Water does wonders. If you haven't already tried it, you can get it pretty much anywhere they sell formula (I've seen it at Babies R Us, Target, and Whole Foods for sure.)
It's a food based supplement (not a drug,) so you don't have to worry about giving it to her. Actually, you may want to give it to her anyway, and see if it cuts down on the smelly gas.

Hi L.,

Did you get the rotovirus immunization for her at 2 months (they squirt it into her mouth)? They do it at 2 and 4 months (not sure about 6). Anyway, that stuff made my son's gas terrible for several weeks after his appointment. He also got pretty constipated. Of course, it all resolves itself... until the next time they have the next round of the immunization.

Good luck,

I think you hit it on the nose. I remember when I switched my son from breast milk to formula his diapers went from no smels to stinky diapers. It just may be the change in formulas. If it continues and you remain concerned you could always call your pediatrician.

I would switchbackto the soy and see if it gets better. Dairy doesn't sit well with many humans, including myself...and well, milk gives me very smelly gas too!

That deffinately has to do with the change in the milks you are giving your baby. Depending on what kind of milk. cows milk based is not good for the baby until they are at least a year. Their tummies cant handle it.It also keeps them from getting an allergy to milk products, Some of the formulas can make your baby smell worse than usaual. I dont think so as long as her tummy isnt bloated and she isnt crying then she should be fine.

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