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3 Month Old Rolls over in Her Sleep onto Tummy

Everything I read says DON'T let baby sleep on her tummy, reduce the risk of SIDS. This past couple of weeks, my 3 month old started rolling onto her tummy as she sleeps?! Sometimes she is uncomfortable and wakes up with a cry to be put back on her back. She is able to roll over but not roll back to her back.

What can I do to prevent her from sleeping on her tummy and rolling in her sleep? Should I make a "speed bump" out of a rolled up blankey and put it along her side? SIDS also suggests not to have blankets in the crib...

What can I do next?

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Try getting a sleep wedge, it goes under the sheet not in the bed. Please listen to all the SIDS warnings, just in case.

L. D

Mother of 5, 3rd daughter died of SIDS

They do say not to let them sleep on their tummys, however, both of my girls were stomach sleepers. Just watch her when she's sleeping and make sure when she needs to move her head she can. As long as she has control of her neck she should be okay.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with. Ask your peditrician for sure. Personally, I was like you and made sure my daughter slept on her back until I couldn't stop her from rolling back and forth. But both my sons slept better on their stomach from one month old(like through the night vs up every 2 hours or less) so I let them. But they had no underlying medical conditions and I told my dr I was doing it also. He didn't tell me to do it, but he did say he knew lots of people who did it. Eventually your daughter will figure out how to roll back over herself also.

my son would only sleep on his tummy, he would never sleep on his back, and he is going to be 2 in september. I tried for a while, cause i was also told to never let them sleep on tummy, the sleep bumper things. i dont remember the exact brand name, but it is like a foam wedge covered in fabric. there are two, one on either side and the baby lays in the middle of it. one side is removable by velcro so you can adjust how much space you need. they didn't work with my son because he didn't want to sleep on his back, but if your daughter is often waking up because she is on her tummy, this might work for you. hope this helps!

At 3 weeks old my daughter started rolling from her stomach to back. So we started sleeping her on her stomach knowing she was strong enough and was not going to suffocate. Rolling from there back to stomach is a lot harder to do so if you leave her on her stomach long enough she may get mad enough to do it herself (of course this should be done during the day while you are supervising).
Pediatricians cannot condone the stomach sleeping cause god forbid something happen they could be sued. They cannot say with 100% that sleeping on the stomach causes SIDS. If you read the study that caused the "Back to sleep" campaign they were having them sleep on fluffy blankets. But even then babies that die of SIDS have a predisposed condition. But you are the mother and it your choice and you should do what makes you feel comfortable.

If you are nervous about her rolling, there are little triangle positioners that you can buy to keep her on her back. Rolled-up blankets also work well. They say not to have blankets in the crib because of the possibility of suffocation, but if you place the blanket no higher than chest level, that should work. It always worked for us.

Generally, when a baby can roll, that means they have enough neck and core strength to be able to move, and the risk of SIDS decreases dramatically. I understand, though, wanting to do everything possible to keep your little one safe.

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