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3 Month Old Loses Her Breath When It's Windy Outside

When my daugher turned 2 months old, I started taking her outside for walks. I started noticing that when it's windy out, she loses her breath. She's totally fine when indoors. Does anyone else have this same problem?

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I feel a lot better now!!


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all you have to due is put a blanket over her head . No baby can breath when there is wind it takes there breath away i'm a grandmother of 12.

I used to have a stroller where you could move the handle to the other side to chnge directons. That way I could push it and see the baby at the same time. It was also helpful if it was wndy becuase it would protect my son from the air better as he was facing the other way.

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I have a 7yr old and a 2 month old. I know this is normal but can't remember why it happens. I believe it has to do with their tiny respiratory system being weak compared to an adults. Ask your pediatrician if you are still concerned. When it's windy just drape a light receiving blanket over her until the wind calms or hang one from the stroller canopy it helps cut down on the wind.

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I think this is common for all little ones. My two were the same way. If yu are carrying her keep her turned towrd you to protect her face from the wind. If she is in a stroller facing the wind try draping a balnket down over the stroller.

Hi K.,
My son was the same way and finally just grew out of it when he was about 11 months. Just hang a blanket over the stroller when its windy to cut the wind.


our son did the same thing when he was that little (it probably stopped when he was a year or so old)... I think he actually liked it... I think it's normal though and not to worry.

Please take your daughter to a doctor as soon as possible. It is very likely that she may have asthma, a condition that causes difficulty in breathing to varying degrees under a wide variety of cirumstances. These symptoms in a 2 month old should not be ignored under any circumstance. If she DOES have asthma, it could become life-threatening unless treated immediately. The good news: it is controlable through preventative measures. My daughter had similar symptoms at a very early age, and at 9 yrs she has "outgrown" the need for regular breathing treatments, and only needs her preventative medications a few times a year. It is possible that I am off base in suggesting asthma, but I urge you to take her to a doctor to rule that out!! Good luck with your beautiful baby girl!

It's a completely normal reflex. Try blowing in her face, the same thing will happen. I think it's that they are just surprised. It's the reason that you should never drive with the windows down in the car with a baby. I'm sure you could find more info on the internet or ask your doctor.

My daughter did the same thing at the same age. It would happen even with a slight bit of wind. It scared me too, but apparently it's normal!

That is normal. It will go on until she is about a year old or so.

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