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3 Month Old Spitting Up

I have a 3 month old who is on Similac Sensitive formula and she eats 6 oz at every feeding and she spits up 1-2 ounces. I have tried to cut back on how much she eats but she still spits up 1-2 oz. She is gaining weight wonderfully so Im not overly worried she isn't getting all the nurtrients she needs but I am wondering how much spit up is "normal". My 2 yr old hardly ever spit up. We have had problems w/ her spitting up since day 1 when she was on Breastmilk also. At her 2 month check up the Dr was hesitant about putting her on Soy formula just yet since she was getting breastmilk and formula and just starting getting Similac Sensitive formula. She wanted to try to the Sensitive formula for a while before she put her on Soy. Well a month later and she is still spitting up 1-2 oz. I even switched her bottles to the Dr Brown's bottles and that seemed to help some. Does anyone know how much spit up is "normal" at this age? Or anything else I can do to help prevent her from spitting up as much. I try not to bounce her or anything for at least 1/2 hour after she eats but she'll even spit up an hour after she eats. Thank you in advance!

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Thank You Everyone for you're responces. She doesnt cry when she spits up or doesnt act like she's in any pain, so I guess I wont worry about it too much. Sometimes I just have sat here and wondered if she was digesting any of her milk, but she is gaining about 1lb per week so I know she is! :-) I have tried different formulas but all others made her spit up worse than the Similiac Sensitive so that is why I have chosen to stick with the Similiac Sensitive! My son was on Nestle Good Start and I have heard that is easier for babies to digest but she spit up horribly with that kind, so I have chose to stick with Similiac Sensitive. She did have major gas issues for about 2 1/2 months but that problem is finally solved, she I guess grew out of that so I was hoping she would grow out of the spitting up also. I have also heard to give her rice cereal, but i have chosen not to do that yet since she is only 3 months. Thank you everyone tho! I feel better knowing that her spitting up like that is "normal"

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My first two were breast fed for a year. My third is almost 11 months old and he is also breast fed. His nickname is buzzard...because up until a month of so ago, he spit up allllllll the time. He's fine. He just spits up no matter what I do. Thank goodness he's outgrowing it.

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My first two were breast fed for a year. My third is almost 11 months old and he is also breast fed. His nickname is buzzard...because up until a month of so ago, he spit up allllllll the time. He's fine. He just spits up no matter what I do. Thank goodness he's outgrowing it.

My daughter and my nephew both spit up every feeding and when baby food started every meal. There is a muscle at the top of the stomach that does not fully develop until about 1 year so some babies are prone to spitting up. The key is are they gaining weight and are they a "happy spitters"(my PED term) or are they having symptoms. If they are fussy, crying or seem to be in pain then they could have a more severe case of reflux. There is a food allergy component that could also be involved. Dairy has cross alergy to soy. There are also gluten allergies. You could experiment to see if it gets better ask your Ped for samples of other formulas. There are several (expensive) that are free from gluten, dairy, soy. I believe they are partially digested so they are easier on baby. Alimentum(SP) is one. My daughter happened to be allergic to dairy, but I breastfed and eliminated dairy from my diet which stopped the blood in her stool(sorry TMI but that was her symptom). She still spit up regularly until about ten months. I had water proof fabic from Joanns all over my rugs and had extra clothes for her and me whenever we went out. My nephew was the same. I am happy to say she outgrew her dairy allery at a year and she no longer spits up. That being said both my daughter and nephew were "happy spitters" and although she is small she did gain and stayed on her growth curve. I hope this helps and you may have to experiment with other formulas. Hang in there it does end.

My only advice is to remember that all spit up eventually ends!!! My daughter was on similac sensitive as well and I felt like all she did was spit up, no matter what I did. We asked the dr multiple times but there was never anything wrong (normal weight gain, no pain, etc.) It finally ended but it just took awhile. Be patient and buy lots of bibs and burb cloths! Hang in there :-)

All my kids were spitters, my first by far the worst...she was diagnosed with reflux but we chose to not medicate since she was growing..She threw up/spit up all day everyday for the first year of life...oh the puke rags we went through...It does go away the older they get...I am surprised your Dr. suggested to stop breatfeeding?!?!? As long as she is growing? We tried everything, elevating her, my diet, small meals ect... It does go away as they grow.

Good luck

My sons nick name was "Sir Pukes-A-Lot" we constantly asked the dr about it but since he was gaining weight they were not concerned. Once we started him on some cereal it helped. He is 8 months old now and once in a while he gives me back a mouth full here and there.

It can be from teething, when he is very drooly he spits up more.

So unless your little one is not gaining wt. Just keep the burp cloths handy.

Good Luck

My son, who is 1 now, spit up all the time when he was younger. He eventually out grew it, but when he was a month old, we found out he had reflux. We put him on Prevacid and it worked great. He still spit up a little, but not as bad. Maybe she has reflux??

My son had some spitting up/vomiting issues with formula, but unlike your daughter, he had gas too - dairy sensitivity. His doctor said to give him a pinch of Absorb-Aid in his mouth before the bottle. It's like Beano, but more than one digestive enzyme - Perfectly safe. We also gave him Probiotics which are just good bacteria that are already in your digestive tract. They help with digestion too.

I would say a) don't worry about it. As long as she's gaining weight and healthy, spit up will happen! If she's eating regularly, it's no big deal.
If you're really concerend, you could try switching her formula again. My son NEVER spit up on Similac (both Advanced and Sensitive), but he had terrible gas. So I moved him to Enfamil. Enfamil took care of the gas problem, but it also caused him to START spitting up. I chose the lesser of the two evils! Gassy baby = unhappiness!

So it may be that going off of Similac would fix the issue entirely.


As long as she is happy and growing it is okay for her to spit up. Both of my dtrs spit up quite a bit. Sometimes I wondered if they digested any milk! But they did and are both thriving. In my experience nothing has worked to help stop spitting up. Just have lots of bibs and spit up rags available. It should start improving around six months when she is eating some solid food. However my oldest (now 3) didn't stop spitting up till she was about 1 yr. old. IF your dtr is crying when spitting up then I would discuss that with her pediatrician. Otherwise just get ready for lots of laundry.

My girl spit up all the time. Breast milk=spit up formula=spit up. Their esophagus (sp) is not developed enough to just close after swallowing so they spit up. As long as she doesn't seem to be in any pain like babies w/acid reflux or formula allegries and she is gaining weight then I would say ride it out. I did try soy and frankly it's gross. after breast milk we used Similac Lactose Free and it was great. I even tasted it compared to Enfamil and it taste WAY BETTER. The soy/hormone thing worries me.

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